Website Revamp Details + Plans

Now that I’ve got a barebones version of the website back online, let me share with you some plans that I have for it!

It’s going to look drastically different in the coming weeks, as I build it out more and actually have content to fill it with. Until I already have some content published however, there’s only so much I can do.

More Than Just My Audios!

So, the big change is that I’m going to be doing a little bit more than just my audio.

Before, my website was basically just a hub where I’d post whenever I had a new audio published, and a link to where it can be found.

While this is useful for keeping track of all my content – and I will still continue to post those, I would like to make this website something more than just links to my content.

Instead, I would like to make this website into a resource that…

  • Helps people cum as hard as possible, even if it’s not to my content.
  • Teaches, educates, and provides information sex-related topics, and sexual health.
  • Keeps you up-to-date with all of the cool stuff going on in the adult industry.
  • Gives me a creative outlet to share more of my thoughts, ideas and knowledge.
  • And finally, accomplishes all of this WITHOUT annoying pop-ups or ads that you typically find on other adult websites.

Selfishly, I do hope that a small percentage of readers will eventually become Patrons as well. Or, that the site will become notable enough that it can earn sponsorship money from actual brands, and bigger websites in the adult space.

The New Categories

So, what are the new categories I’ll be adding to the site?

While nothing is set in stone, here are the ideas I have:

News And Tutorials

With technology advancing so rapidly, the adult world is undergoing a major shift!

From AI art generators, to VR porn, to sex toys that can sync up with your favorite videos and mimic the performer’s movements, there is a lot of innovation going on at the moment.

I personally find all of this stuff really fascinating. So, I’d like to share news and updates as they come out, along with tutorials for how you can start taking advantage and enjoying all of this for free!


Without sounding completely full of myself, I do believe I have a lot of expertise on sexual and other adult topics, that a lot of people can benefit from.

So, in this section, I’ll be writing articles answering questions about sex, relationships / intimacy, and the adult industry.

My hope is that these articles will show up in Google, and over time I’ll build up a massive library of answers for people to reference, while also providing an additional free service to my audience.

Adult Reviews

Next, I’d like to introduce a reviews section where I share my personal opinions and experiences with various adult products or services.

This could be for example:

  • Reviews of other adult sites
  • Reviews of sex toys
  • Reviews of ecchi animes, shows, or other media
  • Reviews of adult games
  • Anything else that’s requested.

Full disclosure – review content will allow me to place affiliate links within the articles. So, if someone reads a review, clicks on the link, and signs up for the service, the company will pay me a small commission for referring them.

The adult industry is notorious for deception and downright scams, where marketers will praise every single site, regardless of whether it’s good or not.

I have a reputation to uphold, so I hope to approach these in a more transparent and honest way than what I’ve seen from other sites online.

Section For Performers

I would like to (at some point) share some of my industry knowledge, and the lessons I’ve learned working in this space with other creators.

I don’t see other performers as ‘competition’, and the better all of us performers can be, the better it will be for listeners.

So, I’m hoping sharing some what I learn can inspire someone to get started, help them work more productively, and hopefully make some more friends in the process!


I’m not sure what I’ll call this section, but it will essentially contain all of my other random thoughts, ideas or posts that I want to share, but don’t fall into one of the other categories.

Site updates like this one will probably end up there.

A Revamped Homepage – Coming Soon

As you can see, this is a lot, and not all of it will be interesting to everyone.

So, once I have a decent amount of content up on the site, I am going to revamp the homepage so content is split off into different sections.

On the homepage, you’ll see a bar with the most recent posts from a specific category. Then if you scroll down, you’ll see the posts in that category.

This will allow people to quickly get to the content they care about, while still showing all new updates on the home page.

I guess what’s important to understand, is that the website won’t be cluttered, and you can easily ignore any of these categories that you don’t care about.

Closing Thoughts

They say people who announce what they’re planning to do before they actually do it, are less likely to actually follow through.

So, let’s see if that’s the case!

It will take a few weeks before the site really starts getting built out again. I am still preparing my next month of audio, and want to ensure that I’m well ahead on my main work before focusing too much attention on other projects.

However, I am in this for the long haul, so who knows – maybe a few years from now, this site will turn into something much bigger?

I’m excited to find out!

~ Lexi


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