Public Disgrace (Kink.com Channel) Review

I’ve gotta be honest – when I watched free Kink videos over on Pornhub and other similar sites, Public Disgrace was one of the channels I was most drawn to – and is one of the reasons I ultimately signed up to Kink.

Public Disgrace is all about public humiliation and BDSM sex at its finest. Think women being paraded naked through the streets, humiliated, and later fucked by “random people” (which is really just people who signed up to be part of the scene, but aren’t actual porn performers.)

Most of the scenes are shot in Europe, where public nudity laws are much more lax. Anyhow, enough about what the site is – let’s talk about whether or not it’s worth signing up for!

PublicDisgrace.com – At A Glance

Let’s look at some overall information about Public Disgrace, to get the basics out of the way. That way, you’ll have a better idea of what you’re actually getting if you sign up!

Price: $39.99 a month, or $180 for a year. This brings the price down to about $15 a month.

Number of scenes: 464, though one of these scenes is a remaster of an older scene. It’s worth noting that another Kink channel that you’ll have access to, ‘Savage Gangbang’, also contains remastered scenes from channels such as Public Disgrace.

Scene length: The median scene length is about an hour and 3 minutes. This is a bit longer than Kink’s average – which makes sense, considering the video format. Often times, the public humiliation will start first, before the scene finishes in some public location (such as a bar or a store after hours.) The shortest scene is 18 minutes, and the longest scene is an hour and 40 minutes.

Frequency of updates: Unfortunately, Public Disgrace is no longer receiving updates. While there was one remaster released in August 2023, he last scene published before that was in January of 2019. It’s unlikely any new, original scenes will be filmed and released.

Video format: .MP4. With the exception of the one remaster (which is available in 1080p) all videos are available in 720p as their highest resolution. 360p and 270p download options are also available, should you want them.

Downloads: Public Disgrace has no download limits. You are welcome to download as many videos as you wish! I downloaded a very large number after signing up, and experienced no slowdowns, blockages, or throttling.

Bonus Sites: Signing up for PublicDisgrace.com gives you access to Kink’s entire library! This includes 50+ channels and over 15,000 scenes in total, making the $39.99 price tag much more justifiable, in my opinion.

Organization: Kink has a search and favoriting system to make it easy to find your favorite videos. When it comes to discovering new ones, you are able to sort clips by publish date, popularity, rating, duration, and more!

Cross-sells: There is one pre-checked cross-sell at checkout. Be sure to uncheck this if you aren’t interested in the extra site being offered.

Customer support: In a test I made to customer support, Kink responded to my ticket in a mere 28 minutes, which is excellent.

Lexi’s Thoughts On Public Disgrace – The Pros

I mentioned earlier that the concept of this site turns me on immensely, and I wasn’t disappointed when I signed up!

Real, Public Humiliation

It goes without saying, but most public porn scenes are completely staged / fake. Especially in the US, where you can’t really be naked in public, let alone doing anything sexual.

In Europe however – where most of these scenes are filmed, the laws are much more relaxed.

The people you see in the videos looking at the girls being humiliated are in fact random people. While those that actually have sex with the girls are not truly random, they aren’t mainstream performers either – rather people that signed up to be there.

But the humiliation, the reactions from hundreds of bystanders – all completely real.

Variance In Humiliating Scenarios

This is a lot more than just being naked in public. There are a lot of different scenarios to help videos feel differently from each other.

To give you an example, I just watched one video where a girl was treated like a dog as she was walked through the streets of Berlin. She was paraded around with a collar and leash, clothing slowly removed until she was completely naked. Eventually, she needed to pee, and was forced to use a brush attached to her face to clean up the mess on the streets afterwards.

Meanwhile, people were taking pictures of her and stopping to watch before she was eventually taken into a shop to be fucked.

Another scene has a girl bound and walking through an outdoor party, before later being forced to serve food naked to others at a restaurant. And then fucked, of course.

These European babes are delightfully hot and the fact that they’re participating in such humiliating things is such a thrill! You never know how someone is going to react to what they’re seeing. And I mean, come on – what would you think if you saw a hot, naked girl doing this kind of stuff on your walk to work?

Other Gangbang Channels Available On Kink

Although Public Disgrace is the only channel focused on public humiliation, gangbangs are a large part of Public Disgrace.

And thankfully, there are other gangbang channels you get with your membership, such as Bound Gang Bangs, Gangbang Chief, Hardcore Gangbang, and Savage Gangbang.

The Cons

Now, let’s look over the cons.

The Site Is No Longer Updating

This is the big one!

Public Disgrace scenes are so well done, and it’s such a unique concept, that it’s really a shame that Kink has abandoned this channel.

While I’d like to hold hope in my heart that more scenes will be released someday, I highly doubt it.

No Photo Sets

Like all Kink channels, you can only download screencaps from the video – no extra photos to go along with them.

Lack Of 1080p Options

With the exception of the one remastered clip, scenes are only available in 720p. Interestingly enough, the downloaded screencaps for many Kink videos are 1920×1080, which shows the source file they pulled them from was 1080p. Why they opted not to release the full videos in 1080p is beyond me!

Closing Thoughts

As you can tell, I love Public Disgrace. But let’s recap this review with my full list of pros and cons.

Public Disgrace - The Verdict


  • Real, public humiliation, with real random people
  • Great diversity in scenarios and ideas
  • Many videos have hot European amateurs that you won’t find in other porn scenes
  • Signing up gives you access to 4+ other gangbang channels


  • Public Disgrace is no longer seeing new updates
  • No photo sets to go with videos
  • Only one video is available in 1080p
  • One pre-checked cross-sell

The best site online for real, public humiliation content.

Do you have any questions about Public Disgrace? Want to share your own review? Write a comment in the form below!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the site!

~ Lexi

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