Ultimate Surrender (Kink.com Channel) Review

I doubt I’m the only person that finds wrestling hot – especially when it’s between two sexy women.

Physical domination. Throwing the other person around like they’re a toy. Pinning them. And in the case of Ultimate Surrender… claiming them as your prize, and having your way with them afterwards!

Ultimate Surrender features two girls engaging in a wrestling match, and dominating each other to score points. Eventually, a winner is announced, and she is allowed to have her way with the other girl in any that she chooses.

Sound hot? It is! But what do I think of Ultimate Surrender as a whole?

In this article, I’ll be sharing my full review!

UltimateSurrender.com – At A Glance

Price: $39.99 / month. Or, $180 for a year ($15 / month.) Ultimate Surrender cannot be purchased on its own for a discounted price – you can only gain access to it with a Kink Unlimited subscription.

Number of scenes: 980. This makes it one of Kink’s largest channels!

Scene length: The median scene length is about 44 minutes, which is around Kink’s average. With the exception of a few outliers, the shortest normal scene length is around 8 minutes. The longest scene – a massive 12 girl orgy, is over 2 and a half hours!

Frequency of updates: Unfortunately, Ultimate Surrender is no longer updating – which is a shame since it was one of Kink’s most popular channels. Although we can say that Ultimate Surrender has run its course, it’s still disappointing that you won’t see any new / up-and-coming talent featuring in new videos.

Video format: .MP4. Only scenes published after October 2006 are available in 720p as the max resolution, which is a total of 851 scenes. 129 of the oldest scenes are only available in 480p.

Downloads: There are no download limits with Kink. Although not all of them were Ultimate Surrender videos, I downloaded over 1,000 videos since signing up and have not received any blockages, throttling, or complaints. This makes a Kink Unlimited membership quite valuable for collectors!

Bonus Sites: Signing up for UltimateSurrender.com will grant you access to all of Kink’s 50+ channels, and 15,000+ scenes. Although the $39.99 price tag may have seemed steep earlier, it’s a much better value when you consider everything you’re getting!

Organization: Kink has three main ways to access videos – a search system, a favorite system, and a model index. Once you’re in Ultimate Surrender, you can also sort clips by publish date, duration, popularity, rating, and more.

Cross-sells: There is one pre-checked cross-sell when signing up to Kink that you’ll want to be mindful of.

Customer support: After emailing customer support with a question, I received a friendly response back in just 28 minutes. This is excellent!

Lexi’s Thoughts On Ultimate Surrender – The Pros

Let’s start by looking over what Ultimate Surrender does well!

A Hot Concept

As mentioned earlier, this takes wrestling to a whole new level.

The videos almost always follow the same format – about 2/3 of the video is the actual setup and wrestling, and the final 1/3 is the winner dominating the loser.

This takes many forms. Most commonly, it’s fucking the loser with a strap-on. However, there’s also lots of face sitting, ass licking, humiliation, and either forcing the loser to cum, or making them help the winner cum themselves.

Truthfully, it’s all pretty hot – especially since the girls really get into their roles and lean into the domination aspect quite heavily.

The videos are more fun to watch if you don’t skip ahead to find out who wins.

Truthfully, I’d play these videos on my TV at home, the same way my family would play football on Thanksgiving while I was a kid. But alas, I do not have enough visitors to throw an Ultimate Surrender watching party.

Real Effort Put Into The Fights

The wrestling doesn’t appear to be scripted in any way, which can’t be said for WWE.

The girls are in it to win. There is real sweat dripping down the women’s bodies, real emotion and heart being put into it. They say porn can be physically demanding to shoot, but standard shots have nothing on what Ultimate Surrender has!

You can tell the girls are really giving it their all. And that makes it all the more satisfying when the girl you’re rooting for actually wins.

Note: While Ultimate Surrender is broken up into ‘seasons’, it is porn at the end of the day. If you want to watch the fights in order, then make sure you sort the videos by ‘Publish Date’ when accessing the channel!

Tag Team Matches

While the majority of fights are one-on-one, Ultimate Surrender does have some tag team fights as well.

This is even more exciting, as you have 4 or more girls going at it at once! That’s a lot of bodies getting flung around.

The largest fight published on Ultimate Surrender has 12 girls at once, believe it or not!

Access To Evolved Fights

Finally, signing up to Kink also gives you access to the Evolved Fights, and Evolved Fights Lesbian Edition channels. Combined together, this is an additional 115 scenes to enjoy!

Note that this is a separate company putting it on – Kink has not produced these themselves. However, Evolved Fights follows basically an identical format.

I do wish that Kink would’ve done some man / woman fights, and Evolved Fights fills this gap nicely!

The Cons

Next, let’s move onto the cons.

The Videos Do Feel A Bit Repetitive

Across Kink’s entire network, they’ve done a great job at avoiding the feeling of videos being repetitive.

Unfortunately, Ultimate Surrender is an exception.

Because wrestling makes up so much of the video – and there is only so much you can do wrestling without any additional props or equipment, the videos can start of blend together a bit.

Again, while you can follow the ‘seasons’ they’ve released, you’ll probably have a better time just picking the pair of women you find hottest, and watching those videos specifically. It really is a lot of the same stuff, over and over again.

Blurry Previews On Older Videos

This is a minor nitpick, but it was kind of irritating.

Kink’s preview system is basically a slideshow you view, by hovering over the video’s photo. For whatever reason, a lot of videos had blurry preview photos mixed in with clearer ones. Since there is so much movement in Ultimate Surrender, the blurry previews made it hard to tell what was going on – and whether a video was worth watching.

Lack Of High Resolution Photos

The highest resolution photos were just 2000 x 1125.

While these are actual photos and not screencaps, this is still quite low resolution by most standards.

Lack Of 1080p Videos

It goes without saying, but lack of 1080p videos is a bit silly – especially since new scenes were being published all the way up until 2018. Which brings me to my last point…

The Channel Is No Longer Updating

This one was always going to be a con!

While I do kind of feel like Ultimate Surrender has run its course, it would still be nice to see some fights with more up-and-coming stars.

Popular pornstars change so frequently, and it’s a shame you may not get to ever see any of your favorites battling it out.


As you can see, lots of pros, lots of cons! Let’s summarize:

Ultimate Surrender - The Verdict


  • Wrestling / domination is a hot concept, that was well executed
  • The girls are actually putting real effort into the fights
  • Tag teach matches with up to 12 girls add some variety and excitement
  • You gain access to two more wrestling-themed channels on Kink


  • Videos can feel repetitive
  • Some videos have blurry previews
  • Included photos are poor resolution
  • Lack of 1080p videos
  • One pre-checked cross-sell
  • Ultimate Surrender is no longer updating

A hot concept that ultimately has run its course.

What do you think of Ultimate Surrender? Should Kink start this channel back up again? What kind of content would you hope to see? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the site!

~ Lexi

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