Dungeon Sex (Kink.com) Review

For a lot of people, having the idea of their very own sex dungeon is amazing. I know as a whore myself, the idea of having a dedicated place just to live out all of my sexual fantasies is a dream.

In Dungeon Sex, you get to see that idea come to life – with hot women bound and kept inside a sex dungeon, to be used and enjoy by men needing release.

So, what do I think of the site? Find out in my review of Dungeon Sex (also known as ‘Brutal Sessions.’)

Dungeon Sex At A Glance

Let’s start by covering some general information about the site:

Price: $39.99 monthly, or $15 a month when paying for a full year at once. This gets you access to Kink Unlimited, which includes all of the channels on Kink.com (with the exception of Kink Men channels.) Although $39.99 is expensive for a porn site subscription, it’s fair given Kink’s vast library of content.

Number of scenes: 128, at the time of writing. Although this is small compared to many of Kink’s other channels, they are still updating at least!

Scene length: The median scene length is 56 minutes. The shortest scene is 40 minutes, and the longest scene is 1 hour and 16 minutes.

Frequency of updates: Although Dungeon Sex is still updating, updates are not very frequent. At the of writing, the channel has received 10 updates over the last 6 months, or slightly less than 2 a month.

Video format: .MP4. At the of writing, only 48 of the 128 scenes are available in 1080p – the rest are only available on 720p. No scenes are available in 4K.

Downloads: Dungeon Sex allows unlimited downloading, with no throttling or blocking that appears to be in place.

Cross-sells: There is one pre-checked cross-sell at checkout. Be sure to pay attention if you want it or not!

Customer support: According to a test I’ve done, Kink support responded to me in just 28 minutes.

Lexi’s Thoughts On Dungeon Sex – The Pros

Great Setting / Scenery

I talk with guys on the phone all day – my primary job isn’t writing these articles, it’s doing phone sex. And I know there are a lot of people out there that fantasize about keeping a sex slave trapped in their very own sex dungeon.

The setting and scenery behind Dungeon Sex goes a lot way to selling this idea, and making it seem more real.

Many of Kink’s shoots took place in the San Francisco Armory – you know, the famous Kink castle. And whether it’s an abandoned room with not much more than a mattress, or a dimly-lit space that looks like a jail cell, the setting goes a long way towards making the scene feel authentic.

Ethical Treatment Of Performers

This is standard for all of Kink’s videos that they film themselves, but interviews are done both before and after the scene is shot, talking with the performer, setting expectations, and making sure they’re comfortable / safe.

These films are made with such high production quality, they could really seem like sex slaves if well, it wasn’t professionally shot with famous models.

A-list Models

When you’re used to seeing your favorite pornstars in more traditional, softer porn, it’s particularly hot to see them being treated like a sex slave in some deep, dark dungeon.

I know there are a lot of you out there that fantasize about something like that! 😉

The Cons

A lot of the cons apply to Kink as a whole, not to Dungeon Sex specifically.

No Photosets

Although a zip file is available to download, all photos within it are simply screenshots from the videos – not anything extra.

More Videos Should Be Uploaded In HD

There is no excuse for Kink to only have 1080p for videos shot after 2021.

Lots of major sites were already uploading in 4K at this point – and considering no videos are available in 4K yet, this is pretty disappointing!

Closing Thoughts

To summarize my review, here is a quick list of my pros and cons for Kink.com’s channel, Dungeon Sex!

Dungeon Sex - The Verdict


  • Great background and atmosphere that sells the scene
  • Mainstream performers that you’ll recognize from other sites
  • Ethical treatment of performers
  • Access to Kink’s entire library of 15,000+ scenes


  • No photosets
  • Most videos are only in 720p
  • 1 pre-checked cross-sell

Have any questions about Dungeon Sex? Ask them in the comments below, and I’ll be happy to help!

~ Lexi

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