Nurse's Special Treatment Onahip, Front

Nurse’s Special Treatment (By XTC Japan) Onahip Review

Note: This review was co-written with my male toy reviewer, Jimmy. However, I personally tested and took pictures of the product before shipping it to him.

Nurse's Special Treatment Onahip, Front

So far on the blog, we’ve reviewed a few different onaholes. For the first time ever, we’re going to be reviewing an onahip!

Onahips are a bit bigger than onaholes, with some of them being as large as an actual woman’s ass. The one we’re reviewing today however – the ‘Nurse’s Special Treatment’ is sort of an onahole / onahip hybrid. (US Link | Europe Link) It’s quite small, but packs a powerful punch!

So without any further ado, let’s get started with our review. We’ll cover the good, the bad, who it’s for, and who might consider something else instead!


Nurse's Special Treatment Packaging, Front

I’ll admit, I’m not one of the people that obsess over box art. But, it’s still nice when the manufacturers pay attention to it!

The Nurse’s Special Treatment is manufacturered by XTC Japan, who also makes one of my all-time favorite Onaholes – the Slut Angel DX (review here!)

Nurse's Special Treatment Onahole Packaging, Back

Their box art seems to follow a pretty similar format – sexy character on the front, pictures of the onahole itself on the back.

Taking one look at her, you’ll see that she’s ready to take care of you in any way that she can!

Nurse's Special Treatment Packaging, Inside Box

The inside of the box, unfortunately, is nothing special. You can see from the picture above that the box is quite thin, and is prone to being crushed if you’re not careful with it. This is very different than onaholes like the Secret Spellbook (review here!) that would probably survive a dumbbell being dropped on it! 🤣

However, the onahip is safely wrapped in a bag that keeps it free from dirt and debris. Seconds later, it’s ready to use!

As far as outer packaging goes, this item was shipped to me from / Motsutoys. The box it was shipped it was discreet and well-protected. You can read my full review of the site here.

Appearance / Weight

Nurse's Special Treatment Onahole Back

Physically speaking, this is one of the most attractive onaholes that I’ve ever seen.

The front has a very attractive pussy that begs you to fuck it, and the back… well, the pictures to not do it justice. This ass is phat. It’s huge, and it’s the first onahole I’ve used where you actually can really grip it while you thrust into it.

Nurse's Special Treatment Onahole Butt

(Here’s another picture from another angle.)

The Nurse’s Special Treatment (US Link | Europe Link) has two tunnels – a vaginal tunnel and an anal tunnel, that are both right next to each other.

Nurse's Special Treatment Onahole, Tunnels

The anal tunnel is a bit higher up than what would be anatomically correct, but the fact that they’re so close together makes it really to switch between them, which is a lot of fun.

Next, let’s talk about the weight.

As mentioned earlier, this on the larger end of onaholes, and the smaller end of onahips, which is why I personally see it as some kind of hybrid.

Coming in at 4.1 lbs, it’s light enough to still be able to use in a chair while sitting down, but too heavy (and too wide) to be use one-handed.

It feels great whether you want to thrust into it or stroke with it using both hands, but the position of the vagina does require you to tilt it slightly forward for your penis to enter in the right angle. Personally, I find it easier to thrust into, as the design, angel and heft make it easy to slip out of by accident if you aren’t careful. The anal hole is more forgiving in this regard.

It’s heavy and large enough to be able to lay it on a bed and fuck it missionary as well.

Still, I do most of my masturbation in front of my computer, so I personally have the most experience using it while sitting in a chair. I cannot overstate how nice it is to be able to grab the ass while you hold it on top of you – this is something I’ll really miss when using other onaholes!

The only downside of this design is that you really have to be hard to get into it. The holes are quite small. However, that’s the price you pay to keep it looking as nice as it does. As a bonus, it’s also really good about keeping the lube inside. One of my biggest grips with the Slut Angel DX is that lube leaks everywhere – but that isn’t the case at all with the Nurse’s Special Treatment.

The Feeling Of Nurse’s Special Treatment

Now let’s get on to perhaps the most important part of this onahip – how it actually feels while you’re using it!

As far as material goes, the Nurse’s Special Treatment (US Link | Europe Link) is quite ‘hard.’ This goes for the outer TPE as well as the inner sleeves as well. If you’re someone that prefers very soft onaholes, this one might not be the best for you. However, you can tell straight from the beginning that it’s quite durable, and should last a long time with proper care.

Nurse's Special Treatment Tunnels

As mentioned earlier, this onahip has two tunnels – a vaginal tunnel, and an anal tunnel. The vaginal one is pictured on top, while the bottom one is the anal tunnel.

Both tunnels are excellent – above-average stimulation, and both feel quite good. If I had one big complaint, it would be that they’re quite similar. The anal tunnel doesn’t feel different enough for me to feel like I really need to bother switching between them a whole lot. While the vagina is a bit more stimulating, I was surprised how similar the anal one felt.

There were a few key differences, however.

About an inch or so in, there is a raised section that somewhat mimics the feeling of an anal ring gripping you, which is nice.

Nurse's Special Treatment Tunnels

Additionally, the vaginal tunnel has a gate / womb chamber at the end, that’s quite smooth, which feels amazing to thrust into either to mix things up, or to climax in. You can see the entrance to it pictured above – it’s the circular hole at the end.

It’s not quite as nice as that in the Slut Angel DX in my opinion, but it gives some variety and adds to the overall pleasurable feeling of this onahip. The anal tunnel doesn’t have this, and it’s the biggest difference between the two in my opinion.

Overall, I’d give the vaginal tunnel a 7-8 in terms of stimulation, and the anal tunnel a 6-7.


Cleaning the Nurse’ Special Treatment onahip is a bit more of a hassle, compared to smaller and looser onaholes. Not bad, but not as easy as others.

This is expected with this design.

It is much easier to clean than a full-sized onahip, but harder than many smaller onaholes – particularly the vaginal tunnel. Not only is opening up the vagina a bit tougher, but considering the product’s weight, it really helps to hold it with two hands. It will still fit inside of a sink just fine, but I’d be lying if I said its’ size didn’t make it more challenging.

You will want to use something like the KYO shower (US Link | Europe Link) to get deep in there to clean the lube / semen out, or prepare to spend an extra minute or two working your fingers in.

As far as drying goes, microfiber sticks are your best option, particularly for the vaginal tunnel, as that womb chamber can be difficult to get into using something like paper towels. Then, insert a drying stick as usual. The KYO drying stick is an excellent choice – to save time, I recommend buying two if you intend to use both holes in the same session. (US Link | Europe Link)

Closing Thoughts

Overall, the Nurse’s Special Treatment (US Link | Europe Link) onahip is a perfect option for anyone that wants something larger than a regular onahole, but smaller than a regular onahip. While it’s not perfect, it’s an incredible value for the price.

Let’s summarize this review by going over my list of pros and cons!

Nurse's Special Treatment Onahip - The Verdict


  • Lovely, teasing box art
  • Very attractive design
  • Large butt feels incredible to grip, squeeze, and smack
  • Feels great whether thrusting, stroking two-handed, or fucking it missionary
  • Great stimulation
  • Great value for the price


  • Packaging looks nice, but is flimsy
  • The tunnels do not differ very much from each other
  • A little difficult to clean – but still easier than full-sized onahips

Great as a large onahole, but doesn't provide a true onahip experience. Still, a fantastic value for the price!

Free Onahole

If you order your Nurse’s Special Treatment onahip through any of the links in this article, you will be given a free bonus onahole with your purchase! This won’t work if you’re in incognito / private browser, though!

Click here to purchase the Nurse’s Special Treatment onahip (US Link)

Click here to purchase the Nurse’s Special Treatment onahip (Europe Link)

Have any questions about the Nurse’s Special Treatment onahip?

Ask them below and I’ll be happy to help!

~ Lexi and Jimmy

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