Q&A: How Do Guys Last So Long In Porn?

Have you ever wondered how male pornstars are able to last so long during their scenes?

This is especially true if the scene is very long. After all, they are banging some of the world’s most beautiful women – sometimes several at a time, and most normal guys bust from their hand alone, even if they AREN’T going as hard or as long as the performers on the screen.

It turns out, there’s a lot of industry tricks that help male performers last so long. While these may not help you in bed with your significant other – let’s be honest, I could make an entire course on how to last longer in bed, I did want to share some behind-the-scenes of how porn shoots work – so you can have a better understanding on how performers can keep their erection without cumming!

1. Editing, With Breaks

One thing we should clear up right from the beginning, is that the videos are shot straight through.

This couldn’t be further from the truth!

Every time there’s a camera cut in the video, chances are there was some sort of break being done. This can be as little as a few seconds to adjust position, to hours or even days later. It’s not uncommon for the production crew and the performers to stop and eat lunch in the middle of a scene, before continuing it afterwards.

Even something as short as a 20 minute video can take 4+ hours to produce.

Performers are constantly having to stop not only to switch positions, but to adjust things like lighting as well. Performers may need to stop and pee. There could be a million reasons why filming needs to pause.

Just like regular movies are filmed over the course of months, porn shoots have a lot of breaks – it’s the editor’s job to make them not seem so obvious.

So, this on its own gives the male performer’s penis a chance to rest – and it’s not like he’s edging that whole time!

2. Performers Are Pumped Full Of Drugs

Just like you probably don’t want to take lengthy breaks while having sex with your partner, another way porn is unnatural is because drugs are used to help the male performer last longer!

See, it’s not that male pornstars are just magically blessed in bed – this is just another way porn reinforces these completely false ideas. Remember, this is a production, and just like the porn storylines are entirely made up, a lot of the actual sex is highly planned and directed as well.

Anyhow, what sorts of drugs are we talking about?

To start with, something like Viagra or Cialis is used to keep the male performer hard for long periods of time, even if the sex isn’t even all that pleasurable.

Numbing agents like benzocaine can also be used to decrease the sensitivity of the penis, making it so they really don’t feel as much while having sex.

Again, shooting a porn scene is a job. They are making a movie for you, the viewers. It is not meant to be fun for the performers if it comes at the expense of the scene.

So yeah, maybe they can go for hours… but what’s the point if they’re tired and don’t feel anything, right?

3. They Are Professionals… So They’re Desensitized

As if shooting a porn scene could become any sadder for the men out there, a lot of them have sex so frequently, they’ve become completely desensitized to it.

People who suffer serious porn addiction often experience the same thing. If you consume too much of something too frequently – even if it’s something you love or that used to make you excited, it starts to lose its appeal.

Sex is fun. It drives a lot of our behavior. Most of us don’t get enough of it.

But for male pornstars, they may be doing it so frequently that it just doesn’t hold the same excitement it would for someone else – even if you’re railing an extremely attractive woman.

4. Mental Distraction

This is one technique you can try at home!

Despite all of the other tactics mentioned in this article, male pornstars still may end up cumming early by accident, if they’re not careful.

Thankfully, one tool we all have at our disposal is mental distraction.

Sex is best when you’re fully embracing everything that’s happening to you. But when you’re trying not to cum, removing yourself from the situation mentally can help delay your orgasm. Whether it be doing math problems in your head or picturing your grandma naked, porn stars have become experts in using mental distractions to prevent themselves from cumming, if they feel that they’re going to cum too early.

And heck, even if they do cum early, editors can always film the cumshot, and then start filming other parts of the scene later, after the performer is ready to go again. Just because it looks like the cumshot happened at the end, doesn’t actually mean that’s what happened during filming!

Even when I record my audios, I will occasionally realize during editing that I messed up a line – and sometimes end up recording it weeks after the rest of the audio was recorded. Nobody’s able to tell!

5. Shooting Porn Is Uncomfortable!

Finally, many people don’t realize how uncomfortable shooting porn can be!

First things first, you have cameras shoved in your face or near your naughty bits, you’re surrounded by men watching you while you’re completely naked, there are bright lights shining on you, and you may even have someone holding a microphone above you as well.

Imagine how well you’d perform with some middle-aged dude with his face near your ass, filming underneath your balls to capture your penis going in and out of the woman!

Even for those of us who aren’t shy, it isn’t exactly helping the mood.

Of course, there’s physical discomfort as well. A lot of the sex positions are completely unnatural. You have to position your body in weird ways to avoid shadows from the light appearing in the video. You may be asked to perform sex positions that are physically demanding, and are more akin to a workout than an act of pleasure.

Even using an arm to hold yourself up for an extended period of time very quickly becomes tiring. It’s hard to orgasm when your muscles are on fire!

Closing Thoughts

Like with any professionally-shot movie, what you are seeing on your screen is not real. It is heavily edited, staged, and directed, making it about as far from natural sex as possible.

Other than the fact that male pornstars have become densensitized to sex, there is nothing magical about their penises. This is why producers must resort to things like heavy editing and drugs to ensure the performers are able to last long enough until the scene is done.

So, don’t feel bad if you cum much quicker than your favorite pornstar – this is completely normal, and nothing to feel bad about.

I’m curious – having read all this, do you think you’d last on a porn shoot? Do you think you could keep up with the physical demands of it? Let me know in the comments below!

~ Lexi

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