Q&A: What Is The Point Of Butt Plugs (And Why You Might Want To Use One!)

Butt plugs are one of those things you see frequently used online, but a lot of people have never actually tried one out in the bedroom!

If this sounds like you, you may be wondering what the purpose of butt plugs even are, and why women (or men) might want to use one. And even if you or your partner does have one in your toy box, you might not be aware of all of the benefits they can provide.

So, in this article, I’ll be covering why butt plugs can be so much fun – starting with some of the more obvious reasons, before moving onto some of the not-so-obvious ones.

That way, you can decide whether using one – either yourself or having your partner wear one, is right for you!

1. They Prepare Your Anus For Anal Sex

This is perhaps the most common reason butt plugs are used, though it’s only one of many benefits.

If you’re going to be having anal, it unfortunately does take a bit more work than vaginal sex does. The anus isn’t really designed to be taking cocks inside of it so easily, so spending a bit of time preparing the anus can help make everyone’s experience much more pleasurable.

For the person getting fucked, the benefit is that there’s going to be less pain, as it’s already pre-streched to a degree, so your cock can slide inside much easier.

For the person doing the fucking, it’s also much easier to get your cock inside if it’s been pre-streched with a butt plug. If you’ve never had anal before, it can actually be really difficult to get your cock inside – the anus is designed to close shut and be very tight, so it doesn’t just slip inside like it would a vagina. This is true even if you use a lot of lube.

As far as prep goes, butt plugs also let you see that they are clean down there and you won’t end up with anything on your cock, which might put a damper on the mood. Hate to say it, but it’s true!

Finally, they can kind of be seen as a flirtation tool as well. If I slip my pants off to have sex with a guy and he sees that I already have a butt plug in… well, it may just turn him on knowing my ass is fully ready for him to replace that plug with his cock, if he so chooses.

Of course, preparation for anal sex is just one reason – and even if you do not plan on doing anal at all, there are still plenty of other fun reasons to use a butt plug. Let’s look over some of them now!

2. They Look Pretty

Another common butt plugs are used is simply because they look pretty.

As I covered in this article, some women do not feel comfortable with their buttholes being touched, or even looked at. It’s such a private place of the body – perhaps the most private place, and a lot of women are shy about it.

Of course, if you’re fucking a girl doggystyle, you’re going to be able to get an eyeful of her booty hole.

Some women wear butt plugs simply because they think the plugs are prettier than their hole is, so it’s done for aesthetic reasons alone.

Personally, I am always disappointed when I’m watching porn and an ass reveal shows there’s a plug in, so if your partner is feeling shy about their butthole, this is something you should talk with them about.

3. They Make The Vagina Tighter

Even if you’re having vaginal sex, men may find it more pleasurable because butt plugs make the vagina feel tighter!

There is not a lot of separation between the vaginal canal, and the rectal cavity. If a woman puts in a butt plug, this will push up against the wall, to the point where it extends and pushes on the inside of the vagina as well.

This essentially gives your cock less space to travel through, making the walls of her vagina grip you more tightly.

This difference may not be enormous, but is enough to be noticeable. Remember that going from vaginal to anal sex is okay, but anal to vaginal can introduce bacteria and shouldn’t be done in the same session.

So, enjoying vaginal sex with a plug in before moving onto anal can make for really memorable sex!

4. They Make Us Feel Naughty

This might just be a personal one, but wearing a butt plug makes me feel really naughty. Like a submissive slut ready to get fucked in all of her holes at any time.

Most women aren’t really that into anal play and the fact that I crave it so much really gets me going. I love wearing a butt plug out in public among other people, knowing that it’s there and feeling it inside of me, while everyone else around me has no idea. To them, I just look like a sweet innocent young woman.

In reality, I’m secretly an internet whore with a toy in her ass, with men stroking their cocks to the sound of my voice any time of the day or night.

It’s the same reason I enjoy wearing remote vibrators out in public as well, that can be controlled with my phone – or someone else’s. It just feels naughty and exciting, even if I’m not going to be able to have sex any time soon.

5. It Feels Nice To Be Stuffed In Both Holes

For women, having a butt plug in can increase the pleasure that vaginal sex provides.

There’s something about being stuffed in both holes at the same time that just feels really good. And this makes sense – once you get past any initial pain, anal sex can be pleasurable for women, and it does feel nice to have something stuffed up inside of there.

It really makes you feel full, and different types of butt plugs can give different sensations.

If you or your partner are just starting to explore the idea of butt plugs, you can always start with something small – butt plugs come in many different shapes and sizes, so you should be able to find something that works for the two of you!

6. It’s Something You Can Safely Put In Your Butt

Okay, this one might seem a little silly, but hear me out.

Some people like putting things in their butts. It could be because it’s physically pleasurable, or for some other reason entirely. With men for example, I’m told that prostate play feels absolutely amazing, and there are even vibrating butt plugs specifically designed to stimulate the prostate.

The thing about butt plugs is since the manufactures know people will be putting them inside of their butts, they’re designed to ensure they’re safe to go in your back door.

This means that there won’t be any harmful chemicals, pieces that can break off, or perhaps worst of all, the ability for it to get stuck inside of your rectum.

Doctors on Reddit were asked some of the strangest items that people have gotten stuck up their butts. Some of these include:

  • A pool ball
  • A lightbulb
  • Multiple lemons
  • Over a dozen Barbie doll heads
  • A full soda can
  • …and more!

Guys, please don’t do this. Use a butt plug with a flared end so you don’t have to worry about it getting stuck – and avoiding a potentially costly and painful trip to the emergency room.

Wanting to put things in your butt is fine. Just make sure that you’re doing it safely!

Closing Thoughts

Although butt plugs may look pretty, there’s actually a lot of functional use for them as well!

Not only can they prepare you or your partner for anal sex, but they can actually make vaginal sex more pleasurable as well. Plus, simply the sensation of having the butt plug in can feel incredibly exciting.

Have you or your partner ever used a butt plug before? What types are your favorite? Let me know in the comments form below!

~ Lexi

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