Free Audio: Your Personal Online Masturbation Assistant

Tags: [JOI] [Femdom] [Strip] virtual [Handjob] virtual [Blowjob] [Dildo] [Edging] [Virginity Play]

Age: 18

Length: 27 Minutes

I can be your personal online masturbation assistant. How does that sound? Sounds pretty sweet if you ask me! “Masturbation Assistant,” that’s my new job title!

In this audio recording, I’m roleplaying an eighteen year old girl who just got a new laptop for her birthday, and I’m anxious to put the webcam to good use. So I start up a livestream and offer to help you masturbate! I put you through some “beautiful agony,” requiring you to edge while you watch me play with herself. But don’t worry, it ends with us having virtual sex, and both of us are quite happy and satisfied in the end!

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