Free Audio: First-Class Free Use Fuck

Tags: Free Use, Fingering, Blowjob, Flight Attendant, Professional Woman, Sex With Stranger, Ass To Pussy, Voyeurism, Creampie Length: 14 Minutes Thank you for flying with GWA Airways! As a first class member, you’re free to choose from complementary sexual services from any of the flight attendants on board. Nearly anything you desire with us is … Read more

Paid Audio: Professional Penis Washing Service

Tags: Penis Cleaning, Nurse, Professional Woman, Massage Length: 18 Minutes I’ve been put in charge of making sure your penis is completely cleaned, and this is SUPPOSED to be a strictly non-sexual service. However, you know how these things go… I start out trying to give your penis a nice deep clean with my hands… but it’s … Read more

Paid Audio: Mandatory Penis Inspection

Tags: Medical Clinic, Prejac, Premature Ejaculation, Multiple Orgasms, Professional Woman, Nurse, Work Length: 14 Minutes You’re starting work at a new job, and as part of the onboarding process I’m supposed to make sure your penis works correctly. The problem is… it works a little TOO good. You have a premature ejaculation problem and cum fast from … Read more

Paid Audio: Less Professional Footjob Therapy

Tags: Feet, Footjob, Therapy, Professional Woman, Stockings Length: 14 Minutes My name is Lexi, and I’ve been hired to help you get over your obsession with women’s feet. But I’m not like the other therapists – I don’t want you to suppress your urges. No, my therapy style is more… pleasurable. There’s a reason I … Read more