What Do Nudists Do When Somebody Gets Hard?

If you’ve never been to a nudist resort or you’re thinking about going for the first time – erections are a controversial topic.

On one hand, erections can make other guests uncomfortable. On the other, they are a naturally occurring part of the body, and this natural state is part of what nudism is all about.

So, what happens when someone gets hard when visiting a nudist camp, nudist resort or nudist beach?
Let’s talk about it!

1. They’ll Be Urged To Cover Up

Most of the time, erections are temporary, and aren’t a big deal at all.

They happen, but not as frequently as a non-nudist might think. Yes, even if you’re in the presence of other naked people!

People generally don’t freak out about erections, as long as you aren’t trying to flaunt it, draw attention to yourself, or engage in anything sexual with other people.

However, if your erection seems to be sticking around, it would be a good idea to cover up – and staff may ask you to if you haven’t already done so yourself.

The fact of the matter is, your rod sticking straight up in the air is likely to attract attention. And contrary to some people’s beliefs, nudism isn’t about oogling other people’s genitals.

On nudist beaches for example, it’s common to have something to sit on, such as a towel.

This can be used to cover up your erection should you get one, until your erection goes away.

2. The Man Will Go For A Swim

Another great thing about beaches in particular? The ocean is nearby!

If you are at a nudist beach or a resort with a pool or hot tub, taking the initiative to jump in the water is a great way not only to ‘cool off’ a bit if you’re aroused, but to hide it until it goes away.

Again, erections themselves aren’t the problem. Flaunting them around is. People aren’t generally upset if you get one, but if you don’t make an effort to handle or hide it in any way, it is generally frowned upon.

This even more true at family resorts or around the presence of children, for obvious reasons.

3. They’ll Be Asked To Leave

Finally, under extreme circumstances, it’s also possible that the owner of the erection will be asked to leave.

If this happens, the person will usually see it coming.

Nudists are generally reasonable people, and they know that erections can happen through no fault of your own. And, the presence of an erection does not necessarily mean that you’re aroused, either.

However, if you…

  • Get erections frequently
  • Have no desire to control or prevent them
  • You flaunt or draw attention to them
  • You are allowing them in the presence of children
  • You do anything considered sexual at all to yourself or other guests

…you may be asked to leave, and in extreme cases, banned permanently.

Most nudist resorts have zero tolerance for any sexual behavior. It is simply not what nudism is about.

How Common Are Erections At Nudist Resorts?

So, if you are planning on visiting one, you may be wondering – how common actually are they?

Believe it or not, less common than you might think!

Although you will be around other naked people, erections aren’t inevitable, contrary to what many people think.

In fact, simply being around other naked people isn’t enough for many men to get erections. Not only does knowing that you might get kicked out help prevent them, but you obviously won’t be attracted to every single person that you see.

If you’re worried, masturbate privately before you arrive anywhere around other people, to help fight off any sexual urges.

Closing Thoughts

Different resorts will have different levels of tolerance when it comes to erections.

Generally speaking, they aren’t a problem, provided that they aren’t frequent, or intentional. That being said, some resorts will be more strict about asking you to cover it up quickly.

To someone who has never been part of a nudist colony or visited a nudist camp, it can seem a bit daunting! So, if you have any questions, ask them below and I’ll be happy to help.

They may even become the basis for future articles!

– Lewd Lexi

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  1. I was directed to your site by Chris Hailey. As a member of several nudist resorts in Florida and Cincinnati for over 25 years, I can say that I’ve only seen one fully erect guy and he was asleep. A woman went over and put a towel over him and smiled to the rest of the crowd. Somehow when everyone is naked it’s not as much of a turn on. However semi’s are frequently around. I’m looking forward to listening to some of Chris’ stories in your voice.

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