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Q&A: Why Do We Find Butts Attractive?

If you’re an ass man – or an ass lady like me, it’s a glorious time to be alive.

Perhaps now more than ever, butts have become mainstream. From our music videos, to our adult media, to our fashion choices, the butt is being celebrated and shown off more than ever before.

But have you ever stopped to wonder why butts excite us so much in the first place? What is it about this part of the body that excites men – and women so much?

In this article I’ll be breaking down the three different sort of ‘groups’ of reasons, which should paint a pretty clear picture. I’ll also discuss how this differs for girls, too.

1. Evolutionary Reasons

It turns out, our attraction to people’s backsides goes all the way back to our caveman days.

Actually, the way our brains work really hasn’t changed all that much from thousands of years ago. And this is especially true for our base instincts, like you know, trying to procreate. Carrying on the existence of the species is one of the most important roles all animals have, and our human brains are no different.

So, since the world used to be a much more dangerous place, we’d seek out mates that we thought had the best chance of surviving pregnancy and producing healthy offspring. One of the indicators that might happen?

A woman’s butt.

Narrow hips and a wide waist immediately communicate to your brain that the lady you’re looking at isn’t already pregnant. A smooth, round butt indicates she’s probably young, fertile, and capable of having children. And an ass of ample size indicates she probably has enough fat reserves to not only survive the pregnancy, but be able to feed your future child, as breast milk contains a lot of fat.

Speaking of breasts, part of the reason people find cleavage attractive is because it reminds them of a woman’s butt, even if just on a subconscious level.

So, our attraction to ass is hard-rooted in science! You can’t really blame yourself for liking them, now can you? Liking butts is part of what makes us human.

Of course, there are other reasons as well, so let’s keep going.

2. Cultural Reasons

Did you know that some areas of the world are more obsessed with ass than others?

In fact, Pornhub released a study showing which areas of the world searched for videos focused on butts, vs. those focused on boobs. Countries like the United States, Mexico, most of South America and Africa preferred butts. Where as Europe, Asia and Australia tended to prefer boobs.

This could explain my frustration why so many ecchi animes – produced in Japan, focus so heavily on the boobs and almost never give any love to the butt. I love me some nice titties, but I sure do wish the ass would get some action as well.

Anyway, the way our brains work isn’t all that different across the world. Therefore, it’s clear that our culture helps shape and reinforce our attraction to different body parts.

As much as we like to think that we’re unique, our preferences are often a product of conditioning.

Every time we are shown something in a positive light – especially something that calls out to our brains on a deep and primal level, the more we grow to like and crave it. When a girl walks by in leggings that show off her ass nicely, or you see an ass in a music video, or you watch a porn video where the ass is shown, your brain gets a squirt of dopamine. You get excited. Your brain sees a potential mate in front of you. Now it’s going to be seeking it out even more, seeking out that next squirt of dopamine.

Even for cavemen, they often mounted from behind. So, what did they see while they were having sex, and enjoying all that pleasure? A woman’s ass.

Dopamine is often called the ‘molecule of more’, because it creates a feedback loop. To showcase this, let’s look at how fetishes sometimes develop or escalate. Chances are, you’re into some things sexually that you wouldn’t have thought of before. You probably stumbled upon it, it excited you, so you sought it out more, until it built and built and built so much that it now feels like a big part of your sexuality.

This is a big problem with porn addicts, who used to feel downright repulsed by the things that now excite them the most.

Anyway, companies, celebrities and influencers have caught onto the fact that hey – butts get you to pay attention. If we throw a little sexual undertone in our ad, you’re more likely to watch it. If a piece of clothing draws attention to a woman’s ass and makes her feel more desired, she’s more likely to buy it.

When I do brainwashing sessions on the phone, there’s a lot of psychology that goes into it, that actually makes them work. But companies act the same way, just at a much larger scale.

This is why butts are ‘in’ right now, but weren’t all the rage in the past. Nothing changed, except for our culture – and our access to porn, I suppose.

3. The Taboo Factor

Finally, there’s the taboo factor.

A woman’s butt, location wise, is quite close to her vagina. The butt and the anus can excite you simply due to its proximity to her hole that actually designed for fucking.

According to Wikipedia, the fact that the butt is used for well, going to the bathroom, also contributes to its taboo excitement. But part of that I believe ties into my next point, which is that butts are private – or at least, they’re supposed to be.

We don’t show off our bare butts to everyone because they’re sexual and supposed to be private. However, by keeping them private, it also causes our brains to sexualize them further. Seeing a woman’s ass becomes a reward, something to chase, which again, is fueled by dopamine.

If we study the behavior of nudists or doctors, we see that they don’t have the same automatic response to seeing a naked butt, even if they’d otherwise be quite attracted to the owner of it.

We live in a world now where we are teased by asses everywhere, but at least in the real world, we don’t actually see the full thing all that much.

Perhaps if we saw a woman’s butt as frequently as we saw her elbows or her eyeballs, they wouldn’t hold quite the same level of excitement!

So, Why Do Women Also Enjoy Guy Butts?

If so much of our attraction to asses has to do with fertility and reproduction – or even our culture, then why are women turned on by guys’ butts too?

This comes down to biology as well, though for different reasons.

Women tend to look at men more holistically. Instead of isolating their attraction to just the butt, they look at the butt in the context of the entire person. A nice butt may not be something they’re attracted to on its own, but it can amplify the attraction to that man.

A nice butt shows that the men are likely to be in shape, capable of hunting and protecting both the woman as well as any potential children. Men tend to store fat more in their abdominal area where as women are more likely to store it in their butt and thighs, which is why nice asses seem harder to come by on men (though men can develop bubble butts too, of course.)

Butts also affect the way that we walk, or move. Men walk differently to women – there is more movement in the shoulders, and less in the waist. Paying attention to a man’s butt – even of a subconscious level, can tell a woman in microseconds whether someone is a man, and whether he’s likely to be masculine.

Closing Thoughts

If you’ve been following me for long at all, you already know that I’m pretty obsessed with butts myself. I make a lot of butt-themed audio porn, my house is full of butt-themed decor, and I just love looking at them every chance I get. I feel thankful every day that I turned out to be bisexual.

Anyhow, if you’re like me, hopefully it feels a lot better to understand why we love butts so much. Yes, we all have our individual preferences, but there are a lot of underlying reasons for them as well!

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Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day!

~ Lexi

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