Free Audio: We Still Have One Last Moment

Tags: Wholesome, Bittersweet, Emotional, Confession, Romantic, Sensual Length: 24 Minutes You’ve been waiting all night for your long time friend, now friend with benefits, to come to your going away party. You know this is the last time you’re going to see her for a long time, and the future is unclear for you. It … Read more

Paid Audio: The Horny Hungry Sex Doll

Tags: Ass Licking, Blowjob, Facesitting, Femdom, Paranormal, Role Reversal, Sex Doll, Magic, Chris Hailey Script Length: 18 Minutes For years you’ve used me, pumped cum into all my holes, then tossed me aside and hid me in the cover whenever “real” women came over. No, you haven’t been very good to me at all. Now, by some … Read more

Paid Audio: Professional Penis Washing Service

Tags: Penis Cleaning, Nurse, Professional Woman, Massage Length: 18 Minutes I’ve been put in charge of making sure your penis is completely cleaned, and this is SUPPOSED to be a strictly non-sexual service. However, you know how these things go… I start out trying to give your penis a nice deep clean with my hands… but it’s … Read more

Paid Audio: Mandatory Penis Inspection

Tags: Medical Clinic, Prejac, Premature Ejaculation, Multiple Orgasms, Professional Woman, Nurse, Work Length: 14 Minutes You’re starting work at a new job, and as part of the onboarding process I’m supposed to make sure your penis works correctly. The problem is… it works a little TOO good. You have a premature ejaculation problem and cum fast from … Read more

Free Audio: Who Said Hot Girls Don’t Like Smart Guys

Tags: Gentle Femdom, Sister’s Friend, Blowjob, Pussy Licking, Riding, Cowgirl, Creampie, Sneaky Sex, Programmer Length: 18 Minutes There’s always this stereotype that hot girls don’t like nerds/smart guys but I myself even know some that do and your sister’s friend is just one of them 🙂 She comes to your room and seduces you while … Read more

Paid Audio: I Just Want You To Be My Good Pet

Tags: Femdom, Good Boy, Pet Play, Pornstar Meetup, Female Worship, Goddess, Man Loses Virginity, Virgin Man, Training Length: 15 Minutes This goddess just wants you to be her pet and good boy, and tells you what she would do to you if you two met for real. she mentions how she would dominate you, take your virginity … Read more

Free Audio: Government Funded Gloryholes

Tags: Quarantine, Gloryhole, Blowjob, Handjob, Spitroasting, Masturbation, Ass Tease, Doggystle, Fondling, Creampie, Swallowing, Facial, Cum On Tits, Multiple Men, Slutty Behavior Length: 33 Minutes The quarantine has been long and rough, especially when it comes to the dating scene and a healthy sex life. Long days and nights are best spent at home but that … Read more

Paid Audio: If You’re Really A Man Then Take Me

Tags: Cheating, Emotional, Friends To Lovers, Impregnation, Rebellious Girl, Rich Girl, Romantic, Switch, Tomboy, School Length: 27 Minutes Today’s subject is a badass scary delinquent street fighter type who actually has the heart of a sensitive maiden. Why does such a sweet girl spend her days cutting class to smoke on the school rooftop? In … Read more

Paid Audio: Shudo, Becoming A Warrior Woman’s Apprentice

Tags: Warrior, Samurai, Master And Apprentice, Mean Girl, Femdom, Breast Play, Strangers To Lovers, Tsundere, Tomboy, Japanese Length: 17 Minutes In this audio, I play a samurai warrior woman, roaming the lands in ancient Japan. After meeting me in a tavern, you ask to become my apprentice. With a bit of reluctance… I accept. But … Read more

Paid Audio: Less Professional Footjob Therapy

Tags: Feet, Footjob, Therapy, Professional Woman, Stockings Length: 14 Minutes My name is Lexi, and I’ve been hired to help you get over your obsession with women’s feet. But I’m not like the other therapists – I don’t want you to suppress your urges. No, my therapy style is more… pleasurable. There’s a reason I … Read more