Kink.com Review – The Best BDSM Site To Ever Exist?

If you’ve ever visited a porn site in the last decade, chances are you’ve across one of Kink’s videos.

After all, their tagline is dominating porn for over 20 years – and considering that the site was formed all the way back in 1997, it’s actually closer to 25 now!

Needless to say, Kink.com is basically synonymous with BDSM, bondage, and other forms of fetish porn. But is the hype real, and is it actually worth signing up for?

In this article, I’ll be sharing my full review of Kink.com – and the collection of studios underneath it!

Kink.com At A Glance

It’s important to remember that Kink is not a singular line of films. In fact, at the time of writing, there are over 100 different ‘channels’, each focusing on something different!

For example, there is an entire channel dedicated to girls using fucking machines, several channels dedicated to gangbangs, channels for electrostimulation, femdom, public humilation, transsexual sex, and a lot more!

In fact, Kink.com is the largest fetish network in the world, so if you’re into any aspect of BDSM at all, you’re bound (heh) to find something you’re going to enjoy!

Let’s look at the website in a bit more detail!

Price: $39.99 a month when paying monthly, down to $15 a month when buying a full year at once. This makes Kink on the more expensive side of things when it comes to a monthly subscription, but you’re also getting a site that’s as large as several other studios put together – so in fairness, the higher price is justified in my mind.

Number of scenes: According to the website, there are currently 15,411 scenes available to stream or download – though this number does not include the scenes available on KinkMen.com. It should be noted that certain channels skew the average quite heavily – for example, Hogtied and Fucking Machines both have over 1,000 scenes on their own, where as some channels may only have a few dozen.

Scene Length: The length of the scenes seems to vary heavily depending on the channel (remember, not all updates are filmed by Kink themselves – some are licensed from other studios.) Scenes range from about 20 minutes, to about an hour and 10 minutes. 40 minutes per scene is a good ‘average’ to go by.

Frequency of updates: At the time of writing, Kink.com has uploaded 9 new scenes in the last week – or a little more than 1 a day. However, the upload schedule can be vary – there have been weeks where only 4 scenes have been uploaded. Considering the massive catalog of content, new scenes are a bonus, but there is already more content then you could ever consume.

Video Format: .MP4. The majority of the clips on the side are only available in 720p, or even 480p for older clips. For example, for Hogtied.com, only scenes filmed in 2021 or later are in 1080p. Unfortunately, Kink.com does not offer any scenes in 4K – which is a shame, considering this is already standard for other porn sites.

Downloads: Kink.com supports unlimited downloading, and does not require an additional fee for doing so. I was able to download several hundred gigabytes of scenes shortly after signing up without any issues, throttling, or blockages.

Cross-sells: Kink.com has one pre-checked cross-sell at checkout. If the website they’re promoting doesn’t interest you, be sure to uncheck it before placing your order!

Customer support: I sent an email to customer support to test their response time and helpfulness. Of course, I never do this from my Lexi email address, as some companies treat you differently if they know you’re going to be reviewing them.

Lexi’s Thoughts On Kink.com – The Pros

There’s a lot to be said about Kink.com – here are some points that stand out!

High Production Quality

Kink really goes a long way to provide an authentic experience when it comes to BDSM porn. From the interviews before and after scenes to show that the roleplays are in fact consensual (even when they do a great job at not appearing that way), to the detailed and immersive locations they shoot their scenes in, Kink is about as good as it gets when it comes to authenticity.

Maybe you only care about seeing people fuck each other, but this extra bit of detail goes a long way to making the porn feel immersive and enjoyable to me.


Another thing that Kink has going in its corner is the sheer diversity in its content.

You can view some of the channels Kink currently has here, even without a membership. Note that not all channels on the site are listed here, for whatever reason.

Some of the themes include:

  • Girls tied up
  • Strap-ons
  • Live shows
  • Gangbangs
  • Pegging
  • Femdom
  • Wrestling
  • Latex
  • Cock and ball torture (CBT)
  • Electroplay
  • Sex slave training
  • Sex dungeons

…and a heck of a lot more! There really is something for everyone.

They even have a channel called Kink University that aims to actually teach you about the BDSM lifestyle, that moves beyond just porn. So, whatever you’re in the mood for, you’re going to find something that suits it!

Great Organizational System

Once you get up into thousands of scenes – or 15,000+ in this case, organization becomes really important!

Thankfully, there’s lots of different ways to find the content you’re looking for.

Of course, there’s a search bar. But you can also browse scenes by channel, category, or tag. You can click through to a pornstar’s page in their index, and find all the scenes that feature that performer.

Getting around the site is easy, and despite the large number of scenes, it doesn’t feel difficult to find content you’re looking for.

Great For Couples

If you’re a couple looking to explore the enormous world of BDSM, I think Kink is a great way to do that!

Kink.com is a safe place to learn and watch BDSM sex that isn’t overtly focused on just making videos enjoyable for men. I’ve been masturbating to Kink myself for far longer than I’m willing to admit, and lots of other women I’ve talked to consider it to be their favorite porn site as well!

The Cons

Although Kink is certainly one of the top players in the industry, it’s not perfect.

Let’s look at some of the drawbacks.

No Photosets

Most guys I’ve talked to either love photosets, or don’t pay any attention to them at all.

Unfortunately, while there are zipped files you can download that contain photos, these are only screencaps from the videos – no exclusive high-res photos. This isn’t a dealbreaker to me of course, but it is disappointing!

Not All Channels Are Updating

Although Kink has a ton of different channels to choose from, not all of these channels are still producing new videos.

Some of the channels that have not had an update in the last 6 months (at the time of writing) include:

  • Ballgaggers
  • Banana Jacks
  • Bizarre Video Transsexual
  • Bizarre Video
  • Bleu Films
  • Bound Gangbangs
  • DDF Network
  • Electrosluts
  • Evolved Fights
  • Evolved Fights Lesbian Edition
  • Fetish Network
  • Filth Syndicate
  • Filthy Femdom
  • Foot Worship
  • Gangbang Chief
  • Harmony Fetish
  • Hogtied Up
  • Hot Legs & Feet
  • House Of Taboo
  • Kink Live
  • Kink University
  • KinkyBites
  • Men In Pain
  • Pornstar Platinum
  • Public Disgrace (one scene has been added, but it is a remastered version of an old scene)
  • Sexual Disgrace
  • Spizoo
  • Strapon Squad
  • Struggling Babes
  • Submissive X
  • The Training Of O
  • The Upper Floor
  • TS Seduction
  • Ultimate Surrender
  • Water Bondage
  • Wired Pussy

…This is 36 of the 56 channels listed on the ‘Channels’ page – over half!

Granted, some of these are partner sites, and others (like Ultimate Surrender) have nearly 1,000 scenes of back catalog to go through, but still. Most of their advertised channels aren’t updating anymore, which is pretty disappointing!

No 4K Videos

We’re about halfway through the 2020’s. A lot of people own 4K televisions and 4K monitors. Yet, most of the scenes on the site aren’t even available in 1080p!

It took a ridiculously long time for 1080p videos to arrive, and 4K is standard for major studios these days. I want to watch BDSM porn on my 4K TV, damnit!

Kink, won’t you please consider offering 4K at some point? We know you’re probably already filming it this way!

How Does It Compare To Other Similar Sites?

If you want a lot of fetish content available in one place, it doesn’t get much better than Kink.com. For how much you’re getting, it’s an incredible value, despite the inflated price.

Personally, I do think there are some sites that handle certain fetishes better. And that makes sense. Usually, a site dedicated to serving one fetish only tends to be true masters of their craft.

For example, I think Fetish Network (the full website, not Kink.com’s selection) does a better job at handling fetishes like ass worship / smothering, which is a personal favorite of mine.

Anyhow, I can’t recommend Kink enough if you are into this type of porn – they’re the industry leaders for a reason!

Closing Thoughts

Let’s end my review of Kink.com by quickly covering my pros and cons for the network!

Kink.com - The Verdict


  • Extremely large catalog of content – 15,000+ scenes!
  • Diverse content, covering a lot of fetishes
  • High production quality
  • No download limits
  • Well-organized
  • Real BDSM education available


  • Most channels are no longer updating
  • Most videos are only available in 720p / 480p
  • No 4K videos
  • No photosets to go along with videos
  • Pricey when purchasing monthly

The largest and greatest network available for BDSM / fetish content. Period.

You can sign up to Kink.com by clicking here, which will also apply any deals / promotions that they currently have going on.

So, I’m curious – what part of Kink are you most excited for? If you’ve already used it, what are your thoughts?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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