Mr. Skin Review – The Best Celebrity Porn Site?

Mr. Skin is a unique porn site that scratches an itch most other sites don’t.

I don’t know about you, but I personally find it more exciting to see nudes of someone I feel like I know – or at least have seen them fully clothed for a long period of time. Sometimes while watching a movie or television show, I can’t help but wonder what the actress looks like naked!

Thankfully, Mr. Skin is the world’s largest collection of nude clips from thousands of different celebrities – all carefully organized and catalog for quick and easy viewing pleasure.

So, if you’ve been wanting to see your favorite celebrities nude, continue reading to find my full review of Mr. Skin!

Mr. Skin At A Glance

As just mentioned, Mr. Skin is essentially a catalog of all of the nude scenes from tens of thousands of movies and tv shows – and over 20,000 actresses!

Here is some basic information about Mr. Skin:

Price: $20 / month. Deals are regularly ran to bring this price down – for example, as I write this review, they are currently running a deal for $48 / annually (or $4 / month.) Lifetime deals pop up a few times a year and typically run $99 (this was the package I bought, because I knew I’d want to keep returning to it as I watched more movies.)

Number of scenes: Over 80,000. 290,000+ images are also available.

Frequency of updates: Dozens of new clips posted per week. Keep in mind that most clips do not last longer than 2 minutes, and many are under 30 seconds. Mr. Skin only shows the nudity or naughty bits, not the context of the scene, usually.

Video format: .MP4. Newer clips are available in full HD resolution (1920×1080) whereas others are available in 720p or lower resolution. Considering where Mr. Skins sources their clips from – actual movies dating decades back, this makes sense.

Downloads: Mr. Skin supports downloading without requiring any extra fee. However, you may run into download limits if you download too many clips, too frequently (around 500 in my testing.) During this point, your downloading or streaming capabilities may be temporarily disabled. Mr. Skin claims this is to prevent piracy and putting strain on their system.

Cross-sells: Mr. Skin does have one pre-checked cross-sell when signing up (and regularly tries to cross-sell you other services when you sign in.) Be sure to uncheck this if you aren’t interested in the extra website!

Customer support: I tested customer support through email and received a response back within 24 hours. Mr. Skin also offers support via live chat and phone. Note that I signed up for my account under an anonymous email address, not attached to my name here. That way, I can ensure that the level of support I received was fair, and not biased just because I may be publishing a review. Customer support was adequate. Not all of my questions were answered completely without needing a followup email.

Lexi’s Thoughts On Mr. Skin

Now that we’ve gotten the basics out of the way, what do I actually think about Mr. Skin?

Again, if you’re like me and you really just want to enjoy nudes of your favorite actresses, there really isn’t a better site available – especially since you get access to their entire catalog with your membership!

Once on the site, you can search by celebrity, or by the movie / show that you’re looking for. From there, it’s quick to reach a celebrity’s page if you want to see all of her nude and sexy clips all at once.


One feature that I really enjoy is the fact that most clips are tagged. That way, if you just want to see a girl’s butt, you can only open the clips tagged ‘butt.’

Tags get a lot more specific than this though – for example, some example tags include ‘thong’, ‘lesbian’, ‘woman on top’, ‘real sex’, and even ‘body double’, which can let you know when it wasn’t actually the actress that you’re seeing naked, rather somebody else that was swapped out for them.

Even things like ‘black nightgown’ get their own tag. So if you’re not in the mood for a specific girl, you can always search based on tags for the stuff you’re the most excited to see.

This has actually given me some new movies that I’ve decided to watch, which was a side benefit I wasn’t expecting!


Another huge feature that Mr. Skin offers isn’t just their enormous catalog, but the fact that they actually take time to curate their catalog into different playlists.

Again, if you’re not after a specific girl but you just want some sexy Hollywood clips to beat off too, you will love their playlists section! Some example playlists include clips of…

  • Skinny dipping
  • Naked nuns
  • Boob sucking
  • The most searched scenes for different years
  • Bald girls
  • Scissoring clips
  • …And even clips of naked girls that are only wearing necklaces.

Needless to say, it gets very specific!

At the time I’m writing this review, there are 1,505 different playlists published on Mr. Skin’s website, which can be reached by clicking the ‘Playlists’ button at the top of their navigation menu.

New playlists are added every week, and I always look forward to seeing the best clips they’ve curated for all of these different themes!

Skin Vision

One more feature I’d like to draw attention to is Skin Vision.

Some nude clips happen so quickly, that they’re hard to enjoy. And having to constantly replay it in order to find the part where you can actually see the nudity can be frustrating.

Thankfully, Mr. Skin has a feature I haven’t seen on other similar websites, called Skin Vision! Essentially, they will play the clip at it’s normal speed. Then, Skin Vision will activate, and they will show the nude part of the clip in slow motion, sometimes frame-by-frame so you can see exactly what you were hoping to see.

This is innovative and certainly well appreciated!

How Does It Compare To Other Similar Sites?

For English-speaking audiences that consume primarily American media, Mr. Skin is as good as it gets – at least when it comes to all-access celebrity porn.

CinemaCult – another leading celebrity nude clips site is great as well, but primarily focuses on European films.

There is more real sex clips on CinemaCult, but far less nudes from celebrities you’re actually likely to be familiar with.

Celebrity Movie Archive has clips that I couldn’t find on Mr. Skin (even if the movie was present on the site), but has a much more expensive purchasing system.

Rather than having access to everything, you have to pay for credits, which amount to seconds of the clip. For example, their cheapest bulk package, offers you 5,000 seconds for $19.95. This makes a one minute clip cost about 24 cents.

Personally, I don’t like having to be so conscious of what I’m using. I’d rather just pay a higher price, and be able to access everything without having to micromanage what I download, and what I don’t.

So, Mr. Skin remains my number one recommendation for those looking for a lot of celebrity content at once – even if these other alternatives may be better in specific situations.

Closing Thoughts

Let’s end my Mr. Skin review by looking over the pros and cons.

Mr. Skin - The Verdict


  • Extremely large catalog (80,000+ scenes)
  • Daily updates
  • Fantastic tagging and cataloging system
  • Curated playlist of top clips
  • Great value for the money
  • Unique website premise
  • Skin Vision shows slow-mo of certain scenes
  • Lifetime deals available


  • 1 prechecked cross-sell
  • Downloading is not truly unlimited
  • Some nude clips were missing from some movies that I tested

If you are looking to find nude clips and photos of your favorite Hollywood actresses, it doesn't get any better than Mr. Skin!

You can sign up for Mr. Skin by clicking here, which will also apply any deals or promotions that are currently running.

Have you used Mr. Skin? Do you have any questions? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you! ~ Lexi

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