Secret Spellbook Onahole, Front

Himitsu no Madōsho Onahole (Secret Spellbook) Review

Note: This review was co-written with my male toy reviewer, Jimmy. However, I personally tested and took pictures of the product before shipping it to him.

Secret Spellbook Onahole, Front

I’m excited to bring you a review for one of the most interesting onaholes I’ve ever seen – the Himitsu no Madōsho Onahole, also known as the ‘Secret Spellbook.’ (US Link | Europe Link)

This is one of the newest onaholes offered by / Motsutoys, and I’ve been told that the initial production run is limited to just 50 units – so I’m very excited to have the opportunity to review such a rare and exciting onahole!

Is it worth buying – either as a first onahole or as part of your collection? In this review, I’ll cover everything that you need to know!


One of the things you’ll notice right away is just how interesting and unique the Himitsu no Madōsho / Secret Spellbook onahole is!

Secret Spellbook Outer Packaging

While themed onaholes are nothing new, this one takes a very exciting approach on a magical girl, kept inside this secret spellbook.

Just taking a look at the picture above, you can see that they didn’t skimp out on any details. I’m not usually one to care all that much about box art, but the holo-reflective gold on the outer box makes this thing look downright enchanting.

Secret Spellbook, Inner Packaging

Open up the spellbook like you would any other book, and you’ll find the onahole packaged neatly inside, along with some hot artwork of a magical witch.

I keep my boxes, but this is the first one I wouldn’t actually mind having out in my home as a decoration. The box makes as a neat carrying case that doesn’t draw any suspicion. If I needed to hide my onahole usage from a partner, I’d much rather take this than a pornstar or some hardcore hentai on the box (though let’s be honest, / Motsutoys has a LOT of onaholes with really awesome box art.)

The onahole also came with a small packet of sample lube, though you’ll want to get more if this is your first onahole.

As far as shipping goes, everything arrived safely without any cosmetic damage. You can read my full review on ordering from them here.

Appearance / Weight

Secret Spellbook Onahole, Labia

Overall, the appearance of the Secret Spellbook onahole (US Link | Europe Link) is quite nice. As pictured above, the labia are quite closed, and it does come with a tiny pair of breasts as well, similar to the Slut Angel DX, which I reviewed here.

Secret Spell Onahole, Back

The backside is nice as well – providing what you’d expect and nothing more. It’s nice that they gave it a bit of an ass as well. While not really big enough to grip well, it’s aesthetically pleasing and helps with the overall balance of the onahole.

Speaking of balance, this thing is incredbly light for an onahole like this. The onahole in its entirety measures 1.94 pounds, and is noticeably lighter than the Slut Angel DX, which measures 2.65 pounds. You wouldn’t think .7 pounds makes a big difference, but it does.

The weight gives it the perfect amount of heft, while still being light enough to stroke with for long periods of time. And this thing does feel quite durable – I have no doubts it will last a long time. If for whatever reason reality doesn’t match my expectations, I will update this review to let you know.

Aesthetics wise, there were three things I didn’t really like about the Himitsu no Madōsho as much.

First, the nipples came discolored. The Slut Angel DX came with reddish / pinkish nipples. While they did fade over time, it was nice to have them there. This onahole has them completely white from the start.

Secret Spellbook Onahole, Inside Tunnel

Secondly, and this may just be a personal preference, but I’m personally not a fan of the very red interior of the tunnel.

I prefer them to be lighter in color, personally. Seeing this super dark red just reminds me of blood. Of course, the labia close over your dick after you’re inside, so it’s not something you really have to think about. But still… not a fan of that.

Finally, the design of the labia along with the tight entrance made it a little difficult to get lube into – or see how much you’re putting in. Though, I don’t hold this against the onahole, as it’s more of a problem with the nozzle of my lube being unnecessarily large. Still, I wanted to mention this.

Thankfully, it does hold the lube quite well – unlike many other onaholes I’ve tried, it’s not constantly dripping down onto my cock and balls.

The Feeling

So, how does the Himitsu no Madōsho (Secret Spellbook) onahole (US Link | Europe Link) feel?

This one actually depends a lot on how you use it!

Secret Spellbook Hanging Off Finger

First things first, this onahole is quite tight. To demonstrate (and show how light it is, a finger was stuck inside, and then the onahole hung off the finger without falling.)

When you actually put your penis inside of it, it doesn’t feel quite as tight as it does on your finger. However, one thing that makes this onahole special is that the different sections of the tunnel are so different from each other.

Secret Spellbook Tunnel

The notable sections for me include:

  • Section two – there is a big, noticeable raised bump that feels good as you slide over it. I actually recommend stroking with this rather than thrusting into it – pulling yourself almost all the way out and pushing back down onto your cock feels amazing.
  • Section three – this is a long, smoother that is still slightly textured. This makes up the bulk of the feeling.
  • Section four – that final little chamber is more textured and more stimulating. Pushing extra hard into it helps you spice things up if you aren’t hitting it with every stroke and feels great.

Okay, so how does this measure up in terms of real-world use?

As mentioned earlier, it doesn’t feel quite as tight inside as it does on your finger, but it’s still fairly tight as far as onaholes go. The inside also feels quite soft, whereas the outside doesn’t feel as soft to the touch.

It is harder than the ZXY, but softer and less stimulating than the Slut Angel DX. If I had to describe it, I’d say it reminds me a lot of what the ZXY would be like, if the ZXY were tight and not extremely loose. I’d rate it a 6-7/10 in terms of stimulation.

If you’re new to onaholes, higher stimulation isn’t always better. It’s more of a personal preference thing. I prefer the ZXY – with very low stimulation for long masturbation sessions, whereas I prefer highly stimulating onaholes when I need to cum quick, and have the greatest orgasm possible. So, there is no ‘right answer’ when it comes to stimulation levels.

Overall, I’m pleased with the feeling of this onahole. It’s not my favorite onahole ever, but it’s a nice one to ‘mix it up’ when I get bored with my daily drivers.


I found cleaning the Secret Spellbook to be a bit of a hassle, for two reasons:

First of all, this thing is tight. Even if you get water in there, drying it can be problematic. It’s too tight to shove a paper towel in without risking tearing it, but it also keeps too much water in to try drying it with a drying stick alone. It’s a bit easier with microfiber gloves, or using microfiber dry sticks before a regular one.

KYO Shower

Because it is textured with a lot of different sections, getting all the lube and semen out can be a bit of a challenge. This onahole is a good one to use with the KYO Shower (US Link | Europe Link) as it’s relatively short, and the KYO Shower sprays out in all different directions.

I wouldn’t let the fear of cleaning / drying stop you from purchasing this onahole, to be honest. It is a little more troublesome than others I’ve tried, but not nearly as difficult as cleaning something like an onahip, or some of the other onaholes I’ve tried.

Closing Thoughts

While I would recommend something like the Slut Angel DX to someone who was getting an onahole for the first time (especially since it’s $20 cheaper), the Secret Spellbook (US Link | Europe Link) makes a great addition for collectors, who want something new to mix things up. I’ll be enjoying it regularly, and as someone who owns more than a dozen different onaholes already, that’s saying something!

Let’s summarize by looking back over the pros and cons:

Himitsu no Madōsho (Secret Spellbook) Onahole - The Verdict


  • Unique, very nice package design. One of my favorites ever!
  • Spellbook box can also act as a carrying case
  • Perfect weight for long stroking sessions
  • Different sections of the tunnel offer different sensations
  • Feels quite durable
  • Addition of boobs were nice, even if they are mostly for show


  • Nipples have no color
  • Not a fan of the very red interior
  • Probably won’t feel the best to everyone – while it’s ‘good’ at everything, feeling wise it’s not exceptional in any one area
  • Slightly difficult to clean

While not my first choice, it's a great addition for collectors who want to mix it up!

Free Onahole

If you order your Secret Spellbook through any of the links in this article, you will be given a free bonus onahole with your purchase! This only works if you are not in incognito / private browser, however!

Click here to purchase the Secret Spellbook! (US Link)

Click here to purchase the Secret Spellbook! (Europe Link)

Have any questions about the Himitsu no Madōsho (Secret Spellbook)?

Ask them below and I’ll be happy to help!

~ Lexi and Jimmy



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