Everything Butt (Kink.com Channel) Review

Everyone that knows me knows that asses are my favorite part of a person – which is why so much of my porn is centered around ass-related topics. And admittedly, I’ve been watching Everything Butt for a long time!

Out of all of the channels available on Kink, Everything Butt is probably the one that’s the most focused on anal-play of all kind.

So, if if you love anal, anal toys, or butt stuff in general, you’re definitely going to want to check out my review of Everything Butt – formerly EverythingButt.com!

EverythingButt.com At A Glance

Here is some general information about Everything Butt, as of January 20th 2024.

Price: $39.99 monthly, or $15 monthly if you pay for a year upfront. Although this seems expensive, this grants you access to ALL of Kink, which makes the price more reasonable.

Number of scenes: At the time of writing, there are currently 551 scenes available with Everything Butt. This number may be higher by the time you’re reading this review!

Scene length: The median scene length is an hour and 5 minutes, which is a bit longer than Kink’s average! The shortest videos were 5-15 minutes, and were mostly some of the sites earliest videos. The longest videos hover around an hour and 45 minutes.

Frequency of updates: You can read my entire review for Kink by clicking here!Everything Butt is currently receiving about 2 updates a month. Note that Kink as a whole has updates about daily.

Video format: .MP4. Unfortunately, only videos published in 2021 or later are available in 1080p, and no scenes are available in 4K. This makes up about about 10% of videos. The other 90% are only available in 720p as the max resolution.

Downloads: There are no download limits or throttling put in place for Everything Butt. You are free to download or stream as much as you wish!

Bonus Sites: Signing up to Everything Butt gives you access not only to this one channel, but to the entire Kink network! This is over 50+ channels covering everything from bondage, to femdom, to gangbangs and more!

Organization: In addition to Kink’s search and favoriting system, Everything Butt videos can also be sorted by things like duration, rating, publish date, and more!

Cross-sells: There is one pre-checked cross-sell at checkout. Be sure to uncheck this if you aren’t interested in the site that’s being offered!

Customer support: During a test I did from an alternative account (so Kink wouldn’t know I was a reviewer), I received a response back in 28 minutes. Not bad at all!

Everything Butt – The Pros

Now, let’s dig into what I actually think about the website!

Very Diverse Set Of Anal Content

If you thought Everything Butt was just about anal sex, think again!

In fact, if you’re new to butt play, Everything Butt will really open your mind up to a bunch of different possibilities.

You’ve got your regular rough anal sex, sure. But you’ve also got ass worship. Extreme anal toys. Ass licking. Ass sniffing. Enemas. Anal strap-on sex. Anal fisting. Gaping.

When they say Everything Butt, they really mean it.

If you have any sort of anal fixation at all, you’re going to be satisfied with the type of content you find on here. And it may just help you push your horizons a little bit, too!

Mainstream Performers Doing Far More Than What You’d Normally See

One of the special things about Kink that separates them from other fetish or BDSM sites, is that you actually get to see mainstream performers within these videos!

It’s normal for A-list pornstars to do anal, of course. But to see them getting with their butts played with this intensely… it’s not something you’ll find on other websites!

Some notable performers include Mandy Muse, Penny Pax, Kenzie Taylor, Paige Owens, Lexi Lore, Skylar Snow, AJ Applegate, and more!

I think it’s an achievement that Kink was able to secure such top-tier talent for such extreme scenes!

Somehow, It Stays Fresh

With over 550 scenes – and more still being released, you’d think that Kink would have run out of ideas by now.

But somehow, the scenes still feel fresh and sufficiently different from each other. It’s not like they’re doing the exact same scene and just swapping out performers – each video still feels like something new and exciting, and actually worth watching if you’re into this kind of stuff.

I think this has a lot to do with the diversity of toys, objects and performers as well.

Some scenes include up to 4 girls at once. Others are lesbian scenes. Others have a male and female.

They’ve really done a good job at mixing it up!

The Cons

Next, let’s look at the cons.

Might Be Too Extreme For Some People

While this wasn’t personally a problem for me, I can see Everything Butt being a bit too extreme for somebody that just enjoys anal sex.

In fact, I showed a friend some of the videos, and they made her more uncomfortable than anything else.

(Yeah, I’m the kind of girl that has Plex on my TV loaded up with terabytes of porn, lol!)

Anyway, if you are only into anal sex and ass worship, you may prefer something like Evilangel instead. But if you want to push the boundaries of what you’ll find in normal porn, Everything Butt is an excellent choice.

No Photosets

Like all of Kink’s channels, there are no unique photo sets to go with videos. This is a shame, given the unique nature of their content!

Zip files merely contain screencaps from the videos, which you can just take yourself. No exclusive extras!

Most Videos Aren’t Available In 1080p

As mentioned earlier, only about 10% of videos are available in full 1080p HD.

It took Kink up to 2021 to begin releasing Everything Butt scenes in 1080p, which is well beyond when other sites were doing so. In fact, most sites of Kink’s size were already releasing scenes in 4K at this point.

This is a major drawback in my opinion, and I can’t help but feel that Kink is holding higher resolutions back to release later – other channels are known for releasing ‘remastered’ scenes of higher quality years after the original publication date.

Closing Thoughts

We’ve covered a lot in my review of Everything Butt. Let’s summarize with my list of pros and cons!

Everything Butt - The Verdict


  • VERY diverse set of anal-focused content. The name doesn’t lie!
  • Everything Butt showcases many mainstream performers doing anal far beyond what you’d find elsewhere.
  • Each video still feels new and interesting. Nothing feels stale.
  • Many ass-focused fetishes are covered on this site.


  • Some of the content can be quite extreme (though this can be a pro for some people!)
  • No unique photosets to go with videos.
  • Only 10% of content is available in 1080p.
  • One pre-checked cross-sell.

The name doesn't lie - if you love butts, there really is something for everyone here!

What kind of ass content do you like to see? Do you have any questions about EverythingButt.com? Let me know in the comments form below – I’d love to hear from you!

~ Lexi

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