Confession: I Send Dick Pics To Girls On Snap “By Accident”

It started as a joke. I’d had a few drinks at a party, and as we were all sitting around the living room, I snapped a picture of my dick, slapped a goofy filter on it, and sent it to a friend, intending to make her laugh. But the second I saw the little notification pop up, I realized what I’d done: I’d sent it to the wrong person—a girl I’d been eyeing all night. Panic set in, my heart racing as I awaited her reaction.

But she just giggled. She didn’t say anything, didn’t look at me funny—just giggled and opened another beer. It was like she hadn’t even noticed. The whole night went on like that, her blatant disregard for my “accidental” photo, and yet the thrill remained, simmering just beneath the surface of my consciousness.

Since then, it’s become something of a game. I’ll be chatting with a girl, maybe someone I’ve known for a while, maybe someone new, and I’ll send them a Snapchat. Sometimes it’s a funny face or a cool moment from my day—and sometimes, just sometimes, it’s a picture of my dick. I’ve gotten really good at playing it cool, acting like it’s just another random shot that got sent to the wrong person. But deep down, I’m watching for any sign of interest, any little smirk or eye-widen that tells me she’s into it.

Some of them ignore it, some of them laugh it off, and some of them—oh, the sweet ones—they respond with a teasing emoji or a cheeky message. It’s those moments that I live for, the moments where the air feels charged, like we’re sharing a dirty secret. And when it works? When the conversation takes a turn for the better, and suddenly we’re sexting like it’s nobody’s business? That’s when I know I’ve hit the jackpot.

I’m not a bad person, I swear. I’m not out to ruin anyone’s day or make them uncomfortable. And I’ll be honest, occasionally girls do get pissed. But there’s something so exciting about the risk, so tantalizing about the possibility of turning a casual interaction into something so…so much more. And when it does happen, when the lines blur and the chemistry takes over, it’s like nothing else in the world matters.

So yes, I send dick pics. “By accident.” And every time I do, I hold my breath, waiting for that sweet rush of excitement when I see they’ve opened it. It’s like playing with fire, and I can’t seem to stop. The thrill of the unknown, the potential for connection, the raw, visceral response that can come from such a simple act…it’s like a drug, and I’m utterly addicted.

Response from Lexi:

Careful! I totally get the thrill (and succeeding with it surely reinforces the idea), but in many areas this may constitute sexual harassment. But hey, thanks for sharing!

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