The Upper Floor (Kink.com Channel) Review

The decision for Kink to purchase The Armory in San Francisco – otherwise famously known as the “Kink Castle”, was a geninus business decision.

It granted them the ability to build really authentic BDSM sets, from the dark dungeons on channels like Dungeon Sex, to the fancy, luxurious rooms that you find in The Upper Floor.

If you’re new to Kink, The Upper Floor basically encapsulates two fun concepts – the idea of a 24/7 BDSM lifestyle, and massive BDSM sex parties that have as many as 100+ people.

(Yes, you read that right.)

So, is it worth signing up to Kink for access to The Upper Floor? Hopefully this review will help you decide!

TheUpperFloor.com – At A Glance

Let’s see exactly what you’re getting when you sign up for The Upper Floor. This will help paint a better picture on the value you’re actually getting out of your subscription!

Price: $39.99 monthly, or $15 a month if you pay for a full year upfront (totaling $180.)

Number of scenes: 558 in total.

Scene length: The median scene length is about 61 minutes, making The Upper Floor videos longer than Kink’s average of around 45 minutes. The shortest scene is 9 minutes (with the exception of two recap posts that are under 6 minutes in length.) The longest scene however is 2 hours and 9 minutes!

Frequency of updates: Unfortunately, like many of Kink’s channels, The Upper Floor is no longer updating. The last update was posted in April 2020, and nothing new has been posted since. So while Kink itself receives updates about daily, The Upper Floor is unlikely to see any new videos during your subscription.

Video format: .MP4. All videos are available in 720p as the highest resolution. Alternatively, 360p and 270p options are available should you wish to save on bandwidth or storage space. Unfortunately, no videos are available in 1080p or 4K.

Downloads: There are no download limits with The Upper Floor. Kink won’t try to stop you if you download all 558 scenes! In fact, I downloaded over 1,000 videos across Kink shortly after signing up, and did not run into any issues at all.

Bonus Sites: Signing up to The Upper Floor grants you access to all of Kink’s library, with the exception of Kink Men (which is a separate site.) This is 50+ channels in total, and over 15,000 scenes!

Organization: Clips can be sorted by duration, publish date, rating, popularity, and more. A search system lets you search the entirety of Kink, or limit results to The Upper Floor in particular. There is also a favoriting system so you can quickly return to your favorite videos.

Cross-sells: When you go to check-out, there is one cross-sell that is already checked. You’ll want to uncheck it to avoid being charged for an extra site!

Customer support: Using Kink’s email ticket system, I received a response in just 28 minutes. I may have just gotten lucky, but this is much quicker than the average site!

Lexi’s Thoughts On The Upper Floor – The Pros

Let’s start by looking over what The Upper Floor does well.

Party / Orgy Porn, With A BDSM Focus

Porn with so many performers has become a rarity these days, particularly because it is more costly to organize and film.

After all, a scene with one man and one woman is a lot less hassle than organizing an event with 8+ girls at once.

The Upper Floor provides a unique look into what it’d be like if you could actually throw a BDSM sex party of your own. From the rooms decorated to look like a rich businessman’s mansion to the behavior and demeanor of the men during the scenes, it really feels like this is what it’d be like if you could actually have your own sex slaves.

And let’s be real, that’s a fantasy for a lot of guys out there.

What helps is the idea that these girls are part of a BDSM lifestyle 24/7. This is different than another Kink channel like The Training Of O, where the focus is on the sex slave’s development.

These girls are well trained, and ready to serve!

Top Tier Talent

There really is nothing else quite like The Upper Floor on the internet. While we of course have other studios doing BDSM porn and others that have done gangbangs, parties or orgies, The Upper Floor exhilarates class in a way that girls like me gush over.

(After all, 50 Shades Of Gray earned over $570 million, and the movie wasn’t even that good.)

To make matters even better, you are getting a mixture of lesser-known models, and even mainstream porn stars that you’ll recognize from other sites.

Seriously, could you imagine how hot it would be to have someone like AJ Applegate – her delicious booty and all, living in as your own personal sex slave?

Only a mega studio like Kink can pull these scenes off so well, and they’ve done an excellent job in all areas – from scenery, to talent, to acting performances.

It’s quite impressive.

The Cons

Next, let’s look over the cons.

Repetitive File Names

This one irks me a bit, and if it weren’t for Kink’s favoriting system it would’ve drove me crazy.

For some reason, this is one of the few Kink channels that has repetitive file names. There were 26 different scenes all called ‘Stefanos’ Brunch’ and finding the one that you were looking to return to would’ve been a problem.

They really could’ve gotten more creative with things like this. And although we did get a few variations like “Stefanos’ Sunday Brunch”, and “Stefanos’ Community Brunch”, I still found it a bit annoying when I read the exact same title for the 20th time while going through the site.

No Photo Sets

Considering how expensive it must have been to set up some of these shoots – especially with so many different people, it would’ve been great if Kink would’ve snapped some high-resolution photos to go along with the videos.

We do get some screenshots from the videos, but no extra photos you couldn’t take yourself by screenshotting.

This feels like a huge missed opportunity – how hard would’ve it been to just pull out a camera and snap some photos? With so much going on, a lot of action is missed in the background. A photographer could’ve helped with that.

Lack Of 1080p.

The most recent video was published in 2020.

By this time, most major studios were already releasing videos in 4K. The fact that 1080p isn’t even an option is just wrong.

Maybe Kink is trying to skimp out on bandwidth – and truthfully, I’d rather the videos be released later with a good bitrate than have them pushed out with poor-quality 1080p now, but still.

You could’ve done better, Kink!

Closing Thoughts

Let’s summarize this review of The Upper Floor with a list of pros and cons.

The Upper Floor - The Verdict


  • Authentic BDSM sex parties
  • Beautiful sets that scream ‘luxury’ and ‘class’
  • Mainstream performers being treated as sex slaves
  • Creates an immersive fantasy of a 24/7 BDSM lifestyle


  • The site is no longer updating
  • Repetitive scene names
  • No photo sets to go with videos
  • 720p is the highest resolution
  • One pre-checked cross-sell

No other content like this on the internet - pulled off beautifully by the masters of Kink.

What are your thoughts on The Upper Floor? Have you ever thought about throwing a party like this yourself?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

~ Lexi

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