Free Audio: Your Personal Online Masturbation Assistant

Tags: [JOI] [Femdom] [Strip] virtual [Handjob] virtual [Blowjob] [Dildo] [Edging] [Virginity Play] Age: 18 Length: 27 Minutes I can be your personal online masturbation assistant. How does that sound? Sounds pretty sweet if you ask me! “Masturbation Assistant,” that’s my new job title! In this audio recording, I’m roleplaying an eighteen year old girl who … Read more

Free Audio: Your Babysitter Had A Rough Day And Asks You To Comfort Her

Tags:¬†Babysitter, Shy Fdom, Gentle Fdom, Female Domination, Stripping, Kissing, Trying To Stay Quiet, Affair, Cunnilingus, Emotional, Sex Ages: Implied teen Length: 8 minutes You come back home from another failed attempt at date night with the wife and your babysitter, Kelsey, confides in you about having a rough day herself. You find comfort in each … Read more