Free Audio: Forgive Me, Father

Tags: Blasphemy, Blowjob, Confession, Dirty Talk, Gloryhole, Priest, Public Sex, Religious, Slutty Behavior, Swallowing Length: 27 Minutes I enter the confessional, only four days after my last confession. I’ve been a bad girl, and have a lot to tell the priest. And it’s making him hard. A lot of EXTREMELY slutty behavior here, I personally … Read more

Patreon Exclusive: Heaven for Men

Tags: Angel, Guardian Angel, Divine Magic, Heaven, Infinite Pleasure, Spiritual, Multiple Orgasms, Anything Is Possible, Fantasy, Freeuse, Spanking, Mythical, Pronebone, Rough Sex Length: 17 Minutes Sadly, in this audio, you’ve died. But wait! It’s not so bad! Heaven is a very different place than you’ve been led to believe it might be by the religious … Read more

Free Audio: The Church of Fertility

Tags: Religious, Cum Donation, Cult, Cock Milking, Handjob, Femdom, JOI, Multiple Orgasms Age: None implied Length: 8.5 minutes Welcome to the Temple of Fertility. I’m Lexi, a priestess here at the Temple. I’m told you’d like to donate your cum to our temple? I’ll be milking you with my hands and making you cum into … Read more