Anlatan Teases AetherRoom, A New AI-Chatbot Roleplaying Service

Fans of text-based erotic roleplay, rejoice!

Anlatan, the company behind the popular NovelAI text and image generator service, have teased a new product that they’ll be planning on offering, called AetherRoom.

While the teaser video didn’t show much, it appears that this will be a service set to rival services like Character.ai, or the usage of roleplaying front-ends like SillyTavern.

Essentially, services like this allow you to engage in roleplay with various characters that have been created by the community. Current solutions allow users to fully customize the appearance, personality, and writing style of the characters, giving you a lot of flexibility to play around with. Thousands of characters have been made to replicate characters in shows, movies, and video games. The largest database of these exist on a website called ‘Chub‘, short for ‘Character Hub’, and can be found by clicking here.

(Tip: Toggle the NSFW toggle on if you want to see characters specifically designed for erotic / sexual roleplay.)

Currently, there are not a lot of options for character-based roleplay in this format. This was due to OpenAI – who develops and offers the most powerful AI language models on the market, recently banned a bunch of users for violating their terms of service (OpenAI does not allow their models to be used for sexual content.)

Additionally, other models trained for chatbots aren’t very powerful, leading to a boring or nonimmersive experience.

Considering that Anlatan has done an exceptional job at creating AI models for writing stories – especially considering their models smaller sizes, it’s quite likely that AetherRoom will immediately become one of the best options available for those looking to engage in erotic roleplay, without any censorship of any kind. Yes – if NovelAI is anything to go by, you’ll truly be able to roleplay anything that your heart desires, with complete privacy, and no restrictions.

AetherRoom is expected to be released by the end of 2023. However, you can start collecting character cards you’ll want to roleplay with now on Chub.ai, so they’ll be ready for you once AetherRoom is released!

Note: As of December 1st 2023, Aetherroom has been delayed, with no timeline available at present. More details are available on Antalan’s dev blog here.

Further Known Facts About AetherRoom:

  • The chat model will be finetuned on top of NovelAI’s existing model, Kayra.
  • It may or may not require a separate subscription to NovelAI.
  • Pricing is unlikely to exceed $25 a month, and may follow NovelAI’s existing pricing structure (with cheaper but less powerful tiers being available.)
  • It will have an API, meaning that it will likely worth with existing chat front-ends like SillyTavern.
  • According to one of the developers, it is likely to launch as a barebones product, with rapid updates coming after release.
  • AetherRoom has no relation to the website Aetherroom.club, which is a popular site for sharing prompts for NovelAI.

Updates will continue to be posted as they become available.

Have you tried out any AI-powered erotic roleplay services? Do you have any tips or tricks to make the most out of them? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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