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KYO Steri Warmer – Onahole Warmer / Cleaner Review

One of the must-have accessories every onahole user should have is an onahole warmer.

While it’s true that your onahole will warm up to your body temperature over prolonged periods of use, there’s something magical about entering into an onahole that’s already the perfect temperature – especially when you want to cum as intensely as possible.

A warm onahole adds that extra stimulation and realism that takes it from great, to mindblowlingly good.

So, in this article, I’ll be reviewing my favorite onahole warmer – the KYO Steri Warmer (US Link | Europe Link), that helps clean and increase the longevity of your onahole as well by using UV-C light!

What Is The KYO Steri Warmer?

KYO Steri Warmer Packaging

Put simply, the KYO Steri Warmer is a device that warms your onahole up to body temperature, while also emitting UV light that kills germs, viruses and most importantly, bacteria that may be growing inside your onahole.

This effectively makes it a two-in-one tool, acting as both a heater as well as something that will keep it clean.

Remember that the TPE material that makes up most onaholes is porous in nature. This means bacteria cannot be fully removed through manual cleaning alone – and eventually, this will make the toy unusable.

Using something like the KYO Steri Warmer can help your toy last longer, while also making it more enjoyable to use in the meantime.

The warmer plugs in by USB, and immediately turns on. Stick it in your onahole, unplug it when you’re done, and you’re good to go!

Packaging / Design

KYO Steri Warmer Inside Packaging

Packaging for the KYO Steri Warmer is simple enough.

It comes in a simplistic white box that indicates what it is, and what it does. Inside the box, the warmer is nestled securely inside.

One fault I came across was that there does not seem to be a whole lot of internal padding to protect the outer box from impact damage, in the event of poor shipping. However, if you read my overall review from ordering from / Motsutoys, I found they did a good job packaging everything safely.

KYO Steri Warmer

One thing that makes the KYO Steri Warmer unique – and a huge plus, is the wide base at the bottom.

This allows you to balance most onaholes on top of the warmer while it’s in use. Just set the warmer on a desk and place your onahole (with a bit of water-based lube) on top until it’s ready to go.

While obviously you can’t balance every onahole – or onahips, most work just fine with this design.

Other warmers like the Men’s Max UV stick warmer, or the Onahole Warmer / Diatomaceous Earth Stick set don’t have this feature!


So, how good of a job does it do at heating?

Based on my testing, I found that the KYO Steri Warmer (US Link | Europe Link) was able to heat the onahole up in about 3-4 minutes when supplied with adequate USB power. It may heat slower if your USB source isn’t able to draw enough power (for example, using a USB hub), but I didn’t test this.

One neat feature about this particular heater is that it automatically shuts off after a few minutes have passed. This ensures that the toys don’t get too hot, and end up damaged.

It may not be the hottest warmer available, but it goes to just the right temperature to ensure your toys don’t suffer permanent damage.

After a few minutes of shutting off, it will turn back on again.

So, if you get distracted and forget that you turned the warmer on, it will still be perfectly warm whenever you’re ready to use your onahole. Again, without causing damage to the material, or starting a fire.

Note: I’ve seen this asked before, so I wanted to clarify – the heating element is not a replacement for drying your onahole via other methods, like a drying stick.

UV Light – Does It Actually Clean Your Onaholes?

KYO UV Light

Now that we’ve talked about the heating, let’s talk about the other standout feature – the UV light!

Utilizing UV light to clean sex toys is nothing new, and the company claims that it is able to kill 99.99% of germs, viruses, and bacteria.

However, it’s worth noting that UV light can only sterilize as deep as it can penetrate. Additionally, some bacteria produce toxins, which can be left behind even if the bacteria is killed.

It also goes without saying, but UV-C light won’t actually get any lube or bodily fluids out of your onahole. It is still important that you manually clean your onahole using warm water and anti-bacterial soap, or another cleaning agent.

Even if you don’t use the warmer to well, warm the onahole, periodically sticking it inside simply for its sterilizing feature can still prolong the life of your toy! That being said, I do wish it were a little bit longer – it’s unable to reach near the end of some of my longer onaholes.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, the KYO Steri Warmer is the best onahole warmer that I’ve used. The company behind the KYO brand specializes in onaholes and toys for men, so they really designed something ideal for onahole users like you and I.

Let’s summarize the review with a list of pros and cons!

KYO Steri Warmer - The Verdict


  • Simple to use – just plug it in!
  • Heats toys quickly
  • Automatically shuts off to avoid damaging the toy’s material
  • UV light sterilizes the toy, killing bacteria that penetrated the surface of the materials
  • 2-in-1 accessory makes it an excellent value for the price
  • Wide base allows it to remain upright while warming onahole


  • Packaging could have a bit more padding
  • It’s a little short, for use with longer onaholes

A must-have accessory for onahole users!

Free Onahole

Click here to buy the KYO Steri Warmer on (US)

Click here to buy the KYO Steri Warmer on (Europe)

Note that buying from any of the above links will also give you a free onahole – this was a deal that I made with the company specifically for my audience!

Have any questions about the KYO Steri Warmer? Ask them via the comment form below – I’ll be happy to help!

~ Lexi

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