Kink Features (Kink.com Channel) Review

Across Kink’s entire website, there are more than 15,000 scenes in total. That’s a lot, and the fact that they’re so well done to boot is a remarkable achievement.

However, on one of Kink’s channels – Kink Features, the company goes above and beyond to produce porn that’s not only well-done, but creates a full cinematic experience, with ongoing series’ and movies that actually have some real substance to them!

But, how do these films hold up? Is Kink Features actually worth your time, or is it just another channel Kink wanted to add to their list for the sake of selling more subscriptions?

In this review, I break down my honest opinion about Kink Features, so you’ll know how good it actually is before you sign up!

Kink Features – At A Glance

Let’s start by looking at an overview of the channel, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Price: $39.99 if paying monthly, down to $180 for a year ($15 / month.) This isn’t just for Kink Features though – rather for all 15,000 scenes on the Kink network. Kink calls this a ‘Kink Unlimited’ subscription, and the fact that you get access to so much more than just Kink Features makes the value quite good, in my opinion!

Number of scenes: At the time of writing (January 24th, 2024), there are 67 scenes published for Kink Features. Note that this is not 67 unique series’… as some are split up into 4 or 8 episodes, which each one being their own scene.

Scene length: The median scene length is 56 minutes, which is pretty excellent! Some series’ though, such as the ‘Diary of a Madman’ series, have episodes that only average about 35 minutes in length. On the upper end, the longest scene is 2 and a half hours!

Frequency of updates: Kink Features is still updating, but updates are rather sporadic. We saw 4 updates in December 2023, but only 2 other updates in the year before that.  It seems that Kink films an entire series at once, and once that series is done, releases the entire series rather quickly. This is good news, because it means you’re not waiting too long for the next episode or part to come out.

Video format: .MP4. 45 scenes are available in full 1080p HD, and the 22 oldest scenes are available in 720p as the max resolution. Unfortunately, no scenes are available in 4K.

Downloads: There are no download limits with Kink Features. You are welcome to download all 67 scenes if you wish to do so!

Bonus Sites: Signing up for Kink Features grants you access to Kink’s entire network, which consists of 50+ channels.

Organization: In addition to favoriting and a search system, clips can also be sorted by publish date, duration, popularity, rating, and more. Since Kink Features isn’t that big, I recommend sorting by publish date, since this will keep clips from the same series close together for easier viewing. I do think it would be nice if Kink linked to the next episode from the video page, but this functionality isn’t currently available.

Cross-sells: There is one pre-checked cross-sell at checkout. So, watch out for that!

Customer support: In a customer support test I conducted, Kink responded to my inquiry in just 28 minutes – which is exceptional!

Lexi’s Thoughts On Kink Features – The Pros

Kink Features is one of Kink’s more unique channels, so let me start out by sharing what I like best about it!

BDSM Porn… With A Plot!

I’ll admit it – I’m a sucker for anything that actually has a decent plot attached to it.

It’s the same reason I like watching ecchi anime – it’s story-driven first, but with just enough sexy scenes to still keep it exciting.

For example, one series has a stalker that’s planning and eventually kidnaps a girl. Another has someone organizing a massive swinger party to impress and win over an important business client. Although they may sound simple on the surface, they are a lot more sophisticated and polished than the stuff you’ll find on other mainstream sites like Brazzers or Reality Kings.

Of course, Kink, being a porn site, is obviously going to include real hardcore porn in the scenes. But I’m impressed with how much effort actually went into setting the scene!

Many series’ are broken up into episodes. With some of the series’ for example, there is hardly any nudity at all until the end of the first episode.

Interesting Series’ To Follow Along With

Personally, I struggle to watch shows on TV that aren’t over yet, because I find myself eagerly awaiting the next season.

So, watching some of these were kind of hard! Because you really get invested in where things are going to go next, and some series’ have even been ‘renewed’ for a second season.

Of course, you aren’t getting the same level of writing that you would with a prime time TV show. But the plots are still interesting and engaging enough to get you emotionally invested in them, which is pretty hard to pull off in porn!

Porn That’s Actually Worth Sitting Down And Watching Through

Many of the series’ that you’ll find on Kink Features are very well done – to the point where I actually wanted to sit down and watch them like a show, rather than just quickly get off.

I mean, let’s be honest. A lot of us don’t actually watch through porn scenes from beginning to end. We scroll through until we find the bits that excite us the most, and then watch those – often with the next video already open in a new tab.

The thing is, everything about Kink Features is really well done. The cinematography, the acting, the color grading, the background music to enhance the mood… it’s truly filmed like a real show you’d see on television.

It just also contains hardcore BDSM sex.

The Cons

Unfortunately, Kink Features isn’t perfect. Let’s now look at the cons!

Some Features Don’t Have Much Effort Put Into Them

Although some of the series’ available on Kink Features are incredibly well done, there isn’t as much consistency as I might have hoped.

Some of the scenes for example are nothing more than the same, 2 minutes of cheap plot setup that you find everywhere else.

The location doesn’t change, there is nothing extra added, there is nothing to make it more than any old regular porn scene you’d find anywhere else.

Although these scenes are few, they feel out of place amongst those with much higher production quality and care put into them.

Not All Scenes Are Available In 1080p

Unfortunately, only scenes published in 2020 and later are available in 1080p, leaving 22 scenes – or about a third of them, in 720p as the max resolution.

Personally, if there were one channel on Kink that could really benefit from 4K releases, it would be this one – as so much effort is going into production quality already.

By 2020, most major sites were already releasing films in 4K. It took this long for Kink just to begin releasing in 1080p.

Kink has released ‘remasters’ on other channels that have released older videos in 1080p, so I’m hoping at some point they re-release many of these in 4K as well.

But for now, I’m not holding my breath.

Closing Thoughts

Kink Features is a really special channel, and I consider it to be a huge bonus among what’s already an incredibly great value with Kink.

Let’s quickly review my pros and cons to summarize this review!

Kink Features - The Verdict


  • The videos actually have real, substantial plot beyond just a few minutes.
  • The series’ are captivating, and interesting enough to want to follow along with.
  • The cinemtography is great – scene changes, great acting, color grading and background music really make this feel like a real production
  • The production is interesting enough to actually sit down and watch through, without skipping straight to the sex


  • Inconsistent quality. Some series’ were not that great at all.
  • No 4K options.
  • One pre-checked cross-sell

Worth signing up for on its own, if you value porn with a plot. An incredible bonus for signing up to Kink as a whole.

Have you already signed up to Kink? What series are you most interested in seeing? Let me know in the comments below!

~ Lexi

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