Patreon Exclusive: Teen Social Media Sluts

Tags: Taboo, Teens, Gooning, Perv Encouragement, JOI, Dancing, Ass Shaking, Bikinis, Edging Encouragement Length: 12.5 Minutes There’s a new app that all the teenage girls really seem to love… TikTok. And honestly, it feels like it was designed for perverts like you. Open it up and before long, you’ll have an infinite feed of horny … Read more

Free Audio: Your Personal Online Masturbation Assistant

Tags: [JOI] [Femdom] [Strip] virtual [Handjob] virtual [Blowjob] [Dildo] [Edging] [Virginity Play] Age: 18 Length: 27 Minutes I can be your personal online masturbation assistant. How does that sound? Sounds pretty sweet if you ask me! “Masturbation Assistant,” that’s my new job title! In this audio recording, I’m roleplaying an eighteen year old girl who … Read more

Free Audio: Big Step-Sis Makes You Earn It

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Patreon Exclusive: Watching Emily Strip

Tags: Voyeurism, Masturbation, Neighbor Girl, Perv Encouragement Length: 24 minutes Today, we’re gonna talk about your next door neighbor, that cute girl named Emily. You’ve always liked looking at Emily, haven’t you, you perverted kinky bastard? Well, she knows. and she’s been leaving her curtains open just for you… Join me as I narrate one … Read more

Free Audio: Doctor Teaches Her Patient How To Masturbate

Tags: Medical, Doctor, Femdom, Prostate Massage, Prostate Play, Handjob, JOI, Good Boy, Cum On Breasts Age: Adult Length: 9 minutes Dr. Vail is seeing a new patient who has some health concerns. She offers some very practical hands-on advice. You can listen to this audio by clicking here. If you like it, please remember to … Read more

Free Audio: The Church of Fertility

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