Here are the most frequently asked questions I have received and some answers!

Q: How old are you?

I am in my 20s!

Q: Are you single?

Yes, but I’m not in a rush to be in a relationship. Maybe for the right person.

Q: Do you have a Patreon?

Yes! Thanks for asking! My Patreon site has several different membership levels, starting as low as $2 per month, and offers early-access and exclusive audios, a private Discord server, and lots of other fun behind-the-scenes material. I would love to have you join my Patreon community!

The Lewd Lexi Patreon!

Q: Why did you start making audios?

So I could meet you of course! I like to think that I am doing a public service. Oh, and it’s just about the funnest way to make some side money in the whole wide world!

Also, I look at my finished audios similar to how an artist probably feels about their creations. It’s satisfying on a deep level, and I’m always striving to improve!

Q: Do you have any limits?

On the phone, no. All fantasy talk is legal and I respect that and truly enjoy delving into the world of perversion with my callers. For recorded audio, I may turn down audios that I deem to be too obscene for me to feel comfortable producing. Some examples include snuff, blood, extreme violence, or references to viewing / downloading illegal material.

Q: Do you have any real experiences? Are any of your audios real?

Every piece of content that I publish or share is 100% based in fantasy. There is nothing real about any of them. I have not ever committed any acts mentioned in my audio, nor do I have any intention to ever commit such acts. Additionally, I am not encouraging listeners to actually go out and do anything mentioned in my audios, messages, emails, or anything else.

Assume everything that I say is fantasy, and I will do the same for you.

Q: Will you send pics?


Q: What if I pay?


Q: How do you choose which audios are paid vs free?

In a nutshell, if the script writer allows me to or I otherwise had to spend a large amount of time / money developing the audio, I usually prefer to sell it. If I had to privately develop it, I will sell it. If I believe it is some of my best material, I will sell it.

I believe that selling some audios allows me to publish more free audios than if I sold none at all. My goal is to be able to eventually quit all of my jobs to be able to focus on just this one, but we’re not there yet!

Q: How can I help you out?

There are a few ways!

1. Join my Patreon! You’ll be able to help me with my expenses, as well as receive early-access and exclusive audios and lots of other exciting stuff!

2. Visit me on Sincats. Sincats is where I am available for phone sex, and I’m online most days, for most of the day!

3. Send me scripts! My biggest bottleneck in how much content I can release is how many scripts that I receive.

4. Spread the word! Tell your friends about my audios.

5. Give me feedback! I am still learning and trying to improve. Your feedback, ideas and suggestions help out a bunch.

6. If I review products or websites on my site, please click the link within the article before making your purchase. These are typically affiliate links, and the website will send me a commission for referring you.

7. Let me know if you ever see any of my paid material being shared illegally, so I can bring my wrath down upon them! =)

Q: Do you have a wish list?

I wish to live in a world where people’s sexual interests are accepted, and people are not put down or made to feel like monsters for something that they cannot control.