I love hearing from my listeners!

You can get in touch with me by sending an email to Your security is my priority and messages are never shared or viewed by anyone other than myself.

Some Possible Reasons You Might Wanna Email Me!

  • You want to share your thoughts about any of my audios! I love fan mail! I read it every morning and it really helps me start the day happy.
  • You are submitting a script. Please read this page for more information about this. I will assume you have read this page and agree to all the term if you send me a script.
  • You want to ask about what audios are right for you, and which I suggest based on your interests.
  • You have feedback, ideas, or suggestions for me.
  • There’s something you feel that I should know about.
  • You want to send me legal pictures of yourself. I like seeing pictures or videos, especially of men getting hard / cumming to my audios! It makes me really happy hehe.
  • You have a question for me.

Regarding Chatting

I love to chat, I really do! Getting to meet so many nice (and perverted) people has been a lot of fun, and is the most rewarding part of doing this.

Sadly I do not have a lot of time and chatting with so many people means that I never really get to have meaningful conversations with anyone. When I post a new script, I can get as many as 50 emails and it is just too much to have back-and-forth conversations since I can only do this part-time… as much as I’d love to!

If you want to chat, the best way to do so is through my Sincats page. There, I can give full attention to everyone, and really make sure we can have a lot of fun without any distractions.

Alternatively, I am looking for more scripts that I can sell. These save me a lot of time, so I may be able to chat in exchange for scripts. If this interest you, please get in touch!

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