Q&A: Do Younger Women Have Tighter Pussies?

Part of me likes to think that I’m doing a public service by dispelling sexual myths and stereotypes I constantly see thrown around online.

One of the most common is the idea that younger women have tighter pussies than older woman, or that a younger women will always feel better in bed than an older woman.

The truth is, there are some factors that can determine how tight a woman’s pussy is, and it is possible that it changes over time.

But, let’s quickly separate the fact from the fiction, so we can know the real truth!

The Quick Answer

Here’s the truth – for the most part, age has very little to do with the tightness of a woman’s vagina. While there are factors that can influence it, it would be incorrect to assume that younger women are always going to be tighter than older women.

In reality, vaginas are like penises. Meaning that they come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, and age doesn’t have a whole lot to do with it.

While we’re at it, it’s also important to note that a woman who regularly penetrates herself with a dildo, or has had sex with multiple partners (who may be larger in size than you) does not affect the tightness of their vagina either.

Vaginas are elastic, and quickly return back to their original size when the penis or object is removed. I hate to break any fantasies, but even virgins are unlikely to be tighter than non-virgins at the same age.

A large penis or toy cannot permanently stretch the vagina out and make it permanently looser. This is a myth that has absolutely no basis in reality. Want a practical example? Stick your finger inside your mouth, and pull your cheek to the side. Then let go of it. Your mouth will return to its original shape, and won’t be permanently stretched, even if you did this all day long.

What makes far more of a difference in how a vagina feels when you fuck it will be the level of arousal that the woman has.

The more turned on, the better it’s going to feel – for the both of you!

Why The Stereotype Holds A Very Small Amount Of Truth To It

If you were to compare the vaginas of all women at say, 20 years old, and all women at 50 years old, then perhaps this stereotype would hold up – at least slightly. That’s because there are factors that can cause the vagina to become looser over time.

However, this is still highly individualistic, and tightness will come down to the individual woman. It’s entirely possible that an 18 year old has a much looser vagina than a 50 year old grandma that has given birth to three kids.

That being said, some factors that influence it include:

  • Arousal – being aroused actually loosens the vaginal muscles, but it will still feel better. Turns out, tightness isn’t everything.
  • Multiple childbirths – since childbirth obviously stretches the vaginal muscles to an extreme degree, it may take some time after giving birth for the vagina to return to normal. It may be slightly looser permanently after multiple births, especially if these are given in their 30’s and 40’s. However, this is not a guarantee, and it still comes down to the individual women – men I’ve talked to on the phone have told me some of the tightest fucks of their lives have been mothers – one even had twins! Note that according to this study, even though there was a loosening reported, it did not affect sexual satisfaction.
  • Aging can fatigue vaginal muscles – but this isn’t a guarantee for every woman. Again, it is highly individualistic.
  • Kegel exercises – Women who do kegel exercises can strengthen their pelvic floor muscles, and lead to a tighter feeling vagina even if everything else is equal.

Again, there are no guarantees that a young woman will be tight, and that an older woman will be loose.

It comes down to the individual vagina.

The Exception

Obviously, there is one exception to this rule – if the woman isn’t yet fully developed.

It goes without saying, but I only condone having sex with people who are old enough for you not to be breaking the law. But even at age 16 or 18 where many areas hold their age of consent, women’s bodies may have not yet finished developing at this point. And this includes their vaginas.

So, it makes sense that their vaginas will be tighter, as they’re not fully developed.

Again however, this all comes down to the individual. It’s possible that the grandma you passed by when you last went out shopping has a tighter vagina than the youngest girl you’re legally able to fuck.

Closing Thoughts

Although I’ve fingered and played with my share of vaginas, I’d love to hear from the men out there – has this stereotype held true for you? Have you fucked older women that were tighter than younger women, or has your best sex always come from younger ladies?

Write to me in the comments and let me know!

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