Patreon Exclusive: Your Karate Girlfriend

Tags: Athlete, GFE, Femdom, Friends to Lovers, Loving, Romantic

Length: 19 Minutes

I’ve got to be as strong as possible. And everyone knows that people get stronger with their wonderful boyfriends at their side. Now come on, duke’s up, let’s go!

I roleplay a teenage karate champion and also the listener’s girlfriend! You’ve come to my dojo to help me practice my martial arts fighting skills, because I have absolutely got to beat our cross-town rival Kung Fu dojo in the upcoming international tournament.

When I was a young girl, I decided to begin training to be a karate fighter after watching the Power Rangers, and I’ve trained so much that I’m a total badass, with a strong athletic body from doing lots of sit-ups and ab crunches, and you’re my supportive boyfriend, the kind of guy that every teenage black belt martial arts superstar needs.

In this audio, we’re sparring and grappling together, and of course that leads to me getting very warm, so I just have to take off my karate gi, and undress you as well, and we get down on the exercise mats and make extremely passionate love, which ends with you nearly passed out from exhaustion!

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