Banned On Motherless… Wanna Guess Why?

Hey guys! I received a ban from Motherless today on my account that I only just started using! The ban reason? “Illegal activity”. Who wants to guess which one of these did it?

1. Leaving a comment on an incest orgy video saying how much I wish I had a family like that.

2. Uploading one of my dd/lg audios that only referenced adults (and was manually approved to be published by Motherless), but had a line that said to visit my Sincats page to view my audios that were too taboo to post on there.

3. Searching for candid / voyeur porn, which the site is full of.

4. Joining a group catered to voyeurs and making a comment that women could be pervs too.

5. Linking to my Sincats page which quite obviously has (legal) content that caters to… well you know. The ‘p word’ hehe 😉

6. My profile bio which said, “The family that lays together stays together, hoping to find a man that agrees!”

7. I was using my “little voice” in the audio, and there was no video track to see that I am actually, in fact, a legal adult.

NOW obviously none of those were illegal, so I’m curious which one of those you think did it?

If this is the end of me, well, it’s been fun.

But it won’t, because I have never, or have any intention to do anything that is actually illegal and I make that abundantly clear just about everywhere.

So hey Motherless…

I’d say see you in two months, but Lauren and I (who did the exact same things that I did, yet shes not banned yet) will put our content elsewhere.

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13 thoughts on “Banned On Motherless… Wanna Guess Why?”

    • Yeah they used to be really varied and have stuff you couldnt find on most porn sites, every niche and fetish imaginable. They got busted with some under aged (like 16 or 17) year old girls posting stuff themselves on the site, and I remember Motherless being down for a few days. Ever since then they’ve been too strict, I noticed they even took down a bunch of subbed hentai and Japanese live action porn videos because they had an incest fetish.

  1. That’s fucked! Yet they’re totally tolerant of scat porn and those fake snuff videos. Have you looked at /r/darksideplayground on Reddit for posting your taboo audios?

    • I have! But sadly they don’t allow any age related content, and a lot of what I post falls into that category. So sadly that won’t work either. Oh well! Thanks for the recommendation in any case =)

  2. My guess is either #2 and or #7. It’s too bad the whole moral slant of todays attitudes are so puritanical. Whatever happened to having fantasies?

    • Right! It’s crazy. It’s all fantasy and doesn’t hurt anyone.

      If it was in fact my little voice that caused them to take it down… well I suppose I have to take that as a compliment right! Hehe

  3. I apparently have been banned as well. I’m not sure why either. I used a proxy to check my profile (without logging in) and, as far as I can tell, nothing is changed. Yet, when trying to login, I was immediately shown the banned screen. The date I was given was July 8th, 2022. As someone with some pretty bad anxiety issues, I am really unsettled by this…


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