Sex And Submission (Kink.com Channel) Review

Kink, more than anything else, is known for their BDSM porn – most commonly, men dominating women.

Of course, with 50+ channels to choose from, many of them have specific themes. Electrosluts for example is focused entirely on electrostimulation, while Fucking Machines is about, well… you guessed it. Fucking machines.

Surprisingly, many of these specific channels don’t actually have any man-on-girl action.

Sex And Submission however, is focused almost entirely on rough porn that includes the girls getting fucked. And while it may not have any specific themes like some of Kink’s other channels do, if you enjoy doms and submissives getting it on, you’re going to love what you find here.

Let’s take a look at Sex And Submission in greater detail.

Sex And Submission – At A Glance

Let’s look over some of the details about SexAndSubmission.com, so you know what to expect once you get inside!

Price: Access to Sex And Submission will cost you $39.99 a month, as part of a Kink Unlimited plan. The price can be brought down to $15 / month if you purchase an entire year at once for $180.

Number of scenes: At the time of writing (January 25th, 2024) there are currently 828 scenes available under the Sex And Submission channel.

Scene length: The median scene length is about 55 minutes. The longest scene is 2 hours and 12 minutes, and the shortest scene is 15 and a half minutes. Most of the shorter scenes stem from when the site was new, so they’ve gotten longer as the site has gone on. Keep in mind that SexAndSubmission.com first started way back in 2005, so it’s been around for quite some time!

Frequency of updates: Sex And Submission receives 1-2 updates a month, with 2 updates being the most common.

Video format: .MP4. Only videos published in 2021 and later are available in full 1080p HD, which is 47 scenes. Scenes between December 2006 and 2021 are available in 720p, while scenes earlier than December 2006 are only available in 480p as the max resolution. This is a total of 92 scenes available in 480p, and 689 scenes being available in 720p.

Downloads: There are no download limits for Sex And Submission, or any of Kink’s channels for that matter. You can download as much as you want – and considering how hot this porn is, I’m sure you’ll want to!

Bonus Sites: Signing up for Sex And Submission grants you access to all of Kink’s 50+ channels, allowing you to stream or download over 15,000 scenes in total. That’s quite a lot!

Organization: Sex And Submission is one of Kink’s larger channels, so organization is important. Currently, you can search for clips, as well as favorite them. You can also sort Sex And Submission scenes by popularity, rating, publish date, duration, and more!

Cross-sells: There is one pre-checked cross-sell at checkout, which is a bit of annoying. Thankfully, the rest of Kink is relatively ad-free. Be sure to uncheck the offer if you aren’t interested in it!

Customer support: I tested Kink’s customer support by sending an email from an alternative email address. In my test, I received a response back just 28 minutes later!

Lexi’s Thoughts On Sex And Submission – The Pros

Sex And Submission is a large channel, so let’s start by looking over what it does well!

Hardcore Dom / Sub Action

Male dom / female submissive is the core of Sex And Submission.

Just about every scene features a dominant man commanding, roughhousing, and treating these girls like little whores.

We’ve got bondage. We’ve got throat fucking. Penetration of multiple holes at once. Pain play. Rough drilling. Everything you’d expect in the traditional BDSM sense – plus a whole lot more.

Sex And Submission is 800+ of real, rough BDSM that should serve as a turn on for both men and women alike, who are into this sort of thing!

Minor Plots Add Context

One of the things that helps Sex And Submission still seem interesting after so many scenes, is the plots they use to setup the scene.

These aren’t as polished or well thought-out as something like the Kink Features channel, but it’s still nice that some effort went into them none-the-less!

For example, one scene has Lexi Belle being interrogated by a private investigator, who was hired to see if she was cheating or not. She then of course, is tied up and used for his enjoyment.

Another scene has a performer being sent to a sex slave training camp as part of a spouse training program. This then has both the man and another woman dominating a girl and turning her into a willing, obedient slut.

Again, the plots aren’t super detailed or drawn out, but they do provide a bit of context that makes the scenes that much harder – and prevents the site from getting boring!

Mainstream Stars Getting Railed Hard

I think there’s something special about the fact that Kink was able to attract mainstream talent for such rough scenes.

The same A-list, mainstream pornstars you’ll find on other major studios like Brazzers, Bangbros, Realitykings, EvilAngel and more are also here on Kink. You’ll see them fucked harder, rougher, and in new ways you simply won’t find them on other sites.

Who knew some of these girls could be so submissive!

The Cons

Next, let’s look over the cons.

Some Preview Images Are Blurry

When you hover over a scene’s thumbnail, it will show you a slideshow of different pictures from the video. This acts as the videos preview.

For whatever reason, many of the older videos had blurry pictures mixed in with ones that were normal resolution – which made it hard to see what the video contained without clicking through.

I’m unsure why I’ve only seen this issue with Sex And Submission so far and not any of Kink’s other channels, but it was bothersome none-the-less.

No Additional Photo Sets

As with all of Kink’s channels, there are no additional photo sets to go along with the videos.

Considering it must be a lot of work to set this sort of stuff up, it would’ve been nice if we could’ve gotten some extra high-res photos to go with the video shots.

Sadly, all we get is a zip file containing screenshots from the video itself – hardly something to write home about!

It Took Too Long For 1080p To Become Available

To be fair, Kink adopted 720p pretty early on, and I commend them for that.

However, it took way too long for them to switch to 1080p.

By 2021, when Kink finally started publishing 1080p scenes for Sex And Submission, most major sites were already releasing videos in 4K.

I want every drop of sweat and every pore on their skin visible, damn it! I didn’t buy this new 4K TV for nothing after all!


Although there’s no fancy gimmicks or unique aspects of BDSM that Sex And Submission focuses on, this is exactly the type of content most people think of when they think of Kink.

Let’s summarize this review with my list of pros and cons!

Sex And Submission - The Verdict


  • Hardcore dom / sub action
  • Lots of rough fucking, bondage, pain play, and other BDSM elements you’re hoping to see
  • Decent plots add context as to why the rough sex is occurring
  • Kink’s lineup for Sex And Submission includes mainstream porn stars


  • Some preview images were blurry
  • No additional photo sets
  • Limited 1080p videos, no 4K available
  • One pre-checked cross-sell

Exactly the type of content you'd expect from Kink - and a lot of it!

Do you have any questions about Sex And Submission before signing up? I’m happy to answer them and share my experiences. Just let me know via the comments form below, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

Hope you enjoy the site as much as I do!

~ Lexi

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