Paid Audio: Seduced By A Hot Bad Girl In Detention

Tags:┬áBad Girl, Brat, Creampie, Nerd, Nervous Guy, Risky, School, Slutty Behavior, Teaching, Teen, Virgin Man Length: 19 Minutes You’re in school detention because of your stupid teacher, totally by a mistake. You’re not alone though, there’s also this punk bad girl with you.. and it seems this little brat might have a little thing for … Read more

Paid Audio: If You’re Really A Man Then Take Me

Tags: Cheating, Emotional, Friends To Lovers, Impregnation, Rebellious Girl, Rich Girl, Romantic, Switch, Tomboy, School Length: 27 Minutes Today’s subject is a badass scary delinquent street fighter type who actually has the heart of a sensitive maiden. Why does such a sweet girl spend her days cutting class to smoke on the school rooftop? In … Read more

Paid Audio: Pre-Game Ritual

Tags: Tomboy, Runner, Track Star, Virgin Male, Experienced Woman, Shy, Body Heat, Teens, School, Cock Milking, Athlete, Strangers To Lovers Length: 19 Minutes This one’s for anybody who’s ever fantasized about having a girl with a six-pack approach them on the street and immediately ask to bang. Most athletes have pre-game rituals of some sort, … Read more