Paid Audio: If You’re Really A Man Then Take Me

Tags: Cheating, Emotional, Friends To Lovers, Impregnation, Rebellious Girl, Rich Girl, Romantic, Switch, Tomboy, School Length: 27 Minutes Today’s subject is a badass scary delinquent street fighter type who actually has the heart of a sensitive maiden. Why does such a sweet girl spend her days cutting class to smoke on the school rooftop? In … Read more

Free Audio: Pulled Over By A Sexy Female Cop

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Free Audio: Step-Mom Is Being A Huge Tease Around The House

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Free Audio: Your Babysitter Had A Rough Day And Asks You To Comfort Her

Tags: Babysitter, Shy Fdom, Gentle Fdom, Female Domination, Stripping, Kissing, Trying To Stay Quiet, Affair, Cunnilingus, Emotional, Sex Ages: Implied teen Length: 8 minutes You come back home from another failed attempt at date night with the wife and your babysitter, Kelsey, confides in you about having a rough day herself. You find comfort in each … Read more