News: The Girlfriend Experience

If you’ve been reading the new posts on my site, you maybe saw that I’ve started a “safe for work” YouTube channel, Loving Lexi. Now that it’s up and has two videos published, I wanted to give you a little more detail about it!

YouTube doesn’t allow any pornographic or erotic content, so there can’t be any sex in these recordings (bummer!). But they’re still hot, and incredibly wholesome! I hope to do lots of different types of audios on this channel, but my focus will always be on the “girlfriend experience.”

So what is the girlfriend experience? It means that in these audios, I’m roleplaying as your girlfriend! Even though there can’t be any sex because of YouTube’s rules, I think you will find the recordings arousing and a lot of fun. We’ll meet for the first time, go out on dates, snuggle up together in bed while I whisper “sweet nothings” to you. We’ll do all the things that you’ve always dreamed of doing with a sweet, devoted girlfriend at your side.

So if you like my erotic audios, you really should subscribe to my YouTube channel, and see what I mean by listening through my first few videos!

Note: This won’t at all affect my publishing of lewd, erotic audios (both free and paid.) Someone emailed me and was worried about this, so I wanted to clear that up. If anything, I plan on publishing MORE NSFW audios in the coming weeks as I am able to devote more time to it!

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