Patreon Announcement!

Some people have asked me about it, so I’ve decided to set up a Patreon (which is now live!) You are cordially invited to join me for early-access and exclusive audios, a private Discord server, and lots of other fun behind-the-scenes material. You’ll also be able to help shape the sort of recordings that I … Read more

Taboo Audio: Junkie Mom Sells Daughter

Tags: Prostitution, Exploitation, Taboo, Abusive Mother, Violence Towards Mother, Incest, Ageplay Length: 21 Minutes You and your friend are used to banging prostitutes, but today you head on over to the trashy side of town… where you’ll find all those worthless whores desperate to get their next fix. Those drug addicted mothers will do anything … Read more

Paid Audio: Your Hot Best Friend Wants To Try Her First Footjob On You

Tags: Cum On Feet, Foot Fetish, Footjob, Friends To Lovers, Soles, Toes, First Time Length: 15 Minutes Hey! So… I have this confession. I’ve been getting a little bit more curious while watching porn… expanding my horizon and exploring some new fetishes. And the other day, I stumbled upon this video where a girl used her … Read more

Taboo Audio: Nothing Butt Your Daughter’s Undies

Tags: Sporty Girl, Panties, Pussy Scent, Butt Scent, Naughty Surprise, Daughter Watching Porn Mentions, Butt Sniffing Length: 18 Minutes I bring you into bed, and ask you to close your eyes. And that’s when I pull out my special surprise… the panties are young daughter wore during her entire weekend soccer tournament. You know the … Read more

Taboo Audio: Your Daughter, The Surrogate

Tags: Father / Daughter, Impregnation, Breeding, Loving Sex Length: 15 Minutes After trying for so long, I’ve come to realize that I’m just unable to conceive another daughter for you, despite how badly we both want one. Lucky for us, our sweet and caring daughter volunteers to take my place. She will be the one … Read more

Taboo Audio: Finding Little Abby On Cam Roulette

Tags: Camgirl, Sneaky Behavior, Happy Accident Length: 19 Minutes While flipping through webcams one night on our favorite camgirl website, you and I discover our sweet little daughter Abby has a naughty little secret… and we both take advantage of it. She has no idea we’re the ones on the other side of the screen, … Read more

Free Audio: Hey, Can I Come Into Your Tent?

Tags: Ambience, Camping, Cuddling, Fingering, Friends To Lovers, Fucking, Outdoors, Wholesome Length: 16 Minutes It’s the last day of our camping trip together, and I think it’s time for me to finally make my move. After being so kind as to invite me into your tent, I climb inside your sleeping bag for some snuggly … Read more

Paid Audio: Hot College Girl Begs You To Fuck Her Before Classes

Tags: College, Cum On Ass, Doggystyle, Female Sub, Hand Over Mouth, Public Sex, Quickie Length: 10 Minutes A young and very hot girl asks you if you got a minute. She says she’s a college student and her classes start some time soon. She won’t be able to focus with sex on her mind though … Read more

Free Audio: Tiny Pixie Mage Needs A Special Ingredient For Her New Growth Spell

Tags: Fairy, Medieval, Mythical Creatures, Size Difference, Friends To Lovers, Masturbation Encouragement, Pixie, Fantasy, Magic Length: 21 Minutes Petal is a tiny pixie mage (about 6” tall) and during the party’s last adventure, she found a new growth spell that she’s eager to try out. However, she needs a special ingredient from the party’s sole … Read more

Free Audio: Milking You Endlessly For Your Cum

Tags: Bondage, Milking Machine, Cock Milking, Cum Fetish, Multiple Orgasms, Femdom, Post-Orgasm Torture Length: 14 Minutes You are mine now. Forever. And I’m going to make sure that I collect all of that white gold that your balls produce, for the rest of your life. In this audio, I strap you up to a cock … Read more