Q&A: Where Do Women Like Men To Cum? (Here’s What The Data Says!)

As the owner of the penis, and the one about to have an explosive orgasm, you probably have an idea of where you’d like to spray your cum.

But did you know that the location where men like to cum – and the location where women actually want the man to cum, often vary quite drastically?

Unfortunately, the government hasn’t really deemed it all that necessary to study our preferences in the bedroom. Thankfully however, a website called BadGirlsBible.com has put together a study answering this exact question, running a survey to 740 different people regarding their cumshot preferences.

In this article, I’ll break down the data for you, letting you know exactly where women like to cum, as well as sharing my own personal preferences as well. So, let’s get into it!

Where Do Women Like Having You Cum?

So, let’s break down the quick facts, before we start looking into things a bit deeper, no pun intended.

By far, the most common place both men and women prefer to have the cum is inside the woman’s vagina. This makes sense. Keep in mind this survey span all age ranges, including women who have already gone through menopause, down to 18 year olds who are safely on some form of birth control.

The natural thing and perhaps the most pleasurable thing to do is to cum inside the vagina, and 92% of couples said that the man finishes in there ‘often’ or ‘sometimes.’ It feels the best, cleanup is easy, and it doesn’t require the man to stop and pull out, or change positions at all. So, it makes sense that this is the most popular place.

The next most popular place was on her body, which came in at 74%. For reference, ‘in her mouth’ only happened either ‘sometimes’ or ‘often’ 54% of the time, and the final category, ‘elsewhere’ – which may be in a tissue or a condom, came in at 23%.

Of course, this is an article about women’s preferences, so let’s look more into that.

We already know that inside the vagina is by far the preferred method during vaginal sex, and inside the butt during anal sex. But what about cumshots that happen outside the body?

Here, the most popular place was a woman’s chest, coming in at 37.1%. Next most popular was on her pussy itself, which came in at 23.6%. Her face was the next most popular location, but only made up 12.7%.

What’s interesting here is that if you compare it to men, men were 3.3x more likely to prefer cumming on the face. It’s believed this may be influenced by porn, as women who admitted that they regularly viewed porn were more likely to also be interested in receiving cum on their face, vs. women who don’t watch porn.

Facials are extremely prevalent in porn, and we’ve published an entire article about why this is, so this may be worth reading over if you’re interested in learning more.

Covering the rest of her body, women preferred it on the abdomen 12.2% of the time, the butt 7% of the time (which in my opinion, comes as a huge surprise), the back 5.7% of the time, her hands 1.3% of the time, and her legs 0.4% of the time.

Wooh! That’s a lot of percentages. So to summarize, cumshots are preferred in this order:

  1. Inside the vagina (during vaginal sex)
  2. Inside the anus (during anal sex)
  3. The chest
  4. On their pussy
  5. Their face
  6. Their abdomen
  7. Their butt
  8. Their back
  9. Their hands
  10. And finally, their legs.

Interestingly, as time goes on and couples are married longer, women tend to like external cumshots less and less. Additionally, the preference for facials goes down drastically after marriage, indicating that the women might only pretend to be enjoying it until they have their man locked down.

It May Be Dependent On The Sex Act, Of Course

I think it’s important to remember that this is a blanket survey, covering couples’ sex lives overall. And like anything regarding sex, one’s preferences can change each time you do it, or even from moment to moment.

I’m willing to bet – based on my own anecdotal experiences and girls that I’ve talked to, that their preference may be largely dependent on what’s actually happening during sex. And the survey does support this a little bit, as well.

Using an obvious example, women probably won’t like it if you pull out of their pussy and push your cock into their ass just to cum. But if you were already having anal sex, cumming inside would be a lot more natural, and make a lot more sense.

If they’re using a certain part of their body to pleasure your penis, they’ll often be satisfied knowing that it brought you all the way to orgasm.

For example, if I’m giving a guy a good titty fucking, I don’t want him to stop and blow it on my pussy. I would much rather have my boobs completely finish the job, and have him spray all over them. It’s satisfying to know that I was doing such a good job – and they made him feel so good, that it brought him all the way to orgasm.

Some couples engage in certain sex acts more than others. Or, the woman’s preferences may change when they try something new.

Just because most women prefer it in their pussy, doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy your cumshot at a different place later on. It all depends on how she’s feeling at that very moment.

What About Me?

So, where do I prefer cumshots?

I’ve kind of alluded to it in the article already, but it really depends on what’s going on.

If I had to pick one place, it would be in my pussy. I love the feeling of being filled up, like I’m being bred, like my pussy is milking the cock for everything that it can. It may just be because I have an impregnation fetish, but feeling a cock cum inside of me, mmm, 10/10 would recommend 👌

I also really enjoy it on my ass, especially if I was getting fucked from behind before. I think my ass is one of my best features and it always turns me on knowing it’s appreciated. I love teasing men with my ass and knowing not only that it makes men’s cocks hard, but that they want to shoot their cum all over it.

The one area where I probably differ the most though is I love getting cum both on my face and in my mouth, too, and I can’t see that ever changing. It’s not the most physically pleasurable, especially if it gets in my eyes or hair, but that’s not why I like it anyway. I like it because it makes me feel like a submissive slut, like he’s claiming me or marking me as his. I love being made to feel like a whore, especially with someone I trust. I love knowing most women won’t let their man cum on their face. And I love him doing anything he wants to me, in whatever manner he wants. Though that too might come down to my freeuse fetish as well.

I can’t say there’s anywhere I dislike cum, but shooting it on say, my legs or my hands kinds of feels like a waste, at least to me. But I care most about your pleasure, so if that’s where you want to cum, by all means, shoot it wherever you want.

Closing Thoughts

I think it was really neat that Bad Girls Bible put this study together, as it’s not something you’ll ever really see researched in medical journals.

Still, there are more questions I’d like to see answered, and I think we could’ve benefited from an even larger and more comprehensive study.

I would love to run studies like this myself at some point, so if you’re ever interested in participating in these – and helping to improve sexual knowledge for us all, please do us all a favor and sign up for my email newsletter.

I’ll need it to grow a bit bigger before running these kinds of studies are really worth it, but I’ve got a lot of other goodies for you in the meantime. So, consider signing up by visiting LewdLexi.com/email/.

I’d love to hear your favorite place to cum, and why. Share your thoughts in the comments below – I look forward to reading it!

~ Lexi


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