Taboo Audio: Nothing Butt Your Daughter’s Undies

Tags: Sporty Girl, Panties, Pussy Scent, Butt Scent, Naughty Surprise, Daughter Watching Porn Mentions, Butt Sniffing

Length: 18 Minutes

I bring you into bed, and ask you to close your eyes.

And that’s when I pull out my special surprise… the panties are young daughter wore during her entire weekend soccer tournament.

You know the ones. You saw peeks of them underneath her little soccer shorts, as she was running around and getting all sweaty.

They were wedged into the crack of her ass, and hugged her bald little pussy – maybe even while she got a little wet looking at the boys watching her in the stands.

I want you to take in her entire scent… while I whisper all sorts of naughty taboo things to you in your ear.

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