Free Audio: Breed Your Fuck Bunny Now

Tags:¬†Animal Cosplay, Furry, Bunny Girl, Butt Plug Tail, Rabbit Tail, First Date, Reluctant To Enthusiastic, Breeding, Creampie, 69, Chris Hailey Scripts Age: Adult Length:¬†19 Minutes A college student (studying veterinarian sciences, of course) emails an erotic story writer about a story of his that involved a woman pretending to be a bunny. When they get … Read more

Hi! Welcome To My Site!

Hey! Thanks for stopping by =) I created this site to make it easier for listeners to keep up to date with everything that I’ve posted, as well as just a general outlet to share my thoughts and feelings. Be sure to bookmark it and check back often. Each time I post a new audio, … Read more