Patreon Exclusive: Your Karate Girlfriend

Tags: Athlete, GFE, Femdom, Friends to Lovers, Loving, Romantic Length: 19 Minutes I’ve got to be as strong as possible. And everyone knows that people get stronger with their wonderful boyfriends at their side. Now come on, duke’s up, let’s go! I roleplay a teenage karate champion and also the listener’s girlfriend! You’ve come to … Read more

SFW Audio: A Ferris Wheel Ride

Tags: [Girlfriend ASMR] [Carnival Night] [Fair Date Roleplay] [GFE Roleplay] It’s a beautiful night; the sun is setting and the clouds are glowing orange and yellow and pink, and the Ferris Wheel is lit up like a great big circular neon rainbow. It’s making your cheeks glow. The big wheel’s spinning in the air, and … Read more

SFW Audio: Torch Song

Tags: Party, Reuniting, Exes To Lovers, Getting Back Together, GFE Former lovers see each other at a party. As the conversation winds around how their lives are going, they go outside for some dancing on the patio, surrounded by tiki torches. View my YouTube channel by clicking here to see all of my other SFW … Read more