Free Audio: Hey, Can I Come Into Your Tent?

Tags: Ambience, Camping, Cuddling, Fingering, Friends To Lovers, Fucking, Outdoors, Wholesome Length: 16 Minutes It’s the last day of our camping trip together, and I think it’s time for me to finally make my move. After being so kind as to invite me into your tent, I climb inside your sleeping bag for some snuggly … Read more

Free Audio: Everything About You Is Perfect

Tags: Audio For Women, Friends To Lovers, Bonfire, Pussy Licking, 69, Wholesome Length: 16 Minutes You’ve come back to town to visit for a little while, and your childhood friend invites you over to her house for a bonfire. The two of you reminiscence about your friendship, and about the adult relationships that you’ve had. … Read more

Free Audio: We Still Have One Last Moment

Tags: Wholesome, Bittersweet, Emotional, Confession, Romantic, Sensual Length: 24 Minutes You’ve been waiting all night for your long time friend, now friend with benefits, to come to your going away party. You know this is the last time you’re going to see her for a long time, and the future is unclear for you. It … Read more

SFW Audio: A Ferris Wheel Ride

Tags: [Girlfriend ASMR] [Carnival Night] [Fair Date Roleplay] [GFE Roleplay] It’s a beautiful night; the sun is setting and the clouds are glowing orange and yellow and pink, and the Ferris Wheel is lit up like a great big circular neon rainbow. It’s making your cheeks glow. The big wheel’s spinning in the air, and … Read more