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MetArt Review – The Best Erotic / Artistic Porn Site?

I love coming across porn sites that are a bit outside the norm, that focus on a niche that goes outside the standard formula you see from so many big studios.

That’s why when I stumbled upon MetArt, I knew I had to sign up. Rather than being a strictly pornographic site, the name’s tagline – ‘where flawless beauty meets art’, holds absolutely true.

With tens of thousands of galleries and thousands of videos all following an artistic, erotic style, you’re in for a treat if you’re a fan of the female form.

In this review, I’ll be covering everything you need to know about the site – including where it shines, and what could be improved.

Let’s get started! – At A Glance

I like to start my reviews with some overall numbers and general info about the site, so you know what you’re getting into.

Price: MetArt allows you to sign up for a monthly subscription at $29.99 / month, or an annual subscription for $99.99. I have also seen lifetime deals pop up for $200, though these do not always seem to be available.

Number of scenes: At the time of writing (April 22nd, 2024) there are 2,115 scenes on MetArt. I should note however that MetArt is primarily a photo site, and includes over 26,600 galleries as I write this! Each gallery contains around 50 to 200 photos, with about 120 being the most common. That is over 2 and a half million high resolution, artistic photos for you to browse through – an absolutely insane amount!

Scene length: Looking at an average of 775 videos on the site, the average video length is just over 10 minutes. The shortest are just under 2 minutes, but there are plenty that go over 20 minutes as well! The longest that I personally downloaded was 29 minutes. It’s worth noting that early videos were split into multiple shorter parts, which brings the average down.

Bonus sites: Although MetArt operates a number of other websites, these unfortunately aren’t included with your membership.

Frequency of updates: On the video side of things, we see 8-11 new videos per month. However, new photo sets are a different story – in March, the last full month before this article was written, there were 115 new photo sets posted – or almost 4 a day!

Video format: .MP4. Older videos are also available in .WMV. The first videos were posted all the way back in 2000, and were available in 360p. Quality improves over the years, with the first 4K video appearing in 2016. Interestingly enough, 4K videos didn’t become consistent until 2019. You can tell which videos are available in 4K before signing up, because they’ll have ‘4K’ on the bottom of the cover.

Downloads: Unlimited downloads are available, for no extra fees. I downloaded over 600gb of content in one month without running into limits or throttling. Photo sets can be downloaded in their entirety with one click, or you can download individual photos at different resolutions.

Cross-sells: There is one pre-checked cross-sell when signing up.

MetArt Customer Support

Customer Support: Metart has a help center to answer common questions, and can also be contacted via email through this form here. In my test email, I received a response back in 3 minutes (it took 1 minute for the confirmation email to arrive in my inbox.)

Lexi’s Thoughts On MetArt

Although MetArt isn’t a perfect site, it owns it’s niche very well. What it does, it does excellently. So, let’s look over some points that really stood out for me.

MetArt Screams Class

You don’t even need to sign up to see that MetArt is downright classy.

Everything from the color schemes to the covers that are created for each video, it’s clear that MetArt puts a lot of work into appearance. And that’s before you get into the actual content themselves!

Although the videos themselves are quite short, a lot of work goes into production quality. The girls themselves are incredibly beautiful, the scenes are shot in exotic or well-decorated locations, and the outfits couldn’t have been cheap, either.

There is no sex in the scenes, so the length of 10-20 minutes is more than enough to get the job done. Remember, it’s not just porn – it’s art!

Very Large Catalog – Especially Photos!

MetArt is perhaps the first porn site I’ve ever signed up to where the photos outshine the videos.

I joined looking for videos first, and wasn’t disappointed with the 2,000+ they had to offer. However, that number is absolutely nothing compared to the millions of photos across the 26,000+ photo galleries available!

The same level of class goes into the photos as well – which I should add, are all in high-resolution (or, at least high resolution for their time.) Recent photos have a resolution of 5472×3648 pixels for example, allowing you to zoom in and see incredible amounts of detail, even on 4K monitors!

Artistic And Beautiful

MetArt deserves major props for the scene that they set with each video or photo set.

Whether it’s a beautiful woman attractively washing herself in the shower, or a group of girls frolicking out in nature, or beautiful dancers in fancy outfits, they strike such a great balance of artistic and erotic.

After all, it takes a lot more planning and expense to take photos of multiple girls riding horses through a meadow, than it does to shoot a photo in someone’s living room.

I wish I could show examples of some of my favorites, but you can view previews on their site to see what I mean.

I’m betting that A LOT of the high-resolution nude photos you see circulated online are actually stolen from MetArt.

(Actually, I’m right – I went to 4chan’s ‘Sexy Beautiful Women’ board and didn’t even have to scroll a third of the page before finding a MetArt photo.)

It Made Me Start A Photo Collection

Finally, MetArt deserves props for making me start collecting photos in addition to videos.

Once I started browsing their galleries, I couldn’t imagine no longer having access to some of the photos once my membership was over.

They publish new content so frequently I am seriously considering getting a lifetime membership. Currently, Mr. Skin is the only other website I have a lifetime membership for – you can read my review of Mr. Skin here! – The Cons

Again, MetArt isn’t perfect, so let’s look over the cons now!

Lack Of Diversity

Perhaps the biggest flaw you’ll find with MetArt is the lack of diversity with their models.

Although they’ve made improvements in this area over the years, the overwhelming majority of models – 95%+, appear to be Caucasian, young, and from Eastern Europe. Now, I’m sure they know their customer base best, but considering how much the website highlights the beauty of women, it would’ve been nice if they would’ve had a more diverse set of models available.

As time has gone on, it seems that the diversity of the scenery has lessened as well. There used to be far more videos filmed outdoors, which were a personal favorite of mine. These still occasionally occur, but not as frequently.

Finally, they do not focus on multi-model shoots as much as they used to, which I also found disappointing. So while diversity in models has improved over time, diversity in scenes and settings have actually decreased, in my opinion.

Inconsistent Video Formats

MetArt appears to have sourced their videos from different people, and this shows in the video formats available.

As mentioned earlier, the first 4K video appeared in 2016, but 4K videos weren’t common until 2019. Even by the time most videos were available in 1080p, you’d still have the occasional video that was only available in 480p.

I found this a little strange, to say the least.

Some Previews Didn’t Work

Finally, some previews on older videos didn’t work, particularly in the older years. This only affected about 1 in 20 videos, and was eventually fixed.

This isn’t a big deal, but it did take a little longer to see what those videos were like, since you had to fully open and load them.

How Does MetArt Compare To Similar Sites?

So, how does MetArt compare with similar websites in its niche?

The biggest competitor is FemJoy, who I had access to in the past. If I had to point out a major difference between the two, it would be this:

Femjoy focuses a bit more on the sexual / pornographic aspects of it. It has explicit masturbation scenes, there are more close-up shots on the genitals, and the models tend to get their clothes off quicker. MetArt does not have any sexual touching at all.

MetArt also has more than double the number of photo sets available, with more pictures available per photo set on average.

Personally, I prefer the extra sexual aspects put into FemJoy’s videos (they are still quite artistic / beautiful), but I prefer MetArt’s photo galleries.

Both are excellent sites, that do an excellent job at making beautiful, artistic, erotic media.

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, I have a lot to say about MetArt! Let’s end this review by looking over my pros and cons: - The Verdict


  • Classy, beautiful erotic art, done extremely well.
  • VERY large collection of photo galleries
  • Videos available in 4K with good bitrate
  • Everything feels classy and elegant
  • One of the best sites in this niche


  • Diversity in models and shooting locations could be improved
  • Video formats are not consistent
  • No bonus sites from MetArt’s network are included.

One of the best - if not the best website for erotic / artistic films and photo sets.

You can sign up for MetArt by clicking here, which will also apply any deals or promotions that are currently running.

Have any questions about MetArt? Write them in a comment below and I’ll be happy to share my thoughts!

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