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How To Prevent Anal Sex From Getting Dirty

Today’s article is going to be about a really shitty topic.

Anal sex is a lot of fun, but it doesn’t come without its risks. And without putting it more eloquently, when you take a trip to poop’s house, you shouldn’t be surprised if poop shows up.

Part of making anal sex comfortable is taking steps to avoid any dirty surprises. This not only makes it more fun for everyone, but it can get rid of unwanted anxiety that can prevent you from enjoying the experience.

So, whether you’re planning anal sex with a partner or you’ll be self-pleasuring with a toy, this article will share all the tips you need to know to prevent anal play from getting dirty.

1. Understand Your Physical Anatomy

A lot of your fears surrounding anal can be calmed if you just understand the physical anatomy of your body. Most importantly, the difference between your colon and your rectum.

Your colon – aka your large intestine, is what ends up storing your waste after digestion happens in the small intestine. At any given time, there are typically 5 to 25 pounds held inside there. Lovely picture, right?

Anyway, here’s something interesting. Anal sex does not happen in the colon, it happens in the rectum.

The rectum is a small chamber about 6 inches long. It holds poop before you have a bowel movement.

So, you have two sphincters. Your anus, which you can control to hold things in, and another internal sphincter that prevents fecal matter from entering the rectum until it’s the proper time. This one operates completely automatically and you don’t feel it. When poop enters your rectum, you get the urge to go.

Here’s what’s important to know. After you do go to the bathroom, the rectum, for the most part, is clear. The rectum is designed to expel pretty much everything inside, and produces mucus (mostly to protect its lining) that also helps get any residual fecal matter out. Therefore, for best results, you should wait 30 minutes to an hour after having a bowel movement to start anal play.

Anyhow, you only have to worry about directly hitting poop right before you go to the bathroom. If you have the urge to go, hold off. Otherwise, most of the time, you have nothing to worry about!

2. Have A Bowel Movement At Least An Hour Before

Just to quickly reiterate, the riskiest time to stick things in someone’s ass – be it a penis, a toy, or something else entirely, is right before they need to go to the bathroom.

Some people know around the time they might expect to need to go, and being regular with your bathroom habits can help predict this.

Again, poop only enters the rectum right before you actually need to go. All other times of the day, you should be clear. This assumes you don’t have any gastrointestinal issues like IBS.

Ideally, you’ll wait 30-60 minutes minutes after having a bowel movement, to minimize the amount of fecal matter that may get transferred. Some people prefer to wait as long as 2 hours.

3. Clean Your Anus

Just like you want the inside of your ass to be clean, it’s also important that the outside is clean as well.

Sex is less enjoyable when your partner’s anus is visibly dirty, or smells bad. This can happen completely by accident, and is therefore something you should be conscious of and pay attention to.

The quickest thing to do is to use baby wipes as a final tool after you’re done using toilet paper. But, remember that even wipes marketed as flushable shouldn’t be flushed. Additionally, baby wipes can strip away the natural oils on your anus and make it more prone to tearing, or other injuries.

This is why in an ideal scenario, you’ll use either a bidet – which a lot of people should be using anyway in my opinion, or you’ll take a shower and clean it there.

You should be able to physically see or smell when your anus is clean.

4. Consider Anal Douching

If you want to be extra careful, you can consider anal douching.

This can help get any residual fecal matter out of your rectum, and help you show yourself beforehand that you’re clean. It isn’t strictly necessary, but it can be worth it for the peace of mind alone.

That being said, not everyone finds it comfortable, so you shouldn’t do it if it will ruin the mood for you.

Most sex toy sites sell anal douche bulbs that work pretty simply. Fill it up with warm (but not hot) water, insert it into your anus, and squeeze. Your rectum will fill with water, and then you expel it into the toilet.

You can also use an enema bag or shower hose. Each have their own pros and cons. For simple cleaning, I recommend an anal douche bulb out of the three.

KYO Shower

However, one device I stumbled upon recently that works even better is the KYO Shower (US Link | Europe Link)

This was originally designed for cleaning lube and bodily fluids from onaholes. However, I found it worked better than traditional anal douching methods because:

  1. The nozzle is designed to spray water on all sides, meaning it directly cleans the walls of your rectum.
  2. It’s pump operated, so you have better control over how much water you spray up there.
  3. The bottle is clear and can sit on the ground next to you, so you can see how much water you’ve used.

If you use too much water, it can enter your colon, lead to cramping, and additional bowel movements. Therefore, it must be avoided as it will make your cleaning process much more lengthy and annoying.

To reiterate – you want to clean your rectum, without water getting into your colon. Unfortunately, this can take some practice – but you probably need less water than you think.

5. Diet

If you know that you’re going to be having anal sex soon, there are some changes you can make to your diet that may make the process easier for you. After all, your stool is a reflection of your digestive system but just as importantly, the food that goes into it.

If you are regular and know your schedule well, it may not be worth changing anything, as it can make it more unpredictable. A consistent diet can help you time your bowel movements, and predict what time of day you’ll need to go. Still, there are a few things worth considering.

First, consider increasing your fiber intake in the days leading up to anal sex. This will help make your stool more firm, and come out of you easier without any residual fecal matter sticking to the walls of your rectum.

Next, consider eating a bit less in the hours leading up to your anal play. Eating, as you might imagine, stimulates your digestive system. This may increase the likelihood that you’ll need to use the bathroom shortly.

Finally, avoid things that you already know make you need to go to the bathroom. This can be anything from food intolerances to substances like caffeine. Everybody’s body is unique, so only you know which of these apply to you.

Remember, while diet can help, it usually isn’t necessary if you follow the other tips mentioned already.

6. Accept That Eventually, It’ll Be Inevitable

Unfortunately, no matter what you do, you need to accept that accidents are always a possibility. And if you have anal sex enough, eventually it’s going to happen.

It won’t be pleasant for anyone, but you’ll probably find that it’s not as big of a deal as you might have feared.

Wipe off and clean yourself, and you’ll be good as new.

Lots of men worry about potential infections, but UTIs are much less common in men due to their much longer urethra – bacteria have to travel a much greater distance to reach the bladder.

Even peeing after sex isn’t really necessary, as infections really are that rare. Though, it should be said that you should never go from anal to vaginal sex without cleaning or changing condoms, even if everything appears clean.

Closing Thoughts

If you follow the advice laid out in this article, you’ll never really have anything to worry about.

Even though most of the time you’ll come out clean, it’s still a good idea to clean yourself well after you’re done. Just because there isn’t visible fecal matter doesn’t mean that it’s not there on a microscopic level. So, wash yourself or your toys with anti-bacterial soap and warm water to be safe.

I understand this is a shitty topic to talk about, but I’m here to bring you stuff that will help you – even when it’s a little uncomfortable to listen to.

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Thanks for reading, and have fun!

~ Lexi

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