Kink University (Kink.com Channel) Review

One of the greatest values of Kink that not a lot of people talk about is Kink University.

Kink University is a channel set up by Kink, that serves to educate viewers about how to actually engage in BDSM – and better sex at home.

While I get that Kink is primarily a porn site first, this channel is insanely valuable for those looking to actually spice up their love life at home – or get better at many different aspects of sex before meeting their next partner.

So, what’s great about Kink University, and what could be improved?

I’ll be covering it all in this review!

Kinkuniversity.com – At A Glance

Remember that Kink University is not one of Kink’s standard channels. However, I still wanted to include overall information about it, so you know what you’re getting!

Price: $39.99 when paying monthly, or $15 a month if you pay for a full year upfront.

Number of scenes: 112.

Scene length: The median scene length is 43 minutes, so you’re really getting a lot packed into each class! The longest scene – a full rope bondage workshop, is 2 and a half hours long, while the shortest scene is just 3 minutes long.

Frequency of updates: Unfortunately, Kink University stopped updating in 2016. To be fair, they covered just about every topic you’d want to know, so this isn’t necessarily a problem.

Video format: .MP4. 720p is the highest resolution available, with 360p or 270p options also being available should you wish to save some hard drive space.

Downloads: Kink Unlimited has no download limits. You are welcome to download all 112 classes if you wish to do so!

Bonus Sites: Signing up to Kink Unlimited grants you access to the entire Kink Network – which includes over 15,000 scenes! Keep in mind that most of these are pornographic in nature, not informational.

Organization: For Kink University, I find it best to use the search system. However, you can also favorite videos, sort them by publish date, rating, duration, and more!

Cross-sells: There is one pre-checked cross-sell at checkout. Be sure to uncheck it if you aren’t interested in what’s being offered!

Customer support: In my test, I received a response back to my ticket in just 28 minutes, which is exceptional.

Lexi’s Thoughts On Kink University – The Pros

So, what do I think of the site? Let’s start by looking at what Kink University does well.

Learn BDSM And Sex Skills From Real Experts!

If there is any studio that has the best handle on BDSM – and kinky sex in general, it’s Kink. Their tagline mentions they’ve been dominating porn for over 20 years, and it’s absolutely true.

Many of the classes and workshops are taught by people are actually notable for the specific thing they’re teaching.

For example, Flower Tucci isn’t really a mainstream star anymore, but 10 years ago, she was notorious for squirting scenes in particular. So, she was the one chosen to teach the workshop on squirting.

Even when there aren’t recognized names teaching the class, it’s still extremely clear as soon as they start talking that they’re true experts in the subjects that they’re talking about – they’re not simply rehashing information they found on the internet.

In fact, some of the things you’ll learn you may not even find anywhere else!

A Full Package Of Different Classes

I think a lot can be said for the sheer diversity of classes that are available. They aren’t just covering BDSM or fetish play, but sex skills in general. Go through even a quarter of the courses they offer, and you’ll undoubtedly be a better lover in bed.

Some of the classes cover topics such as:

  • Dirty talk
  • Dominance / submission
  • Rope bonadge
  • Pussy licking
  • Ass licking
  • Deep kissing
  • Pornstar secrets
  • Flogging
  • How to design your own sex dungeon

…And that’s only a small fraction!

Seriously, you’ll get to learn a LOT from Kink University alone. I’ve easily seen just one course like this sold for $50, $100, even several hundred dollars – and it would still be a good value.

Considering that you get Kink University for just $39.99 a month AND access to Kink’s 15,000+ porn scenes… this makes it an incredible value. I’d honestly go as far to say that it’s the best value channel on Kink.

The Cons

Now, let’s look over the one drawback I found.

Some Classes Feel More Like Porn, Than Educational

Although some of the classes felt highly educational and actually taught a lot of information at once, others weren’t quite as great.

The class on ass licking for example felt more like a glorified porn scene, and an excuse to shoot 40 minutes of a guy and a girl eating each other’s ass.

It’s not that there wasn’t information packed in there – it was just spread out with lengthy segments of nothing but ass licking. This class could’ve been a quarter the length and been even more valuable.

Seriously, I paid the tuition to Kink University to learn, not to party! Make me smart, damn it!

Thankfully, most classes kept the focus on the information (and then demonstrating that information), rather than using the video to turn the viewer on.

Not that doesn’t happen when we’re talking about kinky sex, of course.

Classes Could’ve Been In 1080p

The earliest Kink University video was published in 2014.

By then, 1080p was already the standard.

While I don’t think it’s quite as important for these videos to be available in high definition (since the intent is to inform), it still would’ve been nice if we could’ve got them in at least 1080p.

Closing Thoughts

If it’s not obvious already, I’m a huge fan of Kink University – especially for the price. Let’s summarize this review with my list of pros and cons!

Kink University - The Verdict


  • Classes taught by real experts in each area
  • Very large and diverse selection of classes
  • Insane value for the price – each one of these could’ve been sold for the membership price alone


  • Some classes feel more pornographic than educational
  • 720p is the highest available resolution
  • One pre-checked cross-sell

With over 100 different classes on sex and BDSM, Kink University is an incredible value for the price.

What class are you interested in taking? Do you have any questions about Kink University, or want to share your experience?

Write to me in the comments section below!

~ Lexi

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