Q&A: Is It Okay To Cum During A Lap Dance? (+ Tips!)

Are you someone that’s visiting a strip club – either for the first time or as a regular customer, and want to know if it’s okay to cum during a lap dance?

Obviously, we go to strip clubs to get horny and have a good time. And the longer you’re there, the more desperate you can become to have some sort of release. Plus, let’s be honest – the idea of an extremely attractive woman using her body to actually get you off is often a lot more exciting than just looking at it.

So, is cumming during a lap dance allowed, and how would you know if a particular girl is up for it? In this article, I’ll be answering this question – as well as sharing some tips for what to do if you do decide you want to actually cum during the dance.

Is Ejaculating During A Lap Dance Ever Okay?

Here’s the truth. If the girl has been working there for any decent length of time at all, she’s probably already seen it all.

She’s seen men cross the line, get violent, throw a fit, get kicked out, propose her for sex, and of course, try to cum during the dance. As for whether or not it’ll happen, it really depends on the individual club, and the individual girl.

A general rule of strip clubs is that the less popular the club is, the more you can usually get away with. Bigger clubs in larger cities have more of a reputation to uphold, and are scrutinized more heavily by the government. It’s not worth your relatively measly amount of money to please just one person, so they are more strict about upholding the rules.

Prostitution laws are kind of murky when it comes to non-penatrative sexual acts in exchange for money. To err on the safe side, clubs just can’t blatantly advertise that their girls are willing to make you cum, the same way massage parlors can’t either. It’s too big of a legal risk.

Of course, it happens, and it always comes down to the individual girl, and sometimes the individual situation – meaning who you are, and what kind of mood she’s in.

How Can You Tell?

Thankfully, there are a few ways to know whether or not a girl is willing to get you off without directly asking her.

First of all, keep in mind that strippers can usually tell when you’re about to cum. Even if you are trying to hide it, there are pretty telltale signs – you may become more focused, your body may get more rigid, your eyes may be fixed in one position… she will usually be able to tell on her own if you’re about to get off.

Of course, you can always state your intention, without directly asking for it. Saying something like, ‘I have to go soon, I’m not sure how much more grinding I can take before I’ll need to cum’ makes it obvious that you’re close and either she can help you with it, or you’ll have to go home.

Strippers always deserve to be treated with respect, but they’re not ashamed to admit that ultimately their goal is to make as much money from you as possible.

She may flat out tell you that it better not happen, or her behavior may change that shows that she is open to the idea. Some strippers even get turned on or flattered knowing that a lapdance alone is enough to make you cum.

You can tell if a stripper is trying to get you off by the way she acts during the dance. If she regularly gets up and changes positions, never making contact with your penis for very long, then you know she’s trying to avoid it.

Likewise, if she is regularly grinding on the same spot without moving, she may be deliberately trying to give you pleasure – knowing quite well that this may result in an orgasm.

Of course, even if she isn’t trying to get you off, accidents happen, and most are understanding of this. So, let’s look over what to do if you think you may cum during a lapdance.

What To Do If You Want To Cum During A Lap Dance

1. Wear Thick Clothing

First things first, you must make sure that absolutely under no circumstances does any of your cum end up on the stripper.

This is not only extremely rude, but it can actually be a health hazard. Remember that strippers deal with a lot of people each day, and they don’t know you. For all they know, you may be riddled with life-threatening STDs and your cum could put them at risk.

Therefore, you should be absolutely sure that your cum won’t leak through your pants, even a little bit. It may feel better to go commando, but you should absolutely have underwear on underneath your pants, especially if you plan to cum.

Actually, a while back there was a brand of pants made specifically for cumming during lap dances, called liquid lapdance. It was specifically designed not only to keep the cum inside the pants, but to feel as good as possible during your lapdance as well. Unfortunately they no longer seem to be in business, but there are ‘lap dance pants’ available on Amazon that claim to fill their place – though admittedly, they have poor reviews.

Regardless of what you decide to wear, make sure that everything – and I mean everything, stays in your pants. And as a pro tip, keep the pants dark, so nobody can see the stains as you walk out of the club.

2. Tip Generously

The second thing to do is to tip generously.

This holds true both if it’s an accident, or if you’ve done it with this dancer regularly. Strippers expect that if they make you cum, you’re going to leave a large and generous tip for doing so.

Again, remember that all dancers aim to make as much money from you as possible. They know that when you cum, you’re likely done spending money for the night, and are probably going to leave afterwards.

Therefore, it’s not really in their or the club’s best interest to make you cum.

If you leave a huge tip if they manage to get you off, this makes it worth doing so. And if you want to be able to cum again in the future, tipping generously will make this easier for you.

3. Return Regularly, And Request The Same Dancer

This brings me to my last point, which is to become a regular at the club if you are going there to get off.

Again, it all comes down to business.

Strip clubs love regulars, people they can depend on to come in and spend money frequently, even when they aren’t throwing any major events.

They aren’t desperate to get every dollar out of your bank account that they can, because they know you’ll be back regardless. They’ll still get your money, even if it takes a little longer. This is drastically different than say, someone swinging by in town for a single night, who may never return to the club again in their lifetime.

If strippers know you’ll be back again that week – and you tip generously, they are less likely to have an issue about getting you off.

Plus, you’ll build a reputation for being someone that they can trust not to cause a scene or give the club any problems – making the dancers more comfortable in your presence.

It’s a win-win all around – well, except for your bank account I suppose. But you get what you pay for, right?

Closing Thoughts

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to cum during your visit to a strip club. You are surrounded by hot women after all, and you are biologically driven to reach an orgasm.

Of course, the club / dancers are ultimately who set the rules, and should always be treated with respect. Just because you’re horny or have spent a lot of money does not give you the right to go against their wishes.

If you want to cum, be sure to follow the advice laid out in this article. Not only will you be able to find the dancers willing to do this for you, but you’ll ensure everyone ends up happy in the end.

Have you ever cum during a lap dance? What are your hottest strip club experiences?

Share your stories in the comments below – I’d love to read over them!

~ Lexi

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