KYO Capsule 2 Male Vibrator Review

When it comes to male vibrators, you have a lot of options – but very few of them are perfect!

On one end, you can always just vibrate yourself with a regular Hitachi wand. This gets the job done, but perhaps provides the least amount of fun.

On the other end, we have luxury products like the Pulse Solo Lux, which is an amazing vibrator, but doesn’t allow you to really stroke or move it at all (they claim you can with lube, but it’s not the greatest.)

Anyhow, when I had the opportunity to review the KYO Capsule 2 (US Link | Europe Link) from Onahole.com / Motsutoys, I couldn’t be more excited to find what may possibly be the perfect solution!

Note: This item was provided for free by Onahole.com / Motsutoys. This does not affect my review in any way whatsoever. While I personally tested the product, I do not have a penis, so I gave the vibrator to a trusted friend for testing. This review speaks for the both of us!

What Is The KYO Capsule 2?

KYO Capsule 2, Box

The KYO Capsule 2 is a dual-motor vibrator for men, and is unique in the sense that it can also be used as a stroker.

The soft, TPE interior is textured also allowing you to use it as a stroker as well, while the vibration is going. While onaholes like the Slut Angel DX are great for thrusting into, and there are plenty of other vibrators for men as well, it’s wonderful to have a toy that can do both at the same time!

The KYO Capsule 2 features 10 different vibrating patterns. These include a constant slow / medium / high vibration setting, pulsing, a slow fade up in intensity, and a few other combinations as well that are a lot of fun to experiment with! These can be visualized in this graphic from the company here:



KYO Capsule 2, Inside Box

The design of the KYO Capsule 2 is very well done! Before we get to that however, let’s first talk about the shipping and unboxing process.

If you’ve read my review of Onahole.com / Motsutoys, you’ll know that they ship everything in a plain, brown box that can’t be tied back to the website – meaning nobody will know what you ordered. Inside the box, the products are secured with packaging paper to ensure that they don’t move.

Vibrator Minor Shipping Damage

Unfortunately, mine was received with a small amount of damage to the box. While this isn’t normally a problem when shipping onaholes, it is possible for electronic toys to be affected by impact damage.

Thankfully, the product worked perfectly out of the box.

KYO Capsule 2, Accessories

Inside the box, there was a small charging cable and a user manual for the product. I recommend giving this a quick glance over, as it has some important tips to ensure that your product lasts for as long as possible.


For the most part, the KYO Capsule 2 (US Link | Europe Link) is one of the most creatively designed sex toys I’ve ever seen!

While it’s obviously not sexy to look at, that’s not really the point. Both sides of the capsule have removable lids, and obviously, you stick your dick inside of the canal, and turn the vibration on.

KYO Capsule 2, Buttons

Controls are located on the side of the capsule. One button is held down to turn on / off the power, while the button next to it controls the various vibration modes.

One touch that I think is really nice – and goes a long way towards helping this feel like a premium product, is that the vibration light matches up with the vibration you’re currently experiencing.

For example, the lower vibration modes will have a dimmer light, whereas the stronger vibration modes will have a brighter light. If you are using the pulse mode, the light will pulse at the same time the vibration does. This is a neat little feature that makes what would otherwise be a boring product to look at, a bit more aesthetically pleasing!

KYO Capsule 2, Pushing Down Sides

The other genius design choice is that you are able to push the sides of the toy in, using the two ‘push’ buttons on the side of the capsule.

This will tighten the tunnel inside, pushing it down on your penis even harder and really allowing you to both stroke yourself (and feel the vibrations) as strongly as possible.

KYO Capsule 2, Charging

As far as charging goes, the KYO Capsule 2 uses a simple magnetic USB charger that is common with many other sex toys. The cord it ships with is 3 feet in length, though you can buy longer ones online if that’s important to you.

Amazing For Some, Terrible For Others

Let’s now talk about what it’s like to actually use the thing!

Unfortunately, this is where it will differ dramatically, depending on one thing only – the girth of your penis.

Our tester is only slightly larger than average when it comes to girth, and the KYO Capsule 2 was far too tight to be enjoyable as a stroker – pulling his urethra open as he tried to use it, even while going slow. Obviously, this is not a pretty picture!

It makes no sense to us why the manufacturer wouldn’t have made the entrance slightly larger, seeing as they included the ability to tighten it down yourself. You can make this toy tighter, which is genius design –  but you can’t make it any looser if it’s already too tight to begin with!

This takes what would’ve been an amazing toy, and makes it darn near unusable. Other reviewers have mentioned the same issue regarding tightness. While you can slowly slip it in and keep it there – and it is pleasurable as a vibrator when used this way, it is completely unusable as a stroker when your penis is girthier than average.

And let’s be honest, combining a vibrator with a stroker was a huge advantage to this toy in particular.

That being said, if your penis girth is average in size or smaller, then this is one of the best vibrating toys you can buy – especially for the price. The vibration feels amazing, and there are plenty of different modes to choose from. The capsule insulates the vibration from reaching your balls, which is one downside of using something like a Hitachi Magic Wand, as prolonged vibration of your testicles can cause pain.

If your penis fits comfortably, it gets an A for pleasure. If it’s too big, it’s hard to recommend this vibrator over others that are more accommodating.


It should be noted that the inside sleeve is not removable and being electronic, the entire device shouldn’t be submerged in water.

This means you have to be a little unorthodox in the way you clean this thing!

The ideal way is to perhaps dip a cleaning stick in water and scrub it, but you could also use your finger if you needed to.

It’s worth keeping in mind that unlike traditional onaholes, it’s not as easy for water to get ‘trapped’ in here, so cleaning overall is a little bit easier.


The outer shell of the KYO Capsule 2 is made out of a very durable ABS plastic.

To test, we dropped it from a height of 5 feet – higher than it should ever fall in natural use, onto a hardwood floor. Although it bounced, it still turned on just fine, and nothing appears to be loose.

We also yanked on the TPE sleeve quite hard to see if we could get it to dislodge, and it remained perfectly in place as if it had never been touched before.

That being said, when it comes to vibrators, the first thing to fail is usually the motors.

It has not been used long enough to determine whether there are any issues with motors failing prematurely. However, we looked at reviews for both the KYO Capsule 2 – as well as the original KYO Capsule, and no reviewers mentioned this being an issue.

Pros And Cons

To summarize, let’s look over a quick list of pros and cons for the KYO Capsule 2! (US Link | Europe Link)


  • Can be used as both a vibrator and a stroker.
  • Relatively cheap price for what you’re getting, making it a great value.
  • 10 different vibration modes that are actually quite different from each other.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Sides can be pressed inward to make it even tighter.
  • Easy and aesthetically pleasing controls.
  • Charges via USB
  • Battery life lasted 1 hour and 2 minutes, according to our test – which used constant vibration on the medium setting. This is more than enough for most masturbation sessions.


  • If your penis has a larger girth than average, the toy will be uncomfortable to use (to the point where we can no longer recommend it.)
  • Considering you can flip the capsule upside down without any issues, it would be nice if each side was textured differently for additional versatility.

Closing Thoughts

Our only serious complaint is the size / tightness issue. As mentioned earlier, this product would easily earn an A if it weren’t for this one problem.

If you’re okay using it as a vibrator only and not a stroker – or your penis girth isn’t greater than average, we fully recommend this product. It is an incredible deal for the price, and is sure to bring you enormous amounts of pleasure.

Free Onahole

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If you order this vibrator, let me know your thoughts! Of course, if you have any questions, you can certainly ask them down below as well.


~ Lexi + Team


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