Families Tied (Kink.com Channel) Review

We’ve all seen the rise in step-cest porn over the last few years, and even the world’s most popular BDSM site has hopped on the train.

‘Families Tied’ is Kink’s answer to introduce step-cest porn into its lineup, meeting the demand for people who are into this kind of stuff – while still maintaining their kink-focused, BDSM-first approach to it.

So, how does Families Tied line up, and who is it best for?

In this review, I’ll cover everything you need to know!

Families Tied – At A Glance

Before I go into my personal opinions for the channel, let’s first cover some basic information about the site, so you can see exactly what you’re getting when you sign up.

Price: $39.99 when paying monthly. If you opt for a year at a time, the total price is $180, or $15 a month, which is significantly cheaper. Keep in mind that this grants you access to all of Kink, not just Families Tied. There is currently no way to purchase access to Families Tied on its own without a full Kink subscription.

Number of scenes: 73, and two of these are remasters of older scenes. Unfortunately, this is a lot lower than many of Kink’s other channels, like Dungeon Sex, Fucking Machines, or Everything Butt.

Scene length: The median scene length is about an hour and 17 minutes. Only one scene is under an hour, coming in at 59 minutes and 34 seconds. The longest scene however is over 2 hours! Although you’re not getting a whole lot of different scenes with this channel, they are longer than Kink’s average.

Frequency of updates: Unfortunately, Families Tied has not seen a new original publication since 2020. 2 remastered videos were released in 2023, but these were simply enhanced versions of older scenes that were already previously released.

Video format: .MP4. With the exception of the two remastered scenes (which are available in 1080p HD), the rest of the videos are only available in 720p as their max resolution. No scenes are available in 4K.

Downloads: Like all of Kink’s channels, there are no download limits or throttling with Families Tied. I downloaded a large number of videos and received no blockages or slowdown in speed.

Bonus Sites: Signing up for Families Tied gives you access to all channels in Kink’s network! This brings the total number of scenes from a measly 73, all the way up to over 15,000.

Organization: Families Tied (like all of Kink) has a favoriting and search feature. You can also sort clips by things like publication date, popularity, duration, rating, and more.

Cross-sells: There is one pre-checked cross-sell when signing up to Kink. Pay attention at checkout to make sure you don’t sign up for anything you aren’t wanting!

Customer support: In my test of Kink customer support, I received a response in just 28 minutes.

Lexi’s Thoughts On Families Tied – The Pros

With all that out of the way, let’s now move on to my actual thoughts about the channel!

Consistent, Without Being Over The Top

One of my biggest pet peeves with any sort of step-family porn, is that it often falls into one of two extremes:

Either they say something like “what are you doing step-bro” once and the beginning of the scene and then forget all about the fact that they’re “related”, or they call it out every other line.

“Fuck your step-sis! Yeah, fuck your sister’s cunt! I want to feel my brother’s cock deep inside me!”

At that point, it’s just ridiculous.

Kink’s performers have done a good job at maintaining a balance and using terms like “Mommy” or “Daddy” when they feel appropriate, without shoving them in there just for the sake of doing so.

This makes the videos much more enjoyable to watch, without getting annoying – or forgetting the narrative entirely!

That being said, there were a few scenes that felt unnatural – but this came down to the individual performer, rather than the narrative or plot. I can recall one video where the male performer was trying to be dominant, the daughter was actually being submissive, and the mother was acting like she just smoked the fattest bowl of her life.

Most scenes though? Pretty great!

Step-cest Porn – With A BDSM Twist!

I’ll be honest. If step-family porn is your primary focus, there are studios that are more focused towards this area. TeamSkeet’s network of sites is perhaps the most popular, but there are also smaller sites like BadDaddyPOV that specifically focuses on daddy / daughter stuff.

What makes Families Tied unique is that you actually get the BDSM side that you’d expect from Kink – which isn’t commonly featured on other step-cest websites.

You’ll get the traditional bondage, flogging, and spanking, sure. But you also get more intense BDSM as well, like choking, hot wax, ball gags, and more! It’s one thing to fuck your step-daughter. It’s another to see her strapped down to a sybian and forced to cum over and over again!

What’s nice is that the plots of the scenes are set up to where the BDSM aspects and rougher sex make sense.

For example, we have a scene where MILFs are training younger girls to be better sex slaves to their families, or a family that is blackmailed to have sex with each other after a reporter dug up dirt on the father.

The Plots Actually Have Some Substance

Families Tied is a bit more plot-driven than many of the channels in Kink’s network.

Although they aren’t cinematic masterpieces, they do have a little bit of thought put into them, which I can appreciate.

Many (but not all) of the scenes have up to 10 minutes of plot-building before the actual sex begins. And, the plot continues throughout the scene, rather than it simply being forgotten about as soon as the fucking begins (which is typical with many sites.)

Again, the plots are not fantastic – and even some of Kink’s other channels have better plot setups (Bound Gang Bangs comes to mind.)

Still, it’s a lot better than the whole, “Step-sis is stuck in the dryer! Let me fuck her!” type of porn that’s become some common these days.

The Cons

Families Tied isn’t perfect! Now that we’ve looked over the pros, let’s look over the cons.

The Site Is No Longer Updating

This one was already mentioned, but it had to be listed again.

The last new scene was in 2020, with 2 remasters coming in 2023. Seeing that it’s been over 3 and a half years since a new scene was released, it’s unlikely that the site is going to be updated again any time soon.

Kink had a good thing going with Families Tied, so it’s a shame they abandoned it!

No Photo Sets

Photo sets are a bonus, but many large sites have them these days.

Kink offers a zip file with photos for each video, but these are only screencaps from the video – no unique, extra photos that were taken.

You can take screencaps yourself, and I have not found these to be worth downloading personally.

Lack Of 1080p Videos

I write this for almost all of Kink’s channels, but there is really no excuse to have been uploading in just 720p for so long.

1080p was the standard way before Families Tied stopped updating with new scenes in 2020, and many big sites were already releasing videos in 4K by this point.

The fact that only 2 videos are available in 1080p is a major disappointment.

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, I have a lot of thoughts about Families Tied! Let me recap by sharing my list of pros and cons.

Families Tied - The Verdict


  • The step-cest aspects are kept in balance, without being too over-the-top.
  • Families Tied is one of the few sites that combine step-family porn with BDSM.
  • Work was put into the plots, to ensure they actually make sense.


  • A small number of scenes compared to other Kink channels.
  • The website is no longer updating.
  • No unique photo sets to go with videos.
  • Most videos are only available in 720p.
  • One pre-checked cross-sell.

Great if you are into BDSM as well, but better-value options are available if your primary focus is step-cest.

Although there are more cons listed than pros, I still think this is a great channel if you enjoy both step-cest and BDSM – there really aren’t other options available with such high production quality.

Plus, you get access to the entire Kink network – which has over 15,000 scenes!

Have any questions about Families Tied? Want to share your own review of the website? Write below – I’d love to hear from you!

~ Lexi


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