Q&A: Why Are So Many Camgirls From Colombia?

Spend much time on camsites like Chaturbate, and you’ll quickly notice something interesting – a lot of the girls there are from Colombia!

In fact, it’s anĀ unusually high amount of Colombian women, especially compared to other countries in South America.

So, what exactly is it that draws women from Colombia into doing cam work – and why aren’t we seeing women from other nearby countries on the site as often?

The answer is quite different, and comes down to a few different reasons. In this article, I’ll be taking a look into Colombia’s adult industry, and why it is so popular there in particular.

1. They Have Studios Set Up Specifically For New Performers

A long time ago – before I even started doing adult work, I played a fun game called HunieCam Studio. This is essentially a tycoon or management game, where you set up a cam studio, hire girls to perform, and manage them to get as much money and fans as you can before the game is over.

While you probably don’t have a local cam studio in the city you live in, these actually are a reality in certain areas of Colombia.

That is, there are studios that are pre-set up with all the equipment, lighting, and environment to log on and start making money on camming sites. A girl can come in, have all of the equipment already ready, receive some training, and get to work the same way she would any other job.

Studios may also help with things like taxes, help design their page to attract English-speaking customers (which are more likely to spend money), and generally make it as easy as possible for girls to start making money straight away.

Fun fact, these makeshift studios became even more prevalent during the pandemic, when travel slowed and many hotel rooms were converted into camming studios.

That cozy looking bedroom may not be her bedroom at all, but a place of employment with other girls doing the same exact thing next door.

2. The Average Earnings There Are Very Low

The sad reality is that most girls turn to sex work not because it’s their first choice, but because of the money making potential.

Depending on where they live, the average Colombian employee makes only $10-20 per day. In rural areas, it may be even less than that. Google says the average salary is closer to $1,200 a month, but speaking to actual people from Colombia, they say this is nowhere near accurate.

Even if you aren’t very popular, making a decent amount of money even by U.S standards isn’t that difficult on sites like Chaturbate, if you actually work a full 8 hour shift. But before we get into the math, we need to look into a few harsh realities.

First of all, Chaturbate – which I’m using as an example because it’s the largest cam site, pays models 5 cents per token. Depending on how many tokens a user buys at once, this is anywhere from about 55% to 38.5% of the earnings that Chaturbate takes right from the beginning.

Then, the studios themselves that provided the infrastructure for these girls may also take 50% on top of that. This means that girls may end up with less than 25% of what the customers actually paid for the tokens, at the end of the day.

Therefore, in order to make the equivalent of a day’s work, they need to bring in at least 200 tokens worth of payments, or 25 an hour if working an 8 hour shift.

To be honest, this isn’t bad! While camming work is highly volatile, even one lengthy private show a week can make more than the average earnings, let alone tokens that are tipped in open chat.

Keep in mind that many girls can’t afford the computer, internet, and other equipment needed to cam on their own – hence why studios become necessary.

Sadly, there may be some degree of exploitation here – in some ways, there often is when it comes to sex work regardless of where you are. If there wasn’t the need for money so desperately, many women would find other work. But alas, here we are.

Thankfully, the fact that it’s legal and regulated allows legitimate studios to thrive.

3. Their Culture Is More Accepting Of Sex Work

This brings me to my next point, which is that Colombia as a whole is more accepting of sex work than other countries in South America, at least at a national and cultural level.

Don’t get me wrong, sex workers are still stigmatized – Colombia is heavily Catholic and religious. However, people are more open-minded, and the government has ensures that adult work is actually legal to do.

At the same time though, many Colombians are not open about this type of work, and choose to block viewers from Colombia on livestreaming sites that allow this. This is why you see a lot of Colombian camgirls, but not as many models producing actual porn videos.

But, without it being accepted by the government, studios would not be able to open. They would not be able to run ads to recruit girls hoping for easy money.

Many other countries do not have the same sort of lenient rules in place.

4. Colombian Women Are Beautiful

Okay… have you ever taken a look at Colombian women?

They are downright beautiful.

Even in a survey thread from other people living in Latin America, users regularly rated Colombia as one of the countries containing the most beautiful women.

It goes without saying, but camming work is largely visual. Men are going to spend money on girls that they find attractive.

While of course, there are attractive and unattractive people in every country, the fact that Colombia has so many beautiful women gives the people there an advantage when it comes to making money on camming sites.

5. The Network Effect

Finally, we have the network effect.

The more girls that start doing camming, the more appealing it becomes. Having a friend making money successfully proves the business model’s legitimacy. It decreases the perceived risk, and makes new girls feel more comfortable starting out on their camming journey.

Not to mention, there is more support from other people around you. Questions get answered quicker. Studios compete, become more valuable to employers, and everyone benefits.

To some degree, it also helps you find a group of people that won’t stigmatize or judge you.

Being the only camgirl in a city is a lot of pressure. If you had 10 other friends that were doing it, you joining in wouldn’t seem like as big of a deal.

The bigger the camgirl industry grows in Colombia, the more appealing it will be to even more people who are considering joining it.

Closing Thoughts

Ultimately, Colombia has the infrastructure in place to support a large camming industry, even for women who have never done any sort of adult work before. Not only is camming legal, but there are even studios in place that can get you up and going straight away, even without any experience.

Considering the low wages that are typically paid in Colombia, camming can be quite appealing from a financial perspective, especially since so many of the customers are from richer countries with higher disposable incomes.

If you’ve ever been interested in making money with adult work – even as a guy, I’ve been considering putting together some resources to teach this. If this is something that interests you, please let me know, as I’ll only develop training if enough interest is shown.

Anyway, I found this topic really interesting, and hope you did too! Thanks for reading, and see you again soon,

~ Lexi

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