Q&A: I’m A Straight Woman, With A Breast Fetish. Why?

Today’s question comes from a woman who admits that they are attracted to female breasts, and can’t understand why.

If you know that you’re straight and don’t have a hint of bisexuality in you (remember, it’s more of a spectrum than anything else), realizing that you’re attracted to a body part of someone that’s the same sex as you can be a bit alarming!

But is an attraction to women’s breasts even an issue? And what would cause a fetish like this to develop in the first place?
Let’s delve in!

There’s A Lot To Love About Breasts

First things first, let’s be completely honest here – there’s a lot to love about breasts!

Obviously, we are biologically drawn to them as a food source when we’re young, and there’s nothing sexual about that.

However, even as adults, we have to admit that they’re a lot more wonderful than simply being lumps of fat attached to our chests.

Breasts are aesthetically pleasing. They add curve and dimension to a woman’s body. They feel nice in the hands – a perfect balance of softness and firmness. The areolas adding contrast to our skin, and of course, the nipple at the end of it at all that you can’t help but want to touch, squeeze and suck.

Even if you had no sexual thoughts at all towards them, you still have to admit that they are nice to look at, touch, and admire.

Breasts And Sexualization

Of course, with the rise of both porn consumption and provocative media – including advertising that is shoved in your face even if you try to avoid it, breasts are being sexualized more than ever before.

And neurologically speaking, it makes sense why you would begin to see them as inherently sexual – even as a straight woman. In fact, this isn’t unique to you, either.

Many men I’ve talked to on the phone admit that they rate the cumshot as one of the most exciting parts of a porn scene. Most professional studios have the performer ejaculating on the woman’s face, often without any of her body in view – the men are simply watching the cock ejaculate.

This of course, does not mean that they’re attracted to men. Rather, they’ve seen this so frequently, especially while masturbating, and their brains now associate it with sexual pleasure.

The more you see something – be it a body part or a fetish, and connect it in your mind with sexual pleasure or sexual arousal, the more that thing will turn you on.

On the phone, I’ve had clients specifically ask to be ‘brainwashed’ into acquiring certain fetishes and although it takes time, the simple act of associating something with arousal is enough to make them legitimately turned on by that thing – even if they had no prior interest.

We may not be able to pinpoint exactly when or why you developed a fetish for breasts. Sexuality is complex, and the brain works in mysterious ways.

What is important is that you embrace it – it isn’t anything to feel bad about!

It Does Not Mean That You’re Bisexual!

Whether you’re a fan of large breasts, small breasts or anything in between, it’s important to just take it for what it is – a sexual interest or fetish.

It does not have any bearing on your overall sexuality, nor does it mean that you will eventually become bisexual, or ever want to engage in sexual activity with women.

If this fetish is starting to bother you, the best thing you can do is abstain from indulging in it. Though, out of all fetishes, most people would agree this isn’t one to feel any shame about (I don’t shame for any fetish, but a breast fetish is pretty vanilla as far as things go.)

If you’d like, I’d be happy to talk with you on the phone and help you work through this if you need support! I am online most days, for most of the day.

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Closing Thoughts

Although it can be concerning to be attracted to a woman’s boobs – even if you are a straight woman yourself, this isn’t anything to feel bad about.

This does not mean you’re bisexual, and it’s likely possible for the fetish to go away if you stop indulging in it. But by all means, there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying them – boobs are pretty great, after all!

If you have any further questions or anyone would like to share their thoughts, please write to me in the comment from below!

~ Lexi

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