Electrosluts (Kink.com Channel) Review

Erotic electrostimulation – sometimes shortened to e-stim, is a fun way to spice things up in the bedroom. And although it may not be as popular as something like rope bondage, it can be fun both to participate in, as well as to watch!

The Electrosluts channel (formerly Electrosluts.com) from Kink may just be the most popular website on the net for electrostimulation BDSM play. But is it worth signing up for? What should you know before making a decision?

In this article, I’ll be sharing my full review for Electrosluts!

Electrosluts.com At A Glance

Let’s start by looking over some of the basic information about Electrosluts, so you can gain a better overview of the channel as a whole.

Price: $39.99 / month when paying monthly, down to $15 / month when buying an annual membership. This includes access to all of Kink Unlimited’s 50+ channels, so this price is reasonable considering what you’re getting. If the $39.99 / month pricetag only included access to Electrosluts, I would consider this expensive – but for a library of Kink’s size, it’s not so bad.

Number of scenes: 435, at the time of writing (January 20th, 2024.)

Scene length: The median scene length is 45 minutes. The shortest scenes are around 15 minutes, while the longest scenes are around an hour and a half.

Frequency of updates: Unfortunately, Electrosluts is no longer updating. There was one video published in 2020, with the next video before that being published way back in 2017.

Video format: .MP4. Unfortunately, the highest quality resolution is only 720p. No videos are available in 1080p HD or 4K.

Downloads: Like all of Kink’s channels, there are no download limits for Electrosluts. I downloaded a very large quantity of videos after signing up, and experienced no blockages or throttling. Download speeds were in line with what was expected with my connection.

Bonus Sites: Signing up for Electrosluts gives you access to Kink’s entire network of 50+ channels, and 15,000+ scenes!

Organization: Kink allows you to sort videos by publish date, relevance (when using the search bar), publish date, rating, duration, and whether or not the video is exclusive to Kink. Kink also has a favoriting system, so you can quickly return to your favorite videos!

Cross-sells: There is one pre-checked cross-sell at checkout, so watch out for this!

Customer support: When testing Kink’s customer support, I received a response back in 28 minutes.

Lexi’s Thoughts On Electrosluts.com – The Pros

Truthfully, electrostimulation is something I’ve never tried out in real life – so I was quite curious about it when I came across the videos first on Pornhub, then when I explored the entire Kink channel!

I have a lot to say about the site, so let’s first start with the pros.

Diverse Set Of Electro Devices

Truthfully, I never knew that there were so many different ways to engage in electrostimulation!

From electric buttplugs to pads placed on their bodies to wands and cattleprods designed to shock, there are a lot of different ways the performers were able to have pain and pleasure inflicted upon them.

Great Chemistry Between Performers

You can tell that the doms are experienced in BDSM play, and know just how far to push the electrosluts before easing back.

A huge component of safe BDSM play is comfort and trust, and you can tell that the performers work really well together.

The doms are creative with the dirty talk and words that they use and this makes it a far more immersive experience – especially for a submissive like me, that likes to insert myself as the submissive within the scene.

I found myself getting really turned on, and now I’m excited to try this in real life!

Pushing Electrostimulation To The Limits

There is not a lot of e-stim porn on the internet – and a lot of the porn you’ll find of it is only of males.

I may be mistaken, but Electrosluts is the only site I could find that focuses on solo-girl e-stim, or lesbian electrostimulation.

Considering that Kink didn’t have any real competition, I’m impressed that they went to such a great length to maintain the standards set by their other channels.

The Cons

Now that we’ve covered the pros, let’s look over the cons.

The Site Is No Longer Updating

This is obviously a big one.

While Kink itself is still pushing out regular updates – about daily, Electrosluts seems to have run its course with them.

Despite being one of their most unique and popular channels, no further updates have been released in over 3 years – with just 1 update in the last 6. So, while there are already hundreds of scenes to enjoy, you probably won’t be getting any new ones with up-and-coming pornstars.

No Photo Sets

Technically, Kink has a zipped photo pack with each video. However, these are only screencaps from the video itself, that you could take yourself. No exclusive extras!

No 1080p Or 4K Videos

There is no excuse for videos to not be available in 1080p. With 720p being the highest available resolution, this has to be listed as a con.

Closing Thoughts

Let’s end my review of Electrosluts / Electrosluts.com by recapping my pros and cons!

Electrosluts - The Verdict


  • Diverse set of electro devices
  • Solo-woman and lesbian e-stim play
  • Great chemistry between performers, who are clearly experienced
  • High production quality for such a niche kink


  • The last update was several years ago
  • No unique photo sets
  • 720p is the highest available resolution
  • 1 pre-checked cross-sell

The best electrostimulation website on the internet!

Have any questions about Electrosluts? Ask them below, and I’ll be happy to share my experiences with the channel. And of course, if you’ve already signed up, you’re welcome to do the same!

~ Lexi

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