Review: NPG Meiki no Syoumei 05 Zhang Xiao Yu (ZXY) Onahole – Worth The Hype?

Note from Lexi: This product was reviewed by my trusted friend, Jimmy. I received the product and took the photos, but then shipped it to him for use for the sake of this review. We co-wrote different sections of this together.

If you’re into onaholes, chances are you’ve heard of the Zhang Xiao Yu, otherwise known as the ZXY.

This is perhaps the most popular and well renowned onahole in existence, and many people use this onahole to compare all others too. Some people love it so much, they can’t imagine using anything else.

That being said, they don’t make this product like they used to according to many long-time users, and it’s led people to wonder whether or not the ZXY is still worth it.

So, in this review, I’ll be breaking down the Meiki no Syoumei 05 Zhang Xiao Yu (ZXY) Onahole down, and reviewing it in several different categories such as the feeling, ease of cleaning / drying, durability, and more!

That way, you can decide whether or not it is right for you, or whether a different onahole would be a better use of your money.

Receiving / Unboxing

Toydemon Order

The ZXY onahole isn’t exclusive to one retailer, so the exact outer packaging you receive may vary depending on where you order it. I ordered the ZXY from, which is one of the leading websites for onaholes and other male masturbation toys.

From ToyDemon, it arrived in a plain cardboard box, with no indication of where it shipped from or what was inside. The shipping label referenced ‘Shipping Department’ from ‘PDT Inc.’ A quick Google search shows this as a shipping broker and therefore packages from PDT Inc cannot be tied back to any specific company.

When opening the box, the items were covered with brown packaging paper. There was no further packaging materials to protect the item during shipping, but seeing as I didn’t order anything fragile (just the onahole and a bottle of lube), this is acceptable. Both arrived in perfect condition.

Inside Of Box, Toydemon

The outside of the box features various pictures of Zhang Xiaoyu, as well as pictures of the onahole itself, including the tunnel design.

Back Of ZXY Onahole Box

Now, let’s get to the unboxing of the onahole itself!

Inside Packaging, ZXY Onahole

You’ll find it securely wrapped in a small plastic bag, to protect it during shipping. It also comes with a small bottle of lube, which is a nice surprise that I wasn’t expecting! While I don’t consider this lube to be the best, it is great if you forgot to order some, or you want a backup lube in case of an emergency.

ZXY Onahole In Hand

The overall look is okay – you can see it yourself from the pictures.

Back Of ZXY Onahole

The butt on the other side is very flat and certainly not as aesthetically pleasing as other onaholes in my collection.

The Feeling

ZXY Onahole Entrance

Perhaps the most important aspect of an onahole is the way it feels, right?

Considering the hype around the ZXY, I have to be honest and say that I was a little bit letdown by it. The ZXY is very different to an onahole we previously reviewed on here, the Slut Angel DX.

To it’s credit, the ZXY is much more realistic when it comes to emulating the feel of an actual vagina – especially with quality lube, and after it’s warmed up (either with a warmer, or just by using it for a bit of time.)

It’s very soft, very smooth, and very pleasurable to fuck. If you’re looking for something that mimics the feel of a real vagina, this does a pretty excellent job.

That being said, it doesn’t quite offer the same level of variety and stimulation that something like the Slut Angel DX does, which can either be seen as a pro or con. Many other onaholes offer different grips and textures that make it feel even better than a real vagina in some cases, the ZXY does not do that. It is relatively similar from the entrance to the back of it. You can mix it up a little bit by flipping the ZXY upside down or even on its side, though.

Another big downside is that the chamber itself is very loose. Even with a slightly longer and girthier cock than average, it does not really feel like it’s hugging you at all. It is not snug, and consider it to be one of the loosest onaholes that I’ve tried (and unfortunately, after regular use, the entrance in particular does seem to get even looser.)

If you are using a thin, watery lube, this may also cause it to leak out onto your cock. Though I’ll admit, not a lot of lube is necessary with the ZXY for a good experience.

If my girlfriend’s vagina felt like the ZXY, I would be happy. But I really found it to be a bit of a letdown in terms of stimulation, and can’t understand what all of the hype is about. Almost every onahole I’ve tried is more stimulating than this.


One upside of NPG’s Zhang Xiao Yu onahole being so loose, is this also makes it easier to clean.

There are no complex chambers, no areas where lube or semen can get stuck, etc. You can open it wide, run it under the sink, and get everything out very quickly.

In terms of drying, it’s easier than usual to just stick a paper towel up inside of it, and let a drying stick do the rest. You do kind of have to clamp down with the drying stick since the onahole is so loose, but this doesn’t take very long since a paper towel sucks up most of the moisture anyway.

If you’re someone that has shyed away from onaholes due to the hassle of cleaning, you may find the ZXY a lot more forgiving in that regard.


Since receiving the ZXY, I have used it about 20 times. While that may not be a lot in the grand scheme of things, I also talked with other users to get an idea on the onahole’s durability.

Unfortunately, this is another area where the ZXY does seem to have problems.

The ZXY is definitely a ‘very soft’ onahole, and it does feel like the outer labia is about to easily tear off each time I accidentally grab it. The product has gotten a bit looser over time, and many other people have complained that they’ve had to repurchase this product in as little as 6 months of use due to it falling apart on them.

(That being said, I do think it’s worth mentioning that they enjoyed it enough to purchase again.)

It definitely feels less durable than some of the harder onaholes I’ve tried, but it hasn’t broken apart on me yet.

Other Points

Unfortunately, the other points I wanted to make about this onahole are mostly negative.

First of all, this product was extremely oily when it first arrived. It took a solid week for all that black filth to come off, and it left a foul odor on your hand after using it.

Secondly, it’s a little floppy and top-heavy, so it can be a little difficult to use with one-hand – though not impossible. Compared to the Slut Angel DX, the ZXY is easier.

Finally, according to other long-term users, the manufacturing process for the ZXY has changed over time – unfortunately, for the worse. While I did not have the opportunity to try one of the older models, this may be what’s led to durability issues with the current version. We aren’t holding this against the onahole however, since we are reviewing the product as it is now, not based on how it used to be.

On a positive note, the loose entrance makes it easy to slip in and out of, even if you lose your erection or aren’t fully hard. So if you are someone that likes long masturbation sessions, the ZXY might be a good choice for that!

Pros And Cons

Let’s summarize this review with a list of pros and cons!

NPG Meiki no Syoumei 05 Zhang Xiao Yu (ZXY) Onahole - The verdict


  • Discrete, secure packaging
  • Ships with a small bottle of lube
  • Very smooth, quite realistic
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to slip in and out of


  • Loose, low stimulation compared to other onaholes
  • Durability concerns
  • Smelly, oily film covering the onahole
  • Very floppy

Great for realism, but doesn't live up to the reputation of being the 'best onahole ever.'

Closing Thoughts

Personally, I have mixed feelings about the ZXY.

It really is a great onahole, but considering all the hype around it, I suppose I would’ve expected something better. Perhaps without all the hype, I’d be more satisfied with the product as it is.

Considering that durability seems to be a real issue with this onahole, I’m still undecided once I’ll end up repurchasing it or not once it inevitably breaks.

Still, if you have any questions about the ZXY, I’d love to answer them for you! Just let me know in the comments form below, and one of us will get back to you as soon as we can.

Finally, be sure to check out our review of the Slut Angel DX, which is a much better value for the price, in my opinion!

Thanks for reading,

~ Lexi and Jimmy

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