Paid Audio: Encounter With Goblin Futa Girl LaLa In The Dungeon Of Many Fatalities

Tags: Fantasy, Medieval, Feet, Futa, Goblin, Male Ass Fuck, Mythical Creature, Toe Sucking

Length: 12 Minutes

This all begins with a quest of an adventurer, a brave and handsome daring soul venturing into The Dungeon of Many Fatalities to try and find a battle worthy enough to make a name for himself. When the task at hand proves much more difficult than he first thought, he finds himself with only one hit point left when he happens to stumble upon what looks to be a tiny cave.

Hoping its somewhere he can rest and ends up in the bedroom of the mysterious goblin futa girl LaLa. In what seems to be a grace from the gods as she offers up a special healing potion… but you’ll ultimately end up owing her something else in return.

Script by Thomas Strange.

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